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Affordable SEO Services for Small Business

Looking for affordable SEO services for small business that will increase your website's visibility in search results, bring more free organic traffic, increase revenue, and help your business grow for less?

Then look no further than BuzFind affordable SEO services for small business.

In today's highly competitive world, getting your small business website to show up above your competitors in Google search results, Bing, or Yahoo is becoming more expensive that it used to be because of the sheer amount of websites that are competing for the same position.

We Make small business SEO Affordable - Period!

At BuzFind, we pride ourselves in offering small business SEO with long lasting and positive results, but at prices within your search engine optimization budget.

Optimizing your business for search engines used to be easy, and inexpensive - All you had to do is repeat your targeted keyword several times within your page content, Et Voila! You are all set.

But those days of marketing for small business are long gone. In addition, the competition is becoming more fierce each and every day.

Since Google's release of its Hummingbird algorithm, getting top position in search results is paramount to the success of your small business. However, getting that top position is not an easy task, not affordable for most of small business owners with limited marketing budget.

But if you can't find an SEO company for small business capable of offering you professional search engine optimization services but at a price that is within your business budget...

We can!

Remember - When it comes to the success of your small business in the search engines...

If you are not first, you are last!

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What is SEO?

SEO stands for "search engine optimization" and it is the process of improving your visibility in search results for free (organic) using ethical and white-hat SEO techniques while offering high quality and relevant content to your potential customers or readers.

When properly executed, and with user friendly design, high quality and relevant content, search engine optimization for small business will catapult your website to the top of the search results and put you above your competition.

A solid SEO for small business campaign will boost ranking and bring more free organic traffic to your local store and online business.

Why SEO is important for business?

SEO is a devalued and misunderstood marketing strategy by many skeptical business. This is unfair because search engine optimization for small business is the best free marketing venue that can improve your business visibility and bring more qualified customers to your business.

Plus, many studies have shown that investing in search engine optimization will lead to a better and higher return on your investment (ROI) than PPC (Pay-Per Click), newspaper, phone books and TV ads.

Most of the small business owners we talked to said that they shuned away from SEO because:

When it comes to guaranteed SEO, know that ethical search engine optimization companies will never offer such a guarantee.

As far as getting your website banned, it will be because the cheap SEO company, or freelancer you hired to optimize your small business for search engines was using unethical techniques such as black-had SEO techniques.

Unless you got such a guarantee from God, Google, Bing, or Yahoo, no legit SEO company in USA will ever offer your small business guaranteed SEO.

Here are why SEO is important for business (partial list):

  • Organic search results is the driving force of most website traffic
  • SEO for small business will build business trust and increase credibility
  • Small business search engine optimization will lead to top position in free organic listing
  • SEO is cheap - When you look at small business SEO price as a real investment and not as a cost, you'll see the price of marketing your small business for search engines as being relatively cheap compared to paid search
  • Solid organic SEO campaign will result in high return on investment (ROI)

For more on the Benefits of SEO, click here.

We are an affordable SEO company

BuzFind is an affordable SEO company based in Reading, Berks County, PA USA with a focus on making professional SEO services affordable to small and mid-sized businesses in Pennsylvania, and the US.

We've been helping small business owners optimize their website and delivering free organic results for 20+ years.

Our small business SEO experts follow Google's SEO guidelines and only use ethical SEO techniques (white-hat) to improve your business' visibility and put you above your competitors in search results, bring more organic traffic to your local store or online business, for less than what other small business SEO companies charge these days.

If Customers Can't Find Your Business Online
Your Business Doesn't Exist


Why choose BuzFind over other small business SEO companies?

Best SEO Company For Small BusinessDo a search for 'small business SEO companies near me', or 'SEO services for small business' and you'll end up with a plethora of SEO agencies to choose from.

And with too many SEO agencies to choose from, picking the best SEO company for small business is like removing the wheat from the chaff - Very difficult if you're not prepared and don't have the right tools.

We understand that choosing an SEO company for small businesses is a challenging task, however, if you can't optimize your website for SEO yourself because you don't have the time, then your best option is to choose a small business SEO company that can deliver positive results that will last for years to come.

What sets BuzFind apart from other small business SEO companies in the USA are:

  • You'll get Professional SEO for less - You'll get professional search engine optimization services at small business SEO prices
  • We do not outsource SEO - To save a buck or two, some SEO companies in the USA will outsource SEO to overseas. Our small business SEO services are 100% made in the USA
  • We do not employ Cookie Cutter SEO - Because your small business is different than your competitor's, it will require different search engine optimization techniques even if you offer the same services or sell the same exact products.
  • We're Open 24/7/365 - No matter what day it is, our small business search engine optimization experts will be right here waiting to assist you and answer any questions or support you have related to search engine marketing, even on Holidays.

When you hire BuzFind, you'll get more than just a small business SEO company - You'll be getting a partner that will very hard to take your business to the next level of search engine optimization field and promote it with search engines using ethical SEO techniques that follow Google Webmaster and SEO guidelines.

What is included in our affordable SEO for small business

Since no two businesses are alike even if they offer similar products or services, optimizing your small business for search engines will be based on your marketing needs and budget.

After our initial free consultation, and once you agree to come on board, you'll be presented with an SEO plan that is custom made just for your business.

However, there are some standard steps that are necessary in order to better understand your business and of your competitors'.

