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Are you looking for an affordable SEO company with decades of experience optimizing websites for search engines and users that can deliver a high return on your investment (ROI) while staying within your SEO marketing budget?

Then BuzFind is the right affordable SEO company in USA to hire and partner with.

Affordable SEO Company BuzFind
Get $100/Month Off SEO for 12 Months

BuzFind will improve your search engine ranking, increase free organic traffic to your website, turn visitors into customers, and boost your revenue without burning your wallet.

Hiring an affordable SEO company like BuzFind doesn’t mean you’ll get low-grade SEO work, copy-and-paste SEO strategies, or deliver low-quality search engine results.

Quite the opposite. You’ll be working with SEO experts who understand search engine optimization and will deliver the qualitative results you expect from a professional SEO company.

SEO Services BuzFind Affordable SEO Agency Offers

Buzfind affordable SEO agency offers a one-time or ongoing SEO optimization to help your business rank higher on Google in organic search results, increase your website traffic, boost your revenue, and grow your business.

SEO Services

SEO Services By BuzFind

BuzFind’s SEO services will get you top rankings on Google, increase website traffic and boost sales without burning your wallet.

Local SEO

Local SEO Services By BuzFind

Our local SEO will help you outrank your competition in local search results, attract more local customers and drive more local traffic.

SEO Audit Services

SEO Audit By BuzFind

Can’t get your website to rank on Google and don’t know why? BuzFind’s SEO audit services will give you insights and offer solutions.

Google My Business

Google My Business SEO by BuzFind

BuzFind’s Google business profile (GMB) optimization will improve your business’s Google listing for local searches and customers.

WordPress SEO

SEO WordPress

Our WordPress SEO optimization will get your WordPress website higher search engine rankings and drive more organic traffic.

Page Speed Optimization

BuzFind Page Speed Optimzation

BuzFind’s page speed optimization will improve your page load time, boost customer retention and increase sales.

Benefits Of Hiring BuzFind Affordable SEO agency

When it comes to SEO and marketing your business online, you have three (3) options.

  1. DIY SEO – This is when you do SEO yourself,
  2. Insourcing SEO – You task someone from within your company to implement an SEO strategy,
  3. Outsourcing SEO – You would outsource search engine optimization to an affordable SEO company or a freelance SEO expert.

The ‘DIY SEO‘ option to save money is challenging and not feasible because time is of the essence. Do you have the time to do SEO yourself and run a successful business simultaneously?

Insourcing SEO is also a challenge because, in reality, the person you’ve tasked to do SEO might be over their head and at risk of doing more harm to your SEO campaign strategy than good, thus wasting time and resources.

Hiring an affordable SEO agency for your website optimization campaign is a more efficient and business-wise decision option for your business because of the SEO agency’s knowledge and experience in SEO.

Here are the benefits of hiring BuzFind affordable SEO agency

We’re Open 24/7/365 (Including All Holidays)

No matter what time it is in your neck of the wood, our SEO experts are always available to help you with your SEO needs and answer every question about SEO and optimizing your online business for search engines.

You Get Professional SEO Services For Less $$$

While other affordable search engine optimization agencies and freelancers might charge you peanuts for their SEO marketing services and give you more of the obsolete SEO techniques that don’t work, such as;

  1. Website submission to thousands (1,000s) of directories.
  2. Article spinning.
  3. Buying links from irrelevant domains.
  4. Targeting exact-match search queries.
  5. And black hat SEO

Buzfind affordable SEO company will give you just the SEO features you need based on your company’s marketing needs. Not the fluff, bells, and whistles you don’t need. You’ll save money and time by hiring BuzFind.

No ‘Copy-And-Paste’ SEO Tactics

Many business owners reached out to BuzFind complaining about their poor Google rankings and stating that their website is nowhere to be found on any search engines.

Upon our SEO professionals’ investigation, they discovered that the SEO provider the company hired implemented what we call a ‘cookie-cutter SEO ‘ tactic.

