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Are you looking for affordable SEO services to rank your website higher on Google and increase organic traffic and your business revenue without burning your wallet?

If your answer is ‘heck yeah,’ then your search for affordable search engine optimization services stops here at

Investing in national SEOlocal SEO, or eCommerce SEO and hiring a marketing agency to kick-start your SEO campaign is essential for the success of your company’s growth.

Affordable SEO Services By BuzFind
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As your small company expands, so does the importance of having an SEO marketing campaign to inform new and existing customers about your company and the products or services you provide.

A well-executed SEO is a great way to show potential customers how professional and successful your company is.

Search engine optimization can also help to boost your online visibility and brand awareness.

What Are SEO Services?

Search engine optimization services are marketing services offered by an SEO company or freelancer to help promote your website for Google and Bing and potential customers.

Investing in search engine optimization is essential in today’s highly competitive world if you want your website to rank #1 on Google in 2022 and beyond.

With search engine optimization, your website can appear in the top Google search results. Customers searching for your products or services will not find your competitors’ websites and buy from them. Is that what you want?

Keep the competition from taking your customers away from you, and enjoy those sales.

Invest in BuzFind affordable SEO services and start taking customers and sales back from your competitors.

BuzFind’s Affordable SEO Expert Commitment To You

Your BuzFind’s affordable SEO expert will be committed to the following SEO tasks:

  • Getting your website on Google’s first page,
  • Ensuring your website is visible on Google for relevant queries performed by potential customers looking for your services or products,
  • Growing your website traffic from your targeted audience,
  • Create a positive user experience when they land on your website,
  • Increase customer leads,
  • Enhance your brand trust and awareness,
  • Increase sales from organic web traffic and grow your company.

When you hire an SEO services expert from BuzFind, you won’t need to spend thousands of dollars on search engine optimization services.

BuzFind organic SEO consultant will use tried-and-true SEO techniques to put your website on page 1 of Google and increase sales from organic traffic. And do it while staying within your marketing budget, no matter your industry.

Get expert SEO services with the search engine optimization techniques your company needs to help you rank higher on Google.

Please avoid falling for the cookie-cutter SEO services and packages many of the so-called affordable SEO companies offer with their cheap SEO packages.

SEO Services List

Our managed SEO services will power your company with an SEO strategy that gives you a competitive edge over your competitors with big wallets. Your dedicated SEO consultant will not use obsolete SEO tactics you get from other affordable SEO agencies.

SEO services list including keyword research, on-page optimization, image optimization and reporting.
Maximize your online visibility with our complete list of SEO services.

What BuzFind Managed SEO Services Include?

BuzFind’s SEO services list includes SEO strategies that have proven effective in continuing to drive organic traffic to clients’ websites in previous years and 2022.

Hosting Analysis

Did you know that your web hosting provider could affect your marketing campaign and ranking on Google?

Your BuzFind SEO professional will look at your existing hosting’s hardware and software configuration and then recommend moving to another web hosting if necessary.

Website Audit

Every SEO campaign must start with SEO auditing your website to identify SEO strengths and weaknesses.

The site audit report will offer recommendations and the necessary steps to improve your website ranking on Google and increase free organic website traffic.

Competitive Analysis

Competitive analysis in SEO will give you essential insights into your competitors’ SEO marketing weaknesses.

Armed with the competitive analysis report, your SEO audit expert will offer recommendations to outrank your competition in Google search results.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is a vital step in improving your search engine ranking.

Keyword research will allow you to discover the following:

  • Which keywords will bring organic traffic to your website,
  • Which key phrases are challenging to rank for,
  • Which keywords have high monthly search volume but low keyword difficulty,
  • Which keyword(s) you should be targeting on a specific page, and so on.

On-page SEO checker

Having pages that follow Google’s guidelines and SEO best practices is important.

BuzFind’s on-page SEO checker will analyze:

  • