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SEO Audit Services by BuzFind

Can't find your website on Google, Bing or Yahoo? Our SEO audit services will give you an insight as to why your website is performing poorly in search results.

Many factors could be affecting your website's ranking in search results such as:

A regular website audit is a great way of finding and eliminating anything that could be affecting your SEO campaign efforts and preventing your business from getting found in search engines and above your competitors.

Your dedicated website auditor will perform a full site audit and report to you the problems affecting your website's ranking, and offer recommendations and SEO tweaks to improve your business visibility in search engines.

What Is an Audit?

Our definition of an audit...

A Site audit is the process of analyzing your website against all SEO factors that could be affecting your website's visibility in Google search results (and other major search engines).

Our site audit will give you a complete SEO insight of all pages within your website.

Once completed, your dedicated SEO auditor will provide you with an audit report listing technical and on-page SEO problems, and offer recommendations on how to resolve them and boost ranking.

Wikipedia defines a website audit as follow :

Website audit is a full analysis of all the factors that affect website’s visibility in search engines. This standard method gives a complete insight into any website, overall traffic. and individual pages. Website audit is completed solely for marketing purposes. The goal is to detect weak points in campaigns that affect web performance.[1] - Wikipedia.

Why you need a website review?

No matter how professionally designed you think your website is, a website review is a MUST and should be performed on a regular basis (at least once or twice a year) if you want to keep that top position in search results you worked very hard to attain and spent a lot of money for it.

  • To offer the best use experience and accurate search results based on queries, search engines update their ranking algorithm regularly.
  • Google introduces changes to its 200+ ranking algorithm almost every day and if you don't follow suit and apply those updates, that #1 position in Google will be lost and find your website buried very deep within Google's search results.

If you don't want to find your business in the bottomless pit of the search engine result pages (SERPs), it is paramount that you have your website regularly reviewed by an experienced site auditor at BuzFind

SEO Audit Consultation

Got a question, our SEO site audit has answers

Have you asked yourself the these questions?:

  • Why is my website not showing up on Google (or on other major search engines)?
  • Or why my website is only bringing irrelevant traffic?
  • Last but not least, why are visitors leaving my website as soon as they land?

The answers to the above questions could be:

  • Your website could be hosted on a slow or poorly configured server
  • Or because of indexing problems caused by technical SEO issues, or some wrong directives within your Robots.txt
  • You are targeting the wrong keyword

Spending thousands of dollar on your website doesn't mean your website is meeting Google guidelines, or is optimized for search engines.

If you think having high quality and relevant content is guarantees your website road to Googledom...

Think Again.

Google has 200+ ranking factors that you must meet, or at least the most important ones if you want your website to be listed above your competitors in Google search results based on search query you're promoting your page for.

Some of those ranking factors are:

  • User experience (UX)
  • Page speed
  • Mobile first
  • Quality and relevant content
  • Backlinks relevant to the topic of the page
  • On-page SEO elements
  • and so on.

With our SEO site audit services, your questions will be answered.

Get a personal website auditor

A good SEO audit should not take a couple of seconds to complete. An in-depth audit would take minimum of 1 or to days to process when done properly done.

Once an audit of your website has been completed, your professional website auditor will report to you on the health of your website and list any search optimization issues preventing your site from attaining Googledom, bringing free and relevant organic traffic and increasing your revenue.

Armed with this valuable audit report, your web designer will have in his/her hands recommendations that, once properly administered, will improve your ranking in search engines, bring high free traffic to your online business or local store, and increase sales.

Our Site Audit Is Performed Manually

Every step of BuzFind site audit services (included with our affordable SEO) is manually performed by one of our experienced website auditor, and not by a free SEO audit tool.

What this means is that once our site audit process is complete, you'll be handed over a comprehensive site audit report customized just for your business.

At BuzFind, you won't get a cookie-cutter site audit report to share with your web developer, or your in-house SEO team but a full site audit performed by a human and not an SEO audit software or tool.

Can I perform an audit myself using free SEO site audit tools?