What is included in our affordable SEO services for small business are:

Web Hosting Analysis and Recommendations

Did you know that your hosting provider could be affecting your SEO in a negative way? Your dedicated search engine optimization expert will analyze your hosting hardware and software and get back to you with our finding and offer recommendations (if necessary).

Competitive Analysis

To outrank your competitors, you must first learn about them, learn about their strength and weaknesses, then plan a solid SEO plan that will put your small business website above your competitions in Google search results (and of other major search engines of course).

Site Design and Layout Analysis

Every business wants to have a good looking website with bells and whistles in the hopes that customers will still say 'WOW' when they land on a specific page.

But looks isn't everything...

Especially when your potential customers are more focused on finding the service or product they came looking for.

Our SEO services for small business experts will look at your site's design and layout and recommend a good balance to make sure your site has a good balance of design and conversion.

Website Audit

If you have an existing website, we'll first need to perform the same website audit performed on your competition in order to have a clear picture of your website's health, look at issues that could be preventing your small business website from achieving top position and eliminate them, plus what could be added to further improve your small business SEO campaign.

More on BuzFind's website audit.

Keyword Research

One of the reasons your site is poorly performing in search results could be the keyword you are targeting. Performing keyword research is paramount to the success of your on-page SEO campaign.

Are you targeting the wrong keyword? A keyword research analysis will provide you the answer.

Learn more about BuzFind keyword research.

Content Analysis

They say 'content is kind' - At BuzFind, we say high quality and relevant content is king. Your SEO expert will analyze your content, share with you his/her findings, and offer recommendations if needed.

Website Speed Analysis and Optimization

Nobody likes a slow website, including you. So why offer your would-be customers with something you hate?. Our affordable SEO for small business will analyze your website speed, offer recommendations to improve your page load time.

With access to your cPanel and website back end, we'll implement proven and time-tested page speed optimization techniques that are sure to make your site fast again, and your customers very happy.

Note for Wix Users - If you are using Wix Site Builder, optimizing your page speed will be limited due to the limited speed optimization options Wix site builder offers.

For more on BuzFind website speed optimization services, click here.


Internal Linking is the process of inter-linking a page with another page that is relevant.

Doing so will help increase the amount of indexed pages, thus further improve your visibility in search results and boost traffic to your small business website.

Provided of course each page offers quality and relevant content to your readers/customers and help them find what the came looking for.

Properly inter-linking your pages will help boost link equity throughout the entire website. In return, increasing the potential of ranking every page you are optimizing for users and search engines.

Learn more about Internal Link.

External Links

Your dedicated BuzFind search optimization expert will analyze your external links, then recommend the best natural link building scheme that once properly implement, will boost organic traffic to your business website.

Optimized Anchor Text

Properly optimizing your anchor text will offer search engines and users contextual information about the page you are linking to.

Our small business SEO services include the re-writing of the anchor text to make it more SEO-Friendly and, again, relevant to the page you're linking to.

To further improve your internal-linking campaign, our small business SEO professionals will implement various types of anchor text (when deemed helpful) such as:

  • Generic Anchor Text - i.e.: 'click here' or 'learn more'
  • Branded Anchor Text - i.e.: 'BuzFind'
  • Exact-Match Anchor Text - i.e.: 'small business SEO services'
  • Image Based Anchor Text - i.e.: The use of an image containing a properly optimized 'alt attribute'
  • Naked Link Anchor Text - i.e.:
  • Partial-Match Anchor Text - i.e.: 'SEO services' linking to the 'Affordable SEO Services' page

Plus much more to mention them all here.

Ready to get your small business on page 1 of Google, Bing, and Yahoo?

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How Much Does SEO for small business cost per month?

BuzFind offers no cookie-cutter SEO services for small business.

Cost for small business SEO services will vary depending on the size and search engine marketing strategies your small business will need.

At BuzFind, we have no SEO services standard because not all small businesses are created equal.

Even if your small business offers the same services or sales the exact same products your competitor's does, your SEO strategies will be different.

BuzFind is not like most SEO companies in USA even though we are a small business SEO company that understands that every dollar counts and how difficult it is to compete with big shot companies when your marketing resources are limited.

BuzFind SEO will give your small business many opportunities

BuzFind small business SEO will give you the following opportunities that will help you promote your business online:

A Free Way Of Advertising Your Small Business online

Advertising your business in newspapers and phone books still work, however, the cost can be very expensive.

Advertising your business doesn't have to be profoundly out of your reach.

With our SEO services for small business, you'll be utilizing the most cost-effective way of advertising your small business online with a high return on investment.

An Opportunity To Build Brand Identity

The more your business is visible to potential customers in search results, the more they will remember you, and buy from you.

This is the perks of having a solid small business SEO campaign.

You'll have to invest in small business SEO if you want to get found above your competition in search results and build a solid brand identity.

The more customers see your business, the more they'll remember you, trust your business and buy from you.

Ready to get your small business in front of your competitors in local search?

Our affordable SEO services for small business will put your business website in top position of search engines and in front of customers, bring high relevant traffic to your local store or online business for less than what other small business SEO companies charge these days.

We can't get your small business top position in search results alone...

In order to get your small business found by more customers in all major search engines and catapult it to the top position in search results, you'll need to take the first step towards Googledom.

Want to take your small business website to the next level?

SEO Services For Small Business



Affordable SEO Services For Small Business