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94.5% of searches are Organic Searches while 5.05% of searches are Paid Searches.

  • Position 1 on SERP gets 7.11% of CTR
  • Position 2 on SERP gets 3.01% of CTR
  • Position 3 on SERP gets 2.19% of CTR

If your business is on page 2 in SERP, then it might receive less than 1% CTR (Click Through Rate)

SEO Marketing services image by BuzFindSo your small business has a website, now what? SEO marketing is an important part of your business success and if you don't optimize your website for search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, your potential customers won't find your business in search engine results pages (SERP)

If your business can't be found in search engines, it doesn't exist

In order to understand why SEO is important for business, you first need to know what search engine optimization is and then implement important SEO marketing techniques to help your business trend towards the top of Google, and above your competition.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing your business visibility in search results, bring more relevant traffic to your local store or online business, and increase revenue through organic search engine optimization.

I can't emphasize the following enough;

  • SEO marketing is paramount to the success of your business
  • If you don't optimize your website for search engines, your small business won't get found on SERPs (search engine result pages)

Are you a small business owner with limited resources looking for the best SEO marketing company you can afford?...

Then BuzFind affordable marketing services are for you.



I've been in the search engine optimization business for many years and had many questions asked, however, there are two questions that always come up during my first initial consultation with a prospect...

  • Does my small business need search engine marketing?
  • and 'Is SEO important?'

And my answers have always been...

  • Without optimizing your website for search engines, customers won't find your business online
  • And if your business can't be found, it does not exist.

Then I turn around and ask them 'Do you think your competition is still asking whether their business needs SEO or not?'.

Years ago, your competition has looked at search engine optimization - SEO as a trusted and time tested marketing technique to promote their small business website for search engines.

That's why customers can find them, but can't find you...

And now, you are watching your competition reap the rewards of understanding the benefits of SEO and implementing search optimization techniques early in the game.

If you're still not convinced your small business doesn't need SEO optimization and that implementing solid search engine optimization techniques is a waste of money and your time, then I highly recommend you check out our benefits of SEO for your business article which should shed some light and help you make a sound decision.


If you are here with the full understanding of the importance of SEO for your business but are still hesitant to enlist the help of a search optimization agency because of the exorbitant search engine optimization prices you've seen online...

Then today is the day you'll learn that at BuzFind, we make professional SEO affordable to small businesses.

Our SEO marketing experts have been optimizing websites for search engines since early 90's when Google was born and can optimize your website at prices your small business can actually afford.


This is another good question I am asked often but unlike other search engine optimization companies (whether in the US or overseas), at BuzFind, we do not offer SEO packages.

We also don't offer cookie-cutter SEO, nor do we believe an SEO campaign of another company should be applied to your business' marketing plan.

Why you asked?

It's quite simple actually...

Even if your business offers the same services or sales the same products as your next door competitor, your business is still different than your competition down the street.

You SEO campaign cost will vary because your business has;

  • Different SEO needs
  • Different search engine optimization requirements
  • Different marketing budget

As a small business owner with limited marketing budget, and because of big conglomerate SEO companies with their expensive search engine optimization pricing, we understand the need of looking elsewhere and thinking of outsourcing SEO and get the cheapest SEO plan possible.

But before you look elsewhere and outsource your marketing campaign, I recommend you learn more about 'The Hidden Dangers Of Outsourced SEO services'.


BuzFind is an affordable SEO company with the sole purpose of making professional SEO services for small business affordable.

We help small business owners, such as yourself, looking to improve their ranking in Google search results and other major search engines, bring more relevant traffic to their website (customers and not window shoppers ) and increase their business revenue while keeping the overall cost of their internet marketing campaign cost low.

Where else can you get professional SEO services and features offered by big search engine marketing companies at small business prices, but BuzFind?

At BuzFind, we get you there, for Less!

