Cheap SEO ServicesLooking for cheap SEO services? If so, beware of the high cost of cheap SEO companies (there is one born every day) offering cheap SEO packages.

Have you ever received a phone call from so called Google SEO experts with a search engine optimization services offer that is too good to pass? I am talking about those cheap SEO packages with a $99 monthly price tag with 100+ features that can make you believe you've got the best SEO deal of a lifetime.

If you did receive that call or that email, then I recommend you hangup the phone, secure your money in a safe and forget the combination, and once you've done that, come back and continue reading.

Don't be tempted by a cheap SEO company and fall for their low cost SEO packages.


Many fly-by-night search engine marketing companies are offering cheap SEO services and if you haven't received that call or email, don't worry, your turn is coming.

In order to make their offer more attractive and sweet, their cheap services seen more legit and attract your business, they'll even go as far as stating that they are Google Certified, or introduce themselves as Google SEO representatives. 

They will also tell you they are experts in optimizing websites for Google. Some will even guarantee their SEO services and promise to get your website on page 1 of Google in no time and do it at, and do it at cheap SEO prices.

I have even seen an SEO package, named 'Economy SEO' at just $49/month with guaranteed results or your money back. And they went as far as stating that their package is 100% safe SEO.

You are not Alone... Even BuzFind has its share of cheap SEO offers, mostly from SEO companies in India. We are even presented with their long list of SEO features such as submitting our website to 100s directories (which is obsolete & can even get your website banned from search engines), perform keyword research based on 10+ keyword we would select to bait us into signing up.

If you were not familiar with SEO, how search engines work and know that Google will never call you to offer you cheap search engine marketing, you could easy be taken for a ride and fall prey to their SEO scam.

If a so called professional SEO firm contacted us, and we happen to be an SEO company, to offer us their cheap marketing services, you can rest assured that you are dealing with someone, or a group of people claiming to be search engine optimization expert that are just trying to make a living in an unethical way, which is to separate you from your hard earned dollar.



We understand that, as a small business owner, you are trying to attract more customers to your website through affordable SEO while saving money and keep the overall cost of your search engine optimization campaign low.

If you think that cheap SEO services will improve your business ranking and bring customers to your site, grow your business and make you rich, you are in for a big  surprise.

If you still believe that cheap SEO marketing services will put your website above your competitors' in the search engine result pages (SERPs), know that your ranking will be short lived, and not a long-term result.


Affordable SEO is not the same as getting cheap SEO packages because the later can end up costing your business very dearly. SEO freelancers offering cheap search engine optimization services are abound and one is born every day, and with that many, how do you tell the difference between a professional SEO firm, and a fly by night SEO expert?

Let me help shed some light about cheap search engine optimization services, and affordable SEO.


Poor Services

Cheap SEO PackagesIf your monthly SEO cost will be about $275/month or less, then know that you are dealing with a fly-by-night SEO freelancer. Cheap SEO means poor services and results. In the long run, that cheap search engine optimization services will end up costing you more than what you bargained for.

Note... That initial cheap SEO package cost of $99/month might seem small at first, but then, you'll realize that the cost of fixing their mistakes might become very high later on.

Cheap SEO companies With Their Manipulation Techniques

There many so called SEO companies that because they are unskilled, they'll try to manipulate search engines using various black hat SEO techniques and unethical tactics to try to get your site rank well in search engines, however, those techniques are dead, and so will your business if they continue working on your website.

A Banned Website

Many of our existing customers came to us after realizing that they just couldn't get on page 1, 3 or 5th page of search results and when we performed full SEO site audit, we saw that the previous SEO company was employing black hat SEO with ethical techniques such as shady and keyword stuffed content, inbound links from non-authoritative websites with content that was not relevant to their niche, link farming, just to name a few

Cheap Cookie Cutter SEO Techniques

Your business search engine marketing needs will always be different than of your competition even if you sale the exact same products or offer the exact same services, therefore if the site optimization company implements cookie-cutter SEO strategies for every website, then this is a sign you should look elsewere

Guaranteed SEO Results

No legit SEO company will promise you nor guarantee top ranking on Google search results. If the website optimization company you are consulting with makes that "Guaranteed SEO Services" and they are not Google, or God, then the next step you need to take is hangup the phone because no legit SEO company can guarantee you top position in Google search result, except, again, Google and God.

However, you can wait by the phone for Google or God to make that call and give you that guarantee if you want, but they will never make that call.

Cheap Links

Google Penguin punishing cheap links imageGoogle released Google Penguin, an anti-spam algorithm, in order to fight back against something they hate (who doesn't'? - The spammers don't), which is spam. When you hire a cheap SEO company, know that such company will take the easy and fastest route to work on your link building campaign and get you the most links possible.

Then one day, you might no longer see your site appear in the search engine result pages (SERP), or in Google search results because of your site being banned.

Cheap content with typos and grammatical errors

Unless your write your website's content yourself, expect to get poorly written content from that cheap SEO agency you hired overseas. Google released Google Panda to fight back against content farming with poorly written content. Cheap content will bring you Mr. Panda, while high quality and relevant content will attract more traffic and make people share it.

Short Term SEO Results

With cheap SEO marketing, you might see results within two months, two weeks or less, and if that's the case, then you should be worried, very worried because optimizing a website for search engines takes time, testing, tweaks, and more testing to finally see a long term positive result.


Not Break Your Bank

Unlike cheap SEO, affordable search engine optimization might cost you around $750/month, but in the long run, will still produce positive results and bring high return on your initial investment (ROI).

Be Customized To Meet Your Business Needs

Unlike the cookie cutter techniques used by cheap SEO companies, affordable SEO will give you a fully customized search engine optimization plan that will bring targeted traffic to your business, not window shoppers, grow your business and increase sales.

Make You Realize That Traffic Is Not Important

Many cheap SEO freelancers will make you believe that getting higher traffic to your site should be your focus, however, a legitimate SEO company will focus on bringing you leads that will convert into sales.

A word about high traffic...

Do you want to bring in 500 visitors per day to your that will bounce right back out because;

  • They didn't find what they were expecting before clicking on your link in SERPs
  • Or they are just window shoppers, and not buyers

For me, I'll rather have 10 visitors a day ready to make a purchase vs 500 window shoppers, per day.


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