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On page SEO servicesWant to boost every page of your website for search engines? Then BuzFind on-page SEO services will boost your page visibility for your targeted audience for less than what other on page optimization companies charge.

Without On-Page SEO, getting your most important pages indexed and ranked above your competitor in Google search results will be quite a challenge.

A perfectly implemented on-site SEO campaign will organically rank your page higher than of your competitors’, and bring relevant traffic to your site, we call customers.


On-page SEO, or on page optimization is the process of optimizing each and every important page(s) of your website by optimizing every on page element for SEO in order to bring relevant traffic to your online business or local store.

Moz defines On-Page SEO as:

On-page SEO is the practice of optimizing individual web pages in order to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic in search engines. On-page refers to both the content and HTML source code of a page that can be optimized, as opposed to off-page SEO which refers to links and other external signals.

On Page Optimization

BuzFind on page optimization will make sure that every individual web page of your website is optimized for search engines, and that every on site optimization techniques have been properly implemented to boost ranking based on targeted queries, increase leads and increase your business revenue.

Yesterday’s on page optimization is different than of today and if you don’t keep up with the latest on page SEO ranking factors, chances of your web page getting found on page 1 of Google search results, or of other major search engines such as Bing, and Yahoo will be slim, if not impossible.

Who We Are

BuzFind is an affordable SEO company based in the USA with the sole purpose of making professional on page SEO services affordable to small and mid-size business owners, like yourself, and help your business attain higher ranking through a well optimized web page, for less than any other search engine optimization companies in USA, and overseas.

With BuzFind On-Page SEO…

You’ll get professional on-page search engine optimization services, at small business prices.



Again, yesterday on page search engine optimization techniques are not the same as of today. Your dedicated on site SEO expert will create an on-page SEO techlist based on your website’s niche and its search engine optimization needs.

Our on page optimization checkilist will:

  • Optimize every on-page SEO element of every page, and not just the website
  • Improve pages for better users experience (UX)
  • Place your web pages higher in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages)
  • Bring more relevant traffic, we call customers organically, and not window shoppers
  • Increase your revenue and grow your business


There are 1000’s on page SEO companies in USA (and overseas) to choose from to manage your on site SEO needs and promote your page(s) for SEO.

But what sets us apart from other on page optimization agencies?…

The answer is quite simple.

  • 100% Made In America – We never outsourced our on site optimization services, & we’ll never do
  • We know which on page optimization technique works, and which ones are out dated
  • Our search marketing professionals have the on page SEO factors down have over 15 years of experience in optimizing websites
  • We only employ ethical on site optimization techniques
  • We are available to assist you 24/365 days, including on all Holidays, will all your on page optimization needs


Your dedicated on site SEO expert will build for you the perfectly optimized web page for your users and search engines alike by putting optimized on-page optimization elements in their place where they belong.

BuzFind’s on page SEO services will;

  • Optimize every on-page SEO element of every page, and not just the website
  • Place your web pages higher in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages)
  • Bring more relevant traffic, we call customers organically, and not window shoppers
  • Help you improve pages for better users experience (UX)
  • Increase your revenue
  • Grow your business


Every search engine optimization agency has its own long on-page SEO checklist, However, at BuzFind, we only focus on the latest and up to date search engine marketing factors, and implement on site SEO techniques that we know will get you page 1 of Google and increase your business revenue such as…

Technical on page SEO audit

You just can’t start optimizing your website without performing an on page SEO audit first and look under the hood of your pages for any issues, such as non-mobile friendly design, slow page load time problems affecting your page optimization campaign.

If there is something preventing your page from getting above your competition in search engine result pages (SERPs), our on site SEO audit & analysis will find it and recommend the best action needed in order to eliminate the problems and boost your page rank.

Note that our on-page SEO and site speed optimization services are included in our affordable SEO services.

Page URLs and on site optimization

Page URLs optimization will make sure that your page URLs meet certain SEO criteria such as;

  • All your URLs are SEO friendly
  • As short as possible but still contain the important elements
  • Contain your main/important keyword properly placed within the URLs
  • And more

On site SEO elements optimization & search engines

With the on site SEO elements optimization, we’ll look at the below criteria and optimize them to attain a perfectly optimized page;

  • Page Title – Page title can make or break your on page optimization if not properly written. We’ll optimize your page titles are not only keyword rich, but also make searchers click on your link, and not on your competition
  • Page Heading – If your page you want optimized doesn’t have proper Heading tags (H1 – H2), then our on-page SEO experts will make sure they are added (wherever they are needed) and optimized to boost page rank
  • Page Copy – You can have a 3000 word copy and still not rank in search engines, nor shared on social site. We’ll look at each of your page copy and recommend changes that will increase their chances of ranking higher on SERPs, make them easier to read and enticing that it will make your readers want to come back for more
  • Meta Description – We all know that Meta Description is no longer a ranking factor or signal, however, it can be used to improve and increase click through.
  • Keyword – Our on page search engine optimization professional will make sure your targeted keyword/keyword phrase(s) are within your page copy and laid out to meet the page optimization criteria
  • Internal Links – Linking your pages internally (on-page) is paramount to a perfectly optimized page, as much as external links are. We’ll recommend the best interlinking techniques in order to boost your web page indexability and ranking
  • External Links – We’ll recommend the best places to get some good and relevant links from authoritative sites that are within your niche
  • Outbound Links – You can’t have a well on-page SEO optimized page without linking to relevant content. We’ll recommend who to link your copy to
  • Images – Your can’t embed your images willy nilly, call it a day and expect to rank your pages. Our on page SEO optimization experts will grab your article images, optimized them for improved speed and ranking (vertical SEO)

On page optimization and UX (user experience)

You can have the perfect page and use all of the on page SEO techniques, it will do you no good if the page has a poor layout, no call to action (CTAs placed where they should be) and ugly color that will make your visitors click their ‘back’ button as soon as they land.

You not only have to think of search engines, you also must think of your readers. We always believed, and still do, that when you put your visitors/readers first and know how to do it, search engines will reward you.

So put your readers first, search engines seconds, and yourself, in your readers’ shoes.

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We do believe that on-page optimization was important since the birth of search engines and SEO, and we still believe it is important in 2019, and will still be important for years to come.

Unfortunately, some business owners have been focusing more on off-page ranking factors such as building backlinks and domain authority, leaving on-page elements optimization behind.

Don’t take us wrong, backlinks are also important for the overall success of your business…

However, building external links takes time and resources (human and money)! So why not start with something you actually can do and have control of, like improving your site’s speed and optimizing your on-page SEO elements for users and search engines, then once you are done, redirect your focus on building backlinks.


When building your business, you always start with the foundation (office), then equipment and software needed, then hire employees to perform a certain task, then go out and get some business. Right?

Then you should be taking the same steps in building your website using on-page SEO techniques that will improve your ranking on Google search results, and bring targeted customers to your local store or online business (not window shoppers), make that sale and increase your business profit.

Get every page of your website 1 of Google search results and above your competition, and bring relevant organic traffic through BuzFind on-page SEO services, FOR LESS!



We’ll Rank Every Page Of Your Website Through BuzFind On-Page SE