You might have come across some SEO audit tools (free and paid) and are thinking of auditing your website yourself.

One think to note is that free website audit tools are very limited and are not meant to offer a full website analysis, but a lead generation tool (get your email, and such), and not a full site audit.

Some so called free website audit tools are;

  • SEOmator - A free SEO audit tools meant to quickly scan your website to check it against common optimization problems and best SEO practices
  • Zadro SEO Auditor - Get page and domain authority, find out about your website's page speed and social media presence.

I could go on and on with the list of free site checkers, but I am afraid to end up with a novel about website auditing tools.

One thing to note and remember about some site audit tools is that they are limited to scanning your website only.

Why choose us over other website audit companies

If you search for 'website audit companies near me', or 'website audit services', you'll be presented with a long list of SEO companies to choose from, which is another challenge in itself.

You should make BuzFind your website audit company of choice because:

  • Manual site audit - Even though we use the site audit tools mentioned above, 75% to 80% of your website audit will be performed manually by a real person
  • Affordable prices - Many professional site audit companies will charge about $750 to $1,000 per audit (depending on the type of website you have). Our website audit services are lower than the competition
  • Comprehensive site analysis - While some search engine optimization companies' audit reports are one-size fits all, the audit report you'll receive will be detailed and very comprehensive listing everything you need to know about your website problems, and offer recommendations that once properly implemented, will improve your business ranking with all major search engines.


SEO Audit by BuzFind

Plus, we are open 24/7/365 days when you someone to audit your website, and answer your search engine optimization(SEO) questions.

What is the Cost of an audit?

One of many questions we get is...

How Much Our SEO Audit Services Cost?

It is difficult to put an exact price on our SEO audit services.

A good and comprehensive SEO audit will require the following:

  • Knowledge about your business
  • Your competition (up to 2)
  • The type of website you have (is it a blog, business presence, or an eCommerce website?)
  • Keyword you're targeting

Note - Auditing an eCommerce website will require more time and effort than doing a website audit for a presence website or a blog because eCommerce website has different and more technical SEO requirements such as categories and product pages and such.

Do we offer free SEO audit?

Because performing a good and comprehensive SEO audit will take time and resources, unfortunately, we do not offer free site audit.

Imagine for a moment we did offer free website audit...

How long do you think we'll stay in business?

Plus, BuzFind doesn't offer cookie-cutter site audit based on SEO audit template.

Because your site is different then your competition who sells the same products or offers the same services, your website audit will be customized to fit your business size and needs.

What will we need to perform a site Audit?

Once you hire us to perform a site audit, a professional website auditor will be assigned to you.

Your dedicated SEO website audit professional will schedule your first free initial website consultation to learn more about your business, what your goals are. From there, he/she will create a site audit checklist based on all the information you provided him/her.

In order to perform a comprehensive SEO website audit and provide you with a thorough site audit report, we will need you to provide us with the following information, which we believe are important to running a comprehensive audit scan of your website:

  • Your website's domain
  • Your business niche
  • The keywords or key phrases you want to target - This could be changed depending on our keyword analysis result
  • Your hosting package - We can find out about your hosting provider
  • Design platform used to design your website

What Is Included With Our SEO Audit Services

Our SEO audit services include auditing your website by looking at the below-listed items.

It is important to understand that our SEO audit is manually performed in-house by an experienced search engine professional and is based on your business SEO needs and goals.

Every SEO audit report we create is custom-tailored and unique to your business.

It is a good idea to get a website review from an experienced SEO professional that knows how to look under the hood of your website to find hidden issues affecting your search results.

Our SEO audit services will look at (listing a partial list):

  • Site Design and Layout review
  • Brand Analysis
  • On-page SEO audit
  • Technical SEO audit
  • Content analysis
  • Website Speed check
  • Backlinks Analysis
  • Social Profile

To learn about BuzFind's SEO audit Process, click here.

Website Audit Services by BuzFind


Our Website Audit Will Give Your Clear Insights About Your Website Overall Health, And Offer Recommendations