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Social media marketing services

Social Media Marketing (SMM) services can propel your business sales and return on investment (ROI) to the next level. 

Social media marketing has been a buzz word, and the most talked-about marketing techniques by business owners, like yourself, looking to promote their business and brand on social sites.

Many small businesses face many challenges when trying to promote their brand on social media platforms and can't hire social media marketing consultants or a social media agency.

Major search engines, like Google and Bing, had begun to integrate social media updates into their search results pages years ago. Search engines have also recognized the importance of social media interactions.

As the digital world and internet community evolve and advance, small business social media campaigns and tactics have to stay one step ahead of the competition.

If your business faces such challenges, consider investing in social management and hiring a social media marketing company or SMM consultant who can help you meet and resolve the difficulties.

Are you looking for a social media agency to:

  • Help you get your business in front of social media users?
  • Help you communicate with potential customers on social sites
  • Boost your brand and enhance your online business credibility
  • Improve your site's visibility on search engines?
  • Bring relevant traffic to your online business
  • And increase sales?

Your search is over because you have just found BuzFind.


Our social media marketing definition is quite simple - SMM is the process of getting new customers to your store or online business by getting more attention and increase traffic through social media sites.

We can turn your existing site into an SEO optimized website and get you on page one of Google and on top of your competition and stop at that, but by focusing on SEO only, you will be missing out on another great way of taking your business to another level of internet marketing and bring you more customers.

You'll be missing on an additional great strategy you could use to increase profit and that strategy is...

More On Social Media Advertising

Without a solid social media marketing strategy, you will be missing on new customers waiting to hear about you and what your business has to offer, on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn (for business owners) just to name a few.


Social media sites are social places where your potential customers spend a lot of time talking about different things like a product they want to buy or a service they need.

If you are not on social media sites to listen to prospects demands, feedback, and customers' comments because you don't believe social media marketing to be an essential marketing tool that can help you promote your goods, no one will know about your business or learn of it what you have to offer.

Ready to put our social media campaign ideas into action and promote your business on social sites?

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Our social media marketing definition is quite simple.

SMM is the process of using marketing techniques to attract more new customers to your store or online business by getting more attention on social media sites.

An experienced social media agency will help you have a two-way conversation happening between you and your customers, promote your products and services, and enhance your brand on search engines and social sites.

Advertising your business on social marketing sites can turn your existing SEO optimized website into a more recognized and trusted company.

If you don't invest in social media, you will be missing an additional excellent marketing strategy you could use to boost brand recognition.

Without a strong social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, it will not be easy for your small business to compete and attract more new customers.


BuzFind employs social media experts with years of experience in promoting small businesses on many social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, to name a few.

We provide a multitude of marketing services that include:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Social media management - Facebook, LinkedIn to mention a few
  • Web design - For customers having a website that is not achieving top ranking in major search engines.

We use proper marketing techniques to create top-performing social marketing campaigns to improve your SEO further using social media.

BuzFind is an SEO service provider with years of experience in social media with social media specialists who know how to create and implement effective social media advertising campaigns for your business.

When you make BuzFind your social media management agency of choice, you'll get more marketing features for a lesser cost of other social media agencies.


Below are the most prominent social media platforms you should think of joining:

  • Facebook - Found in 2004 - 2.45 billion active users and growing
  • Twitter - Founded in 2006 - 330 million active users
  • LinkedIn - Founded in 2003 - 310 million active users - Good for businesses (B2B)
  • Instagram - Founded in 2010 - 1 billion active users
  • Snapchat - Founded in 2011 - 360 million active users
  • Pinterest - Founded in 2010 - 322 million active users
  • Reddit - Founded in 2005 - 430 million active users

Of all the social media networks, Facebook continues to stand as the most popular.

If you don't have a social presence in the above social media sites, your business doesn't exist. Plus, you won't have the opportunity to listen to potential customers' demands. Do you want them to go to your competitors instead?

With a customized social media management plan, your business will start establishing brand awareness and generate revenue from social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.


Our social media advertising services include features that help you take advantage of social media to drive more free traffic to your site through:

  • Social media presence analysis - Your assigned BuzFind's social media professional will analyze and evaluate your presence on social sites and draw an actionable plan.
  • Design a social media strategy - One of our social media advertising consultants will determine your marketing needs, and prescribe an action that meets your budget. 
  • Follow social media guidelines - Do you need help navigating the sophisticated social media platforms? Our social media specialist will guide you and ensure that your brand is complying with the different marketing platforms, and are using the best practices to boost your social brand. 
  • Use the right marketing tools - Locating a tool to track your performance on social sites can be daunting. Your BuzFind dedicated social media consultant will narrow your choices based on your marketing budget and resources.
  • Social media competitive analysis - We'll look at how your competition is doing on social sites, identify their marketing tactics. We will then recommend time-proven action plans to boost your brand further, increase web traffic, and boost sales.
  • Create social media profiles - Your social marketing consultant will identify and recommend the social platforms where you can kick-start a two-way conversation.
  • Badge creation - Want to increase delight to your potential customers by giving them something useful to them? We can generate interactive badges that will place you as an industry authority and have link-building benefits galore.
  • Optimize your blog - Got a blog that is not optimized for SEO and social media? We can help. Your BuzFind social media provider will recommend the best post on your social platforms and the best way to link to your blog post.
  • Build a robust community - We will outline how to build a healthy and stable social media community to help you influence your audience and monitor your competition.


More than 65% of consumers expect a brand to have a social media presence on many social platforms like Facebook and Twitter, to mention a few.

No matter what size, every business can benefit from social media management services. While many business owners know they should be on social media sites, they don't know what platforms to invest in and build their brand.

BuzFind social media advertising services will remove the complexity of social media advertising and management for small businesses.

Not convinced yet to start your social media advertising campaign?

The following list of the key benefits of social media marketing should get you excited about this vast and expanding marketing opportunity.

Are you ready to promote your business, boost your brand, and improve your company's visibility on social media?


Below are the social media facts from a study performed by Pew Research. Pew Research began tracking social media adoption in 2005.

Social media use over time

According to the study, around seven-in-ten Americans use social media to connect.

Social Media Use
Image Courtesy: Pew Research

Who uses social media?

Also, according to Pew Research, the social media user base has grown more representative of the broader population.

Social media use by ageImage Courtesy: Pew Research

Which social media platforms are popular?

According to Pew Research, YouTube and Facebook are the most widely used online platforms.

Which are the most popular social media platforms?Image Courtesy: Pew Research

Who uses each of the social media platforms?

According to the research, the usage of the major social media platforms varies by factors such as gender, age, and educational achievement.


Who uses social media

Image Courtesy: Pew Research

How often Americans use social media?

For many Americans and people worldwide, social media is a big part of their daily life. Roughly three-quarters of Facebook users – and around six-in-ten Instagram users – visit these sites at least once a day.

How often americans are using social media

Image Courtesy: Pew Research

The Takeaway of Social Media.

Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms are a part of most of your customers' daily lives. From the looks of it, social media will not change anytime soon. As a business owner trying to promote his/her business online, you must invest in social media marketing.
It would be beneficial for you to start utilizing the available social media tools if you want to promote your business online or risk losing your potential customers to your competitors.

Are you ready to promote your business, boost your brand, and improve your company's visibility on social media?


One of our experienced social media experts is standing by to help you promote your business on social sites.

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