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Affordable SEO Services For Small Business

Are you looking for affordable SEO services for small business to improve your Google rankings and increase website traffic to your small online business or local store?

Your search for a small business SEO company with a highly experienced team of SEO professionals that:

  • Know what your small business exactly needs.
  • Help you drive more traffic to your online business or local store.
  • Convert visitors into customers.
  • And assist you in growing your small business without burning your wallet.

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Affordable Small Business SEO Company Is Who We Are

BusFind is an affordable SEO company in USA that helps small business owners grow their online presence by generating improved visibility in search engines, bringing more website traffic, increase leads and revenue.

We give you professional small business SEO services for a fraction of what other SEO companies for small businesses in the U.S. charge.

While other small business SEO companies focus on offering you SEO services with obsolete features to lure you in and make you believe you’re getting more for your buck, at BuzFind, we focus on giving you exactly what your small business needs.

We will not give you outdated SEO practices and tactics then charge you for them.


Your Small Business Won’t Survice Without SEO

Your potential customers rely on search engines like Google and other major search engines to search for a product they want to buy, find a service they need (and that you offer), then make their purchase.

With BuzFind affordable SEO services for small business, you can help those consumers easily find you during these critical moments of their buying journey.

Your assigned small business SEO consultant can help you outrank your competition by improving your visibility in search results, attracting those customers looking to make a purchase, and increasing your small business revenue.

Consumers are flocking online looking for something to buy. So having your website appear in the top position (with the help of BuzFind affordable SEO services for small businesses) and above your competitors in search engine search results will empower you and increase the chance to bring those customers home – Your business, that is.

Of course, having an expensive website with all the bells and whistles is not enough to attract new customers.

You need a small business SEO company like BuzFind (and our affordable SEO services) to help you rank above your competition in search result pages and bring those potential customers to your store.

We highly recommend the following good article, from Search Engine Journal, about why your small business needs SEO.

“15 Reasons Why Your Business Absolutely Needs SEO.”

Affordable SEO Services For Small Business
Get $100 Off BuzFind Affordable SEO Services For Small Business

As A Local Business, You Definitely Need Local SEO Services For Small Business

If you have a small local business and want customers in the area to find you, buy from you and grow you business, then you definitely need local SEO services for small business.

Our small business SEO consultants can help improve your local business visibility in your area, and in local searches.

What are you waiting for?


Small business SEO services is the process of doing SEO yourself to promote your business online, or hiring an SEO company (or freelancer) to optimize your business website so customers can find your online business when they perform a search on Google, Bing, and other major search engines looking for a service or a product you offer.

Small Business SEO Services
What Is “Small Business SEO Services”

By designing your website for your potential customers, implementing the latest web design trends and following the best SEO guidelines, you increase the chances of your business appearing in the top 3 positions of the search results.

A good web design with Best SEO practices will drive more organic website traffic, generate more sales, and grow your small business.


We know that there are hundreds of small business SEO consultants and affordable SEO companies in the USA (and around the world) you could hire to promote your small business for search engines.

What Sets BuzFind Apart From Other SEO Companies For Small Business

What set’s BuzFind small business SEO consultants apart from the competition are:

  1. Our SEO services are made 100% in the USA.
  2. Our SEO specialists sleep, eat and breath SEO. Thus, they ensure they stay up to date with the latest SEO algorithm updates, Google SEO guidelines, SEO best practices, and strategy for 2022.
  3. BuzFind’s SEO consultants have over five decades (combined) of experience in helping small business owners promote their websites for improved ranking, increased website traffic, and conversion into sales.
  4. Our SEO experts focus on Quality, Good SEO – Not quantity and cheap SEO services that might result in getting your website penalized if not banned by Google and other major search engines.
  5. 24/7/365 SEO support – Unlike many small business SEO companies, BuzFind’s small business SEO services and support will be available to you 24/7/365, no matter what day or time it is in your neck of the woods.
  6. Outsource SEO – We don’t outsource our SEO services to overseas freelancers or SEO consultants to save a buck or two. Every SEO element and technique is performed in-house by expert SEO consultants.
  7. Help you focus on running your business – Our experienced SEO professionals will do all the leg work of optimizing your small business and implement the best SEO strategies that work in 2022 and beyond.
  8. Guaranteed SEO Services – While some SEO agencies will offer you guaranteed SEO services, We Don’t. This is because BuzFind is not Google, nor God. We can’t control how search engines rank website. What we can guarantee though is that our SEO consultants will work very hard, following ethical SEO techniques and practices, to promote your small company in search engines and get you top rankings.
Small Business SEO Consultant
Your Own Small Business SEO Consultant

You’ll Have Your Own SEO Consultant

BuzFind will assign a small business SEO consultant with decades of SEO experience in optimizing small business websites for search engines.

Your assigned small business SEO consultant can improve your business position in search engines and drive more traffic to your website – Offering a high return on your SEO investment.

Our SEO experts for small businesses will start your marketing campaign by getting to know your business, understanding its needs, what it offers, and its audience.