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There are a plethora of SEO marketing companies near you to choose from, however, what sets us apart from the competitions are;

  • SEO made 100% in USA - We don't outsource, nor plan to in the future, SEO to any overseas companies to save money. Our SEO experts live and work right here in the US
  • Did we mention 'Affordable'? - We give you big SEO companies services and features, at prices your business can afford
  • Open 3/7/365 - No matter what time of day it is where you are, we are always open, 365 days a year (including major Holidays) when you need us. And when you do, you'll be speaking with a local SEO professional
  • No SEO Contract - You can stop/cancel your search engine optimization campaign without incurring any penalty. All we ask is that you email us at least one (1) before the start of the next SEO billing cycle.
  • No 'Black Hat SEO' Techniques Here - We follow Google SEO guidelines (and of other major search engines) to the tee and we'll never use black hat SEO techniques to get you top ranking. We don't help your site get banned by search engines
  • No Cookie-Cutter SEO - As previously mentioned, your SEO plan will be tailored to your small business search engine optimization needs and budget

If you are a small business looking for professional SEO marketing services that are within your budget, then it is time to contact us and...


  • Site Audit - You can't start optimizing your existing website without first performing an SEO audit to pinpoint the SEO bottlenecks preventing it from achieving a top ranking position
  • On-Page SEO Services - At BuzFind, we take the on-page optimization approach, instead of the site optimization because optimizing every page for search engines is the right approach
  • Website Speed Optimization - Is your website page loading speed poor and are customers are leaving your site as soon as they arrive because your site speed? BuzFind website speed optimization will make your website fast again, and improve customer retention rate, fast
  • Keyword Research Services - Your site's poor ranking could be because you are targeting the wrong keyword. BuzFind keyword research will help you target the right traffic to your site, and not what we call 'Window Shoppers', and improve sales
  • Small Business SEO Services - Improving your small business website for search engines is a must if you want to rank higher than your competition and BuzFind small business SEO services will get you above your competition in SERPs (search engine result pages) for relevant keyword and at prices your small business can afford
  • Joomla SEO Services (for Joomla! websites) - Is your Joomla website performing poorly on search engines and is slower than a snail but you're not sure what to do? BuzFind SEO for Joomla will improve your Joomla site's ranking and speed and put your website above other Joomla! websites on SERPs (search engine result pages) for less than the competition
  • Local SEO Services - Can't bring local customers to your store or online business? BuzFind Local SEO will rank your business above your competition for local search, and increase sales


You have two ways of doing search engine optimization...

  • Save money and learn about what search engines are and how they work, acquire decent amount of knowledge about SEO and know how to implement proven SEO techniques to optimize your business website yourself
  • Or go through a lengthy list of SEO companies and choose one that has years of experience in search engine marketing, and is willing to do the leg work of optimizing your website for search engines, and do it at a monthly SEO cost that's within your small business marketing budget

If you prefer to focus on running your business and

  • Have an experienced SEO consulting company in USA optimize your website for search engines and your prospects
  • Place you above your competition in Google search results
  • Attract relevant traffic to your business
  • Increase your business revenue and help it grow

Then BuzFind SEO services for small business can get you trending towards the top position of Google search and bring more customers to your local store or online business, and do it for less than the competition.

In Summary...

If you are looking for an SEO agency in USA with professional SEO marketing your small business can afford, then hiring BuzFind is the right and the most affordable choice you can make.



We Make Professional SEO Marketing Services Affordable To Small Businesses


I had the pleasure to talk with a professional SEO consultant at BuzFind. The consultant was very knowledgeable and pointed out some of the numerous problems on my website that is affecting my online visibility. I truly loved how the consultant did not try to just sell his services and get some money. - Luis Cepeda
We looked for assistance in doing some work and contacted BuzFind. We got a representative come to us in reasonable time. The rep was friendly, professional, very helpful and answered all questions and explained thoroughly any questions. Will I recommend BuzFind? Absolutely. - Marilyn McAndrews
We had the opportunity to meet with one of the representatives and indeed he answered all the questions we asked and had made many needful recommendations. Explained in details all that we needed to put our new business out there. I'm particularly thankful we chose Buzfind to boost our visibility. - Ijeoma Ukoh


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