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Get to know BuzFind – Affordable SEO Company

BuzFind has always been and will continue to be an affordable SEO company for small business.

At BuzFind, we’ve always focused on making  SEO services affordable to small and mid-sized businesses with limited marketing resource.

Our SEO professionals have been offering affordable SEO for over 5 decades combined.

Our focus is to make professional SEO services affordable to everyone.

No matter how small and which industry your business is in, you can always depend on us to help you promote your website for not only potential customers, but also for all major search engines.

SEO Consulting Company
Rated Most Affordable SEO Consulting Company In USA by Many Clients

BuzFind Professional SEO Consulting Services are For Everyone

SEO consulting services of Big shot SEO companies are not for everyone, and that is unfortunate.

I believe professional search engine optimization services should not be expensive and out of your reach and out of the reach of your small business.

At BuzFind, we offer the same professional SEO features offered by conglomerate marketing companies but at a fraction of the price of those big shot SEO agencies and their expensive SEO pricing.

SEO Company USA
SEO Company USA

Our Focus

We made professional search engine optimization affordable because we want you and your small business to succeed online, and grow.

Our affordable SEO experts want you and your small business to be able to compete with the big boys, succeed and grow your business without braking the bank.

An Affordable SEO Company With One Purpose

BuzFind is a full-service affordable SEO company in USA with one goal only:

Getting you top-rankings on Google.

With BuzFind’s affordable SEO, your small business will be trending towards the top of Google, and other major search engines.

We want to help you get your share of that big sales pie big businesses want to keep for themselves.

Why Make BuzFind Your SEO Consulting Company of Choice

We know that there are too many small business SEO consultants to choose from and hiring an SEO company is not an easy task.

Let us share with you why you should hire BuzFind expert SEO consultant.

SEO Company In USA

Our search engine optimization – SEO is 100% made in America (USA).

We never outsource your website’s SEO optimization campaign to overseas SEO freelancers to save a buck, then turn around and charge you 1000s of dollars for something that should not be expensive and out of your reach.

24-7-375 SEO Support

When you are awake and in need of affordable SEO services, we are also awake.

And when you are asleep, someone at BuzFind is always awake.

Again, your assigned SEO consultant is ready to help you and answer all your SEO questions no matter what day and time it is in your neck of the woods.


Because we love what we do, and we do it well.

We use White-Hat SEO Techniques Only

BuzFind SEO experts always believed in doing SEO by the book!

Our organic search engine optimization services only employ white hat SEO techniques to get your small business found on page 1 of Google, Bing and Yahoo.)

No Black Hat SEO is used at BuzFind – Ever!

5 Decades of SEO experience (combined)

I myself have been doing SEO since the early 90’s, and web design since the ‘world wide web’ started using Notepad, HTML (HyperText Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).

When you partner with BuzFind, you’ll be working with one of our skilled and experienced SEO and web design professionals to get you top ranking on search engines.

Custom SEO Ingredients

BuzFind SEO specialists know the site optimization and marketing ingredients, plus the amount of each ingredient needed to concoct good SEO techniques tailored to your business SEO marketing needs.

Our time-tested and proven SEO can get you above your competition on search engines, and bring customers to your business, and not window shoppers.

If other SEO companies couldn’t offer you professional SEO services at prices your small business can afford, know that we can meet your SEO needs while keeping your overall SEO cost low.

We can list many more reasons why you should hire BuzFind for your SEO needs. We just didn’t want to make you read a book.

Still, if you want to find out more about our SEO services and why you should choose BuzFind, please contact us, or call us at 484-662-3084, or at 484-485-7929.

How BuzFind’s SEO Consultancy Works?

At BuzFind, we don’t just jump in and start optimizing your website for search engines without analyzing it first to see what could be preventing your site from achieving top ranking in Google search result.

We’ll Start With Auditing Your Website

Our affordable search engine optimization comes with a full site analysis and SEO audit.

Our website audit allows us to look under the hood and analyze your website for any SEO problems your site could be facing.

Your dedicated organic SEO consultant will look at:

  • Website speed – Is your page load time slow and affecting your rankings on Google?
  • On page SEO –  Did you implement important on-page SEO techniques?
  • Technical SEO – We look at any technical SEO issues your website might be suffering from such as a slow page load time, 404 errors, etc.

Your expert SEO consultant will share with you the following important information:

  • Why it is not showing up on page one of Google?
  • Why your visitors are living your site as soon as they arrive?
  • Why your site is not converting visitors into customers?
  • And so on

Your SEO consulting expert will share with you the full SEO audit report and recommend the steps you need to take in order to improve your ranking and make your website fast again. – In case you decide to hire another SEO company.

Keyword Research

We want you to target the right audience, and not just window shoppers.

Our “keyword research services” are included with our “SEO Consulting” and “Affordable SEO Services.”

Keyword Research will help us determine what terms your potential customers are searching for in relation to the products or services you offer, and the location of your local business.

Competitive Analysis

Competitive analysis will help your assigned SEO consultant identify your competitors’ marketing strengths and weaknesses.

Competitive analysis will also help us assess how to refine your business marketing strategy to outrank your competition.

Want to learn more about BuzFind and our SEO consulting services, or have questions related to SEO or need support?

Please call us using the button below. – Thank you.

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