With this research, your small business SEO consultant will:

  • Discover your small business website’s SEO strengths and weaknesses though BuzFind SEO audit.
  • Recommend relevant keywords you should target to outrank your competition after doing keyword research.
  • Help you optimize your content to make prospective shoppers more likely to click on your business website and not your competitors’.
  • Then implement the necessary SEO techniques to improve your website ranking and build a solid audience.

BuzFind provides customized, tailored SEO services for small business owners with limited marketing resources.


Don’t Hire A Small Business SEO Company Because Of Their Claim

You know your small business needs SEO because SEO for small business can be the difference between customers finding your services or products and your business not appearing in search results at all.

SEO accounts for 75% of business traffic; thus, small business SEO services can help your business thrive and grow online.

“Best SEO Company For Small Business” Claim Can Destroy Your Business

To help explain what we mean by the above statement, we need to talk a little bit about the following statements:

  • “Best SEO Company For Small Business.”
  • “Top Small Business SEO Companies & Services.”
  • “Best SEO Agencies for Statups & Small Businesses.”
  • “Rated the Best SEO Company for Small Business.”

What all of the above have in common is – They are just a claim.

Anyone can claim to be the ‘Best’ at something – sometimes, multiple things.

We highly recommend and encourage you to watch the below video before you hire an SEO.

Hiring An SEO

All too often, new prospects share the horror stories they’ve experienced with marketing freelancers, companies and agencies claiming to be the “best SEO company”.

Those prospects where lured by such companies offering dirt-cheap SEO packages, and “guaranteed SEO services” within a month or two.

Honest, legit and good SEO companies don’t offer cheap SEO packages nor offer guaranteed SEO results. Moreover, beware of packages, we like to call “Cookie-Cutter Packages” listing hundreds of SEO practices such as:

  • Submission to 100’s of directories
  • Blog submissions
  • 600+ articles written
  • Social media bookmarking
  • 200+ Press releases

And much more we can’t list them all.

We have our own share of spam emails from so-called best SEO companies or consultants offering their services at $99 a month. It’s just impossible to get good SEO work for that small price.

What You Need To Know About Good Small Business SEO Companies

  • Legitimate search engine agencies will never claim to be the best SEO companies.
  • Good SEO companies for small business will not offer SEO packages because they know that every business has different SEO requirements and needs.
  • An honest small business SEO consultant will not guarantee top ranking in search results because they know it’s just impossible to make such an offer.
Best SEO Companies For Small Business
The Truth About “Best SEO Companies For Small Business” Claims

The truth is that no small business SEO company, firm, agency, or freelancer can claim to be the best SEO service provider for your small business.

What To Do If You Ever Come Across A Company That Claims To Be The Best SEO Company

If you ever come across one that claims to be the best SEO company, you probably should look elsewhere.


Simply because:

  • No SEO company can control how search engines rank websites
  • SEO requires time, know-how, patience (and a lot of it).
  • SEO takes years of hard work and experience to implement correctly.

In addition, keeping up with the never-ending Google algorithm updates and latest SEO trends is not easy.

Even BuzFind’s experienced SEO professionals won’t claim to be the best because they know, understand, and accept that there is always someone better and more experienced than they are.

A good SEO company will not reach out to you, offering their search engine optimization services. But, if they do, they are either:

  • Desperate.
  • Or don’t know what they are doing.


SEO Packages For Small Business: Buyers Beware

We’ve seen SEO packages starting at $99 a month all over the internet. In addition, our junk mail folder holds a plethora of emails offering us cheap SEO packages.Those so-called SEO professionals were not asking us to outsource our SEO services to them. Instead, they offered their search engine optimization services to us, BuzFind.Many of those small business SEO packages list a plethora of SEO techniques that are already obsolete. They do this to make you believe you are getting a lot for your buck.
Small Business SEO Packages
Small Business SEO Packages: Buyers Beware

No SEO Strategy Is The Same

It is essential to know that one strategy might work for your competitor but not for you, even if you are in the same niche, offer the same services, or sell the same products your competition does.So beware of the dangers hidden within “small business SEO packages” or “cheap SEO services for small business” offers.Both will ruin your business.Recommended Good Read: SEO Packages: Buyer Beware (Search Engine Watch)

Ready to speak to a BuzFind small business SEO consultant?

  1. Remember, legit SEO companies will never cold call you.
  2. Ask if you could contact their existing or past clients.
  3. Check out their online reviews.

The cost for an SEO service will vary depending on the size of your business, type of website, your niche and the competition.

You can find a lot of cheap SEO companies and freelancers online. Beware of cheap SEO services or packages though.

Affordable SEO is the process of optimizing your website for SEO at a reasonable pricing.

You just did. With BuzFind affordable SEO services, you’ll get more professional SEO services for less.

Many SEO companies say it takes about 4 to 6 months to start seeing results from when you start your SEO campaign. However, expect it to take about 12 months because SEO results grow over time. Don’t forget the algorithm constant updates.

SEO for small business helps you improve your business online visibility, get top rankings and increase organic website traffic to your small business’ website.

Check out what are BuzFind SEO services and what they include.

Affordable SEO Services For Small Business
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