It took some hard work and time to fix all the previous SEO issues on their website. Nonetheless, the SEO changes made brought positive results.

Buzfind‘s SEO solutions are custom-made to fit your business resources and meet your SEO needs and requirements to improve your search results on Google and Bing.

SEO In USA – No SEO Outsourcing

Many small business owners will outsource their SEO campaign to SEO companies and freelancers overseas, believing doing so will save them money.

Many SEO agencies will also work with SEO freelancers overseas to save on their SEO costs and charge the clients $$$$ to increase their revenue.

BuzFind never worked with SEO providers overseas, nor will we ever outsource your marketing campaign.

SEO Experience

We’ve been in the SEO business for decades and have optimized thousands of websites for Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

BuzFind affordable SEO agency, can do the same for you and give you professional SEO, still at a fraction of what any SEO agency and freelancers would charge for the same marketing campaign.

Partnership With BuzFind

We don’t see business owners that hired us for their marketing campaign as customers. We see them as partners. Buzfind can only be successful and survive if you and your business are successful.

We want to invest in you, and we can have long-term success together.

There are more benefits to partnering with Buzfind affordable SEO agency, than we have mentioned above. Call me, and I will be more than happy to share them with you.

What Can BuzFind Search Engine Optimization Company Do For You?

Buzfind search engine optimization company will look at your company’s marketing campaign’s strengths and weaknesses and then implement solid SEO techniques that will:

  1. Put your business in the top three ranking positions on Google and major search engines’ search result page.
  2. Bring customers to your online business or local store, not window shoppers.
  3. Increase your online and local sales.
  4. and grow your online or local business.

Buzfind search engine optimization agency company will help you achieve the above goals without breaking your bank account. One of BuzFind SEO experts will help your small business get new leads with minimal investment.

BuzFind’s SEO professionals are here to make the whole process of getting more sales leads and growing your small business very easy and affordable.

About BuzFind Affordable SEO Company

BuzFind is a US SEO company focusing on making professional SEO services affordable to small business owners with a limited SEO resources.

Perform a Google search for “SEO company near me” or “affordable SEO services in USA.”

BuzFind doesn’t claim to be the “top SEO company” or the “best  SEO company.” We leave such claims to other SEO marketing companies and let our clients speak for us.

Go ahead and do a Google search for “SEO company near me.” You’ll get many SEO consulting companies claiming to be amongst the “top SEO companies” or the “best SEO companies” and vying for your business and hard-earned cash.

Beware of those affordable SEO companies claiming to offer affordable SEO services for small businesses when they don’t.

Instead of getting professional SEO, you’ll get cheap SEO packages filled with ancient SEO techniques and black hat SEO tactics that will get your business banned in search results.

Hiring An SEO Company

Hiring an SEO company can be very challenging if you don’t have some basic understanding of search engine optimization, but it doesn’t have to be.

Especially when you know what your company’s SEO needs are, what to look for in an SEO company and what questions to ask before you hire an SEO agency.

OK, so you couldn’t do SEO yourself and decided to hire some outside SEO help, but the ‘how do I find the right SEO company?’ remains in your mind.

There are a lot of good and reputable SEO companies. Still, because of some SEO con artists and scammers, many companies are hesitant to hire an SEO agency, and rightly so.

Vetting SEO companies and freelancers can be time-consuming but highly worth it to ensure you make the right choice.

BuzFind SEO consultants reached out to other legit SEO experts to get insights on how to hire a search engine optimization company.

Our SEO professionals have a list of questions to ask while vetting SEO companies to help you choose the right search engine optimization company to hire.

1. Start with local SEO companies or agencies first

If you are a local business, start vetting local SEO companies first. If you are not happy with local SEO agencies, then your next choice would be to vet U.S.-based SEO companies.

2. Don’t believe reviews found on some directories

A legit SEO company will not (at least should not) pay an SEO company directory for reviews. Many SEO directories get paid to list SEO companies or agencies and employ questionable tactics.

For example, the more the SEO company pays the directory, the higher the SEO agency will be placed in the directory list.

