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$100 Off BuzFind SEO Services

BuzFind affordable SEO services will not only improve your business visibility in Google, Bing and Yahoo search results, they will also bring more relevant and organic traffic to your website and local store.

More on BuzFind $100 OFF SEO Services Special

Our $100 Off BuzFind SEO services special offer is as follows:

  • The $100 Off SEO offer is good for the first 6 months only. After the first 6 months expire, regular pricing for our affordable SEO will be applied based on your business search engine optimization needs.
  • The special SEO offer will expire on July 31st, 2019 at Midnight
  • This search engine optimization offer cannot be combined with other SEO marketing offers we run or might run in the future
  • To redeem this SEO special offer, you must mention "JULY2019"

What is included in BuzFind affordable search engine optimization?

Our affordable search engine optimization includes the following website optimization services:

  • Site Audit - Not sure why your website is not listing in the top page of search engines? BuzFind SEO audit services will analyze your website for any problems that could be preventing it from achieving top ranking in major search engines search results
  • Competitive Analysis - In order to outrank your competitors in search results, you must get to know your competition well. We can help!
  • Keyword Research - The reason your website is not ranking could be because you are targeting the wrong keyword. BuzFind Keyword Research will help you target the right audience, improve ranking and bring relevant traffic to your online business and local store
  • On-Page SEO - Your website could be well designed and include pretty pictures but if you haven't optimized every on-Page elements for search engines, the service or product you are trying to promote won't get found by customers in search results. BuzFind On-Page SEO services can make sure your important pages are optimized for users and major search engines
  • Site Speed Optimization - You can't spend thousands of dollars on a web presence but if your website is slower than a snail or molasses, chances of achieving top ranking and bringing customers to your business will be very slim... if not impossible. BuzFind Website Speed Optimization will make your web pages fast again, improve your ranking in Google search (and other major search engines) and make your visitors happy to have visited your fast website

Ready to take advantage of our $100 SEO special offer and start promoting your business website for search engines and users?

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There is more saving for Christie Fletcher's friends and 'Tampa's Story' readers...

$150 Off SEO Services

If you are a friend of Christie Fletcher and read her latest 'Tampa's Story' book, we will take another $50 Off the 1st 6 months of our search engine optimization.

What this means is for the 1st six months, you'll get $150 Off our already affordable SEO services.

What's the catch?...

To redeem your $150 Off SEO special offer, you must visit Christie Fletcher Facebook page and drop her a line. She will then provide you with the code to use to claim your SEO discount.


By now, you should have heard of SEO but do you know how powerful and important search engine optimization is for your business? This is what would happen if you don't market your business for search engines:

  • Your business will not get found on Google when customers are searching for a service you offer or a product you sale
  • If your business can't get found or is buried deep in the search engine result pages (SERPs), to your prospects, it means your business doesn't exist
  • If your business doesn't exist, your potential customers will go to your competition instead and buy from them.

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