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Getting To know BuzFind Small Business SEO Company

The majority of our small business owners (we call them “partners” and not “clients”) contact BuzFind because:

√ They can’t afford the high SEO cost they’ve seen from other SEO companies (between $2,500 to $5,000 per month),

√ After paying thousands of dollars on SEO marketing, they’ve seen no positive results from their SEO effort.

Our experienced SEO experts have been improving small business websites’ ranking on Google and other major search engines.

BuzFind is dedicated to delivering the same results-driven search engine optimization services to help your small business achieve its marketing goals.

About BuzFind: Rated "Small Business SEO Company of Choice" by our Partners
Rated “Small Business SEO Company of Choice” by our Partners


BuzFind is an established and reputable SEO company located in Reading, PA, USA, with a mission of making professional SEO services affordable to you and your small business.

BuzFind has a proven track record of success (for over two decades) in helping small businesses improve their SEO and grow. BuzFind is a team of experienced SEO professionals passionate about helping our partners succeed online.

BuzFind’s SEOs are committed to providing our clients with the best possible SEO services and positive results from your marketing campaign.

BuzFind started offering search engine optimization services decades ago because it saw that businesses with limited marketing resources couldn’t afford to hire an SEO company to promote their business website because of the high SEO pricing.

So if you are a start-up business needing marketing services but have a small budget to kick-start a search engine optimization campaign, good luck finding an SEO agency willing to work with you.

BuzFind’s SEOs are committed to providing our clients with the best possible SEO services and positive results from your marketing campaign.


Our SEO services focus on increasing free organic traffic to our partners’ websites, expanding their leads and raising their sales while growing their business by improving their Google rankings and brand awareness.

√ Our partners want their small business website to rank higher on Google and outrank their competition in search results,

√ They want to build their business brand and trust,

√ They want to generate more free traffic and leads, increase conversion rates and boost sales from their website.

Suppose you are a small business owner struggling to get your business website the top ra and want to achieve the above marketing goals while staying within your SEO budget. In that case, BuzFind’s mission is to deliver those goals to you without having you sell the farm.


BuzFind’s SEO experts understand that every business is unique; for this reason, we take a customized approach to each of our partner’s SEO marketing needs.

BuzFind offers a variety of search engine optimization services, including:

Website Audit: A BuzFind SEO expert will comprehensively audit your business website to identify any SEO issues affecting your ranking.

Keyword Research: A BuzFind expert SEO consultant will conduct a comprehensive keyword analysis to find search terms potential customers use to find your products or services, thus improving your ranking and click-through rate.

Competitive Analysis: A BuzFind SEO professional will analyze your major competitors, gain insight into their SEO techniques, and offer recommendations to outrank them.

On-page SEO: A BuzFind SEO consultant will analyze your page on-site SEO and offer recommendations and optimize your on-page SEO elements to achieve higher page rank.

Content Optimization: Your assigned SEO analyst will ensure your page content is well-written to improve your page ranking and reach the largest target audience possible, thus increasing sales.

SEO Writing: Don’t have time to write SEO-optimized content for your pages? No problem. Our SEO writing will create content that will rank higher on Google and above your competition.

Page Speed Optimization (technical SEO): No one likes a slow page. Suppose your web page(s) takes ages to load (affecting your ranking on Google). In that case, our page speed optimization will make each page fast again.

WordPress SEO: Is your WordPress-based website not ranking? No worries. Our WordPress SEO efforts will improve your ranking on Google, drive more relevant traffic to your online business and local store, improve your business visibility and increase conversion rates.

Joomla SEO: Another popular CMS, many Joomla! If you own a Joomla-based website that is not ranking, no problem. Our professional Joomla! SEO experts can put your website above your competitors in Google searches.

eCommerce SEO: Is your eCommerce website not achieving the top ranking you were expecting? Our experienced eCommerce SEO professional will ensure customers can find your services or products.

Google Business Profile Optimization: Can’t find the time to create, set up and optimize your Google My Business (GMB)? Let our Google SEO professional maintain and optimize your Google Business Profile.