3. Learn as much as you can about the affordable SEO company

Start searching for an “affordable SEO company” using Google or Bing, and take the time to read each company’s Google reviews and testimonials. It is essential to understand that few negative reviews are to be expected, and there is nothing wrong with that.

But suppose you see too many unhappy customers. In that case, it is a sign that you must look at other affordable SEO companies.

4. Don’t hire an SEO agency because of its SEO claims

Many will claim to be “the best SEO company.” In contrast, others will offer you some ‘guaranteed SEO’ and ‘cheap SEO packages’ to entice you into hiring them.

Your choice of hiring an SEO company should be based on something other than cheap SEO prices, most affordable SEO, and their too-good-to-be-true claims.

5. The affordable SEO company should be transparent about its SEO services and processes

Every SEO company has a process it follows when optimizing your website. A good marketing agency will share its SEO processes with you without asking them. But just in case they don’t, ask them to share with you the following:

  • Keyword Research: If they perform keyword research, ask them what SEO tools they use and how they choose the right keyword(s) to target.
  • Website Audit: If they include an SEO audit (and they should) with their SEO services, ask them what steps they take when doing a site audit.
  • Technical SEO: Ask them what their technical site audit consists of.
  • Backlinks Strategy: If they offer backlinks services, ask them about their strategy and how they will implement backlinks into your website.

6. Ask if they offer guaranteed SEO services

It is an excellent question to ask any affordable marketing company you consider hiring, especially marketing companies offering any SEO for service businesses. Their answer will help you learn whether the SEO company is legit.

To entice you to sign up with them, many SEO companies (especially overseas) will offer some ‘guaranteed SEO.’ This question is a sure way to choose the right SEO company to hire. Ranking higher on Google is not an overnight process.

Legit affordable SEO companies never offer “guaranteed SEO services.” SEO is a long-term SEO campaign that takes between 6 months and up to 1 year to start seeing results.

BuzFind (including many legit SEO companies) will only guarantee the quality of our SEO work, our SEO best practices, and ethical SEO techniques to get your website a top Google ranking.

Questions We Are often asked About SEO

Is it worth it to hire an affordable SEO agency?

Yes, it is worth it to hire an affordable SEO agency if you want to rank higher on Google and are looking for long-term success in search results.

How much should I pay an SEO company a month?

A US SEO company will charge an average of $2,500 to $5,000 per month, depending on your SEO needs. However, BuzFind SEO company’s SEO pricing is lower than those of the competition.

How to choose a search engine optimization company?

1. Take the time to research every search engine optimization company,
2. Look for positive reviews on Google My Business (GMB),
3. Read testimonials of the company’s existing customers,
4. Ask for examples of successful SEO marketing campaigns,
5. Don’t fall for ‘best SEO company‘ claims,
6. Don’t focus on hiring an SEO agency based on their cheap SEO packages,
7. Stay away from SEO marketing companies offering guaranteed SEO services,

What makes a good SEO marketing company?

A good SEO marketing company should:
1. Be transparent about their SEO processes,
2. Employs best SEO practices and follows Google’s SEO guidelines,
3. A good SEO marketing agency is willing to share their previous SEO work with you,
4. Is available to answer all your SEO questions even on weekends and Holidays,
5. Employ SEO experts with good communication skills who don’t sound like SEO geeks when speaking with you.

Do I have to go with a local SEO company?

No, you don’t. If you are a local business and need local SEO services for small business but cannot find a suitable local SEO company in your city or state, you can look for a national SEO company instead.

What are the traits of a bad SEO company?

1. Keyword stuffing,
2. Optimizing your website for search engines and not your potential customers,
3. Over-optimizing your page,
4. Stealing content from your competition and spinning it,
5. Ignore mobile users,
6. Employs black hat SEO tactics that will negatively affect your website’s ranking,
7. Focus only on Google SEO and forgetting about Bing,
8. Encourages you to buy backlinks from websites not relevant to your page.

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