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SEO Pricing

SEO Pricing

How Much Does SEO Cost? So you want to learn about “SEO pricing” and how much SEO companies charge for their search engine optimization services. In this article, I will talk about SEO prices and how to hire the right SEO agency. It is important to remember that search engine optimization (SEO) is what links …

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Cheap SEO

Cheap SEO

16 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Cheap SEO Are you on a limited marketing budget and looking for cheap SEO? If the answer is yes, then I highly recommend you read this article in its entirety before you hire a cheap SEO company. This SEO blog article is about the hidden cost of cheap SEO …

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Technical SEO Audit

Technical SEO Audit

14 Technical SEO Site Audit Elements If your site is not ranking, or your audience can’t find your website on Google or other major search engines, you need to find out why through a Technical SEO audit. There could be many reasons why your site is failing to rank in search engine result pages(SERPs), and …

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website audit checklist

Website Audit Checklist

The 23-Step SEO Audit Checklist for 2020 Is your website not ranking in search engines and are you looking for a website audit checklist to learn why your site is not ranking on Google and Bing? Our 23-Step SEO audit checklist for 2020, can help you have an in-depth insight into SEO problems that could …

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14-Steps On “How To Do SEO Yourself” for your website and save money? You want to learn about DIY SEO because you want your website to appear above your competition in search results but don’t have thousands of $$$ to hire a professional SEO company. You know that an experienced SEO agency can give your …

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How To Hire An SEO

How To Hire An SEO Company

Google’s Advice on Hiring A Good SEO Company (includes annotations and our own Advice) Finding transparent and unbiased advice on how to hire an SEO company or a search engine optimization (SEO) freelancer can often be very challenging. You’ve just finished designing the website for your business or blog, and now, you are wondering how …

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Voice Search Optimization

Voice Search SEO

How to optimize for voice search Believe it or not, voice search optimization idea has existed for many years now. But what was missing then were the availability of devices with built-in personal assistant technology we now have needed to tap into the capabilities of voice search SEO. But now that we have the technology …

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Optimize Images for SEO

Image SEO

improve your site’s ranking with SEO-Friendly images No matter what type of website you run such as a web presence, eCommerce or just a blog, you’ll find yourself using images to make your article more pleasing to look at, and enjoyable to read. In this article, I’ll be focusing on Image SEO and share with …

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Wix Review by BuzFind

Wix SEO Review

Pros & Cons Of Wix Website Builder For SEO Wix reviews about how good Wix website builder is are aplenty… What those Wix reviews fail to mention are Wix SEO shortcomings. If you are thinking of launching a blog or a website for your business using Wix website builder, optimize your Wix website for users …

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How to improve Page Speed?

Website Speed – How To Improve Page Load Time

HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR SITE’S PAGE LOAD TIME Website loading speed is paramount to the success of your business and optimal customer satisfaction. When was the last time you paid attention to your website page speed? If the answer is never, or maybe once every couple of months, then you haven’t optimized your website for …

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On Page SEO techniques image

20+ On-Page SEO Techniques

Are you a small business owner or a blogger looking for do it yourself on-page SEO techniques you can easily implement yourself because you can’t hire a professional SEO company, or a freelancer due to limited resources? Then this on-page optimization checklist was written just for you!

Google Structured Data Joomla Extension

Google Structured Data

BUZFIND REVIEW OF TASSOS MARINOS GOOGLE STRUCTURED DATA FOR JOOMLA Getting your business on page 1 in Google search results and above your competition takes more than just optimizing your site for SEO and making sure all your on-page SEO elements have been optimized and added to a great relevant content, plus make sure the …

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SEO Tips - BuzFind

18 SEO Tips That Will Improve Your Google Ranking

AND GET ON TOP OF YOUR COMPETITION Last Updated: July 11, 2017 Want to know how to do search engine optimization? Then these 18 SEO tips are just for you. Once you properly implement them, they can improve your ranking on Google.

Benefits of SEO

Benefits Of SEO

Many small business owners are reaping the rewards of their understanding of SEO, the importance of SEO, the benefits of SEO, and the employment of this incredible marketing tool early in the game. While those who saw SEO – search engine optimization as an additional cost are still wondering why their business is nowhere to …

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outsourcing seo

Outsourcing SEO

THE HIDDEN DANGERS OF OUTSOURCED SEO SERVICES Many small business owners look at outsourcing SEO to an overseas search engine marketing company as the only viable solution to improve their business ranking on search engines and increase traffic to their site, and doing it at the cheapest SEO price as possible. If you consider yourself …

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How to rank higher on Google

How To Rank Higher On Google?

GETTING YOUR WEBSITE TO THE TOP OF GOOGLE Every one who has a website want to know ‘how to rank higher on Google fast?’. If you are looking for ways to improve your google search ranking and do it fast, then I dedicate this post to you.

Page Load Time - Is it a Ranking Factor?

Page Load Time – Is It a Ranking Factor?

AND IF IT’S NOT, SHOULD YOU CARE? Page load time and whether site speed is a ranking factor or not has been a big topic among SEOs, especially in 2017. Some will tell you that website speed is a ranking factor, while some SEO companies will tell you it’s really not an important ranking signal.

Guaranteed SEO services from some SEO companies

Guaranteed SEO Services

WILL A LEGIT SEO COMPANY PROMISE GUARANTEED SEO RESULTS? Are you receiving ‘Guaranteed SEO services‘ offers via emails or phone calls from so called search engine optimization companies? If so, you are not alone. Even BuzFind – An SEO and Internet marketing company has its share of such SEO site optimization scams.

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