Local SEO: Is your local business not ranking on local search? Let our local SEO experts help your local business appear in the top Google results for local searches.

National SEO: Is your business website that offers services or products to a nationwide audience not ranking? Our national SEO services will help you reach nationwide customers, not just locals.

SMM (Social Media Marketing): Having a well-designed website optimized for SEO doesn’t mean it will rank high on Google and attract more relevant traffic to your business. Social media marketing (SMM) is another critical part of any robust SEO campaign. Don’t have the time to promote your business on social media platforms? We can help.

We offer more SEO services than we mentioned above. Contact BuzFind to learn about other search engine marketing services we provide and make affordable to small business owners with limited marketing resources.


There are quality SEO services, which we call “Good SEO,” and bad SEO services. Here’s a list of what BuzFind doesn’t do or offer:

SEO Packages: SEO packages, also known as “cookie cutter SEO,” don’t work and never did! Check out the “Two problems with SEO packages” (Forbes.com).

Cheap SEO Services: Cheap SEO services will cost you and your business more than expected. Check out our “16 reasons why you should avoid cheap SEO” article.

Outsourced SEO: We understand you want to save on your SEO marketing. Heck, many SEO providers outsource their SEO campaign to other search companies to save on cost. So why don’t you? Check out our “The hidden dangers of outsourced SEO services” article.

Guaranteed SEO: To entice you to sign up and buy their SEO services, many so-called SEO providers will offer guaranteed SEO results. Just like BuzFind, legit SEO companies will never promise you guaranteed SEO. Before you fall prey to such a promise, read our article about “Guaranteed SEO services.”

No Black Hat SEO: While many fly-by-night SEO freelancers employ black hat SEO tactics to rank a website in a couple of days, then have it fall from the grace of Google, our SEO professionals use white hat SEO technique to ensure your website ranks on Google and stays there for a long time (provided SEO campaign is ongoing.)


You can choose from many SEO companies for small businesses, and we can sit all day, mentioning the benefits of hiring BuzFind for all your small business marketing needs.

But let us mention 7 key reasons you should partner with BuzFind:

Affordable SEO: We make professional SEO services affordable to you and your small business,

Proven Record: BuzFind has a proven track record of working and delivering successful results from our SEO hard work. You can ask our existing partners,

SEO Experience: We have over two decades of experience helping small businesses achieve their SEO marketing goals. We’ll help your small business achieve the same results on Google at SEO pricing you can meet – Going to the poor house was not an option.

We are open 24/7/365 days: No matter what time it is in your neck of the wood, your SEO consultant is always available and ready to assist you and answer all the SEO questions you might have,

Professional and Courteous SEO experts: We believe in employing and ensuring your assigned SEO experts are the most experienced and courteous you could ever find anywhere else,

Quality Work Guaranteed: You can rest assured that one of our professional SEO experts will implement your SEO campaign and receive the highest quality work guaranteed.

Employ Best SEO Practices: Our professional SEOs will employ white hat SEO techniques and best SEO practices to improve your website’s rankings. The small business consultant we’ll assign to run your marketing campaign will work closely with you to develop a personalized SEO strategy tailored to your search engine marketing needs and SEO goals while staying within your SEO budget.

We Use The Best SEO Tools: Our team of SEO providers uses the latest SEO tools and marketing techniques to ensure our client’s websites are SEO-friendly and optimized for users and search engines.

Provide Timely SEO Reports: We provide regular updates, reports, and analytics to our partners so that they can follow the improvement of their SEO campaigns and see the results of our efforts.

√ Good Partnership: At BuzFind, we don’t see you as a client. We see you as a partner that wants their small business to succeed online. Partnering with us will ensure the best SEO practices are executed, along with our effective SEO strategies to outrank your competition in Google search results and drive free organic traffic to your online business and local store.


Uncertain about hiring BuzFind to promote your business online, attract free traffic to your website and local store, increase sales and grow your business? Here’s what our partners are saying bout us (BuzFind) and our SEO services.

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