Free SEO Consultation

Find Out Why Your Website Is Not Ranking High On Google

Is your website not ranking on Google and don’t know why? Your free SEO consultation with one of our SEO experts will help you understand why your site is not visible in Google search results and share we you SEO advice to help your website rank higher on Google, increase organic website traffic, boost sales, grow your business and make more money.

Your free SEO consultation will start with a meeting with an experienced SEO consultant we assigned to work with you in promoting your business online by getting to know your business, the products you sell or services you offer and your SEO goals.

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Free SEO Consultation With No Obligation

No Obligation Free SEO Consultation

During your free SEO consultation, your SEO professional’s aim is to:

  • Briefly gauge your website for SEO strengths and weaknesses,
  • Identify which keywords your website is targeting,
  • Recommend key phrases that best represent your business, your services or products,
  • Your competitors.

The free SEO review will help your SEO consultant tailor our affordable SEO services to meet your business needs and achieve your goals.

Free SEO Review Requires No SEO Knowledge

To take advantage of our free SEO review, you won’t need to know about search engine optimization and they work is required. Your assigned SEO consultant will take the time to explain what SEO is, what is ailing your website, and how BuzFind’s SEO can benefit your business.

During the free SEO review, your dedicated SEO expert will important questions such as;

  • What your business is about?
  • How long have you been in business?
  • What is your goal when it comes to marketing your business/website?
  • Do you offer services or sell products nationwide, or locally?
  • Who is your main target audience(gender, age, and so on)?
  • Which companies do you consider to be your top 3 competitors?
  • How old is your website?
  • Which keywords are you targeting?
  • Are you currently running any Google Pay-Per-Click campaign?
  • How is your website current performance?
  • Is your business on major social media platform, and are you actively posting new and articles on them?
  • Does your website have a blog?

Your dedicated SEO professional will ask you more questions then we have mentioned above. So when scheduling a free SEO consultation, please ensure that you set a minimum of one (1) hour aside for the SEO consultation session so SEO consultant(including you) can ask questions.

Need Great SEO Advice?

Our professional SEO experts are here to help and discuss your search engine optimization needs.

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If you are here, we suspect that’s because you are in need of a free SEO consulting session, and that you could use our help.

You know that in 2022, and especially during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic, the competition is already steep and will get even more difficult to improve your online business visibility while sitting still.

If you don’t know why your business is not appearing in the top 3 positions, but would like to find out, your SEO consulting session will give you a pretty good idea as to why your site is performing poorly online.

No SEO Cost And No Obligation To You, Whatsoever

Once we receive your request, it will be assigned to an expert SEO that will look at your website before reaching out to you.

Your dedicated SEO expert will then contact you to go over what they’ve found in relation to your website SEO needs.

After speaking with one of our SEO professionals about your website’s SEO strengths and challenges, you’ll be under no obligation to hire us for your search engine optimization campaign, whatsoever.

Schedule a friendly SEO consulting session today and start improving your business online visibility on Google and on other major search engines.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Free SEO Consultation

Is your SEO consultation really Free?

Yes, our SEO consultation is completely free and comes with no obligation to you, whatsoever.

Free SEO consultation vs. SEO consultation services

Free SEO consultation is where you would contact BuzFind and speak to one of our SEO experts about your SEO needs, SEO goals, and your website’s poor ranking. Our SEO consultation services are actual consultancy services we offer at affordable SEO pricing.

Will you share my website with any of my competitors?

No information about your business, information you provided us with and your marketing goals will be shared with any third party or your competitors – Period.