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SEO ProcessEvery search engine marketing has their own SEO audit checklist they follow to improve your ranking on Google search results and we are not different.

We start every Google search optimization by first scheduling an initial free SEO consultation to learn more about your business, its goals and SEO needs. We then go through the following time proven and trusted site optimization process to get you trending towards the top of Google.

Our SEO Audit starts with a Website Review & Analysis

If your existing website is having difficulties getting on Google search result page, one of our search engine marketing experts will be assigned to you. Your marketing consultant will first review and analyse your website searching for anything that could be hindering your search engine optimization campaign and preventing you from achieving top ranking.

Once the website review has been completed, you will be presented with a full report detailing every technical SEO and on-page site optimization problems found on your website, and the recommended actions needed to resolve those problems and get you back on the top search ranking track.

Then Semantic Keyword Research

No SEO campaign with expected positive result can start without performing keyword research. However, your search marketing expert will perform what we call 'semantic keyword research' instead of the old basic plain keyword research. From your long list of chosen keywords you want to target, semantic keyword research will be performed in order to find keywords based on users intent.

Keywords based on users intend will help us develop quality content that is relevant to what your customers are actually looking for, and not just words picked out of a hat. Semantic keywords will help bring targeted customers, and not what we call window shoppers.

Competitive Analysis after that

In order to beat your competitors, you need to understand your competition and our competitive analysis campaign will help us better understand your competition, find their strengths and weaknesses. Performing a competitor analysis will allow us to implement offensive and defensive strategies to help us identify two things, your competitor's threats, and opportunities.

If your competitor is ranking above you on Google, there is a good chance that he must be doing something right (or many things right) and we need to find out what they are so that we can do them better. At the same token, your competitions could also be doing something wrong (it's almost impossible for a competitor to do everything right when it comes to SEO), and we need to find out what they are doing wrong so we can avoid making the same mistakes.

Implement our SEO optimization strategy

Once your assigned SEO professional has completed the first phase of optimizing your website for search engines, then he would present you with a plan of attach, or a solid site optimization strategy and go over the details with you, then tweak a little bit if needed.

Once you approve the recommended search engine marketing plan, your assigned SEO site optimization consultant will begin working on actual site optimization phase which include but are not limited to the following tasks;

  • Hosting - Your site optimization problems could've started at the root source, your hosting company. We'll work with your hosting company to make sure they have the best available hardware and software configuration possible to eliminate anything that could hinder our campaign. If necessary, we might recommend that you switch to another hosting company if the existing one just can't meet our needs
  • Page load time - We believe that having a fast page load time is an important part of providing your visitors with the fastest page load possible. Here, we are focusing mostly on your users experience (UX) and not search engines per say because nobody likes a slow web page.
  • Images - Optimize every image used on your website not only for speed, but also for search engines
  • On-page SEO - We'll optimize every on-page element to improve your ranking such as page title, headings (H1-H6), image Alt tag, Anchor text, internal links, page description (not a Google ranking signal but an area where you could entice your potential customers to click on your link on the search engine result pages, instead of your competition), and so on.
  • Content Writing - We'll work together in creating a great and topic related content based on users intent that will boost your page indexability, ranking and keep your readers glued to their screen. Note - If they get tunnel vision, don't blame us for doing a good job!
  • Google Adwords - We've been successful in optimizing website without implementing a Google Adwords campaign. Organic search engine optimization has been good to us and to our customers and we believe we can do the same for your business. However, if you want us to start and manage a Google Adwords campaign, that can be done

The next step to take after performing the above work, we need to sit back, be patient and wait a bit (can't tell you how long though). We will check the result of our hard work, make any SEO tweaks when and where necessary, and wait for your phone to ring off the hook from your customers in Reading, PA inquiring about your services or products and buy from you, which surely will make your competition jealous and upset for taking back your customers.

Expect your search engine marketing campaign to reach further and go beyond Reading SEO!

If your business is in Philadelphia and needs SEO, we can do the same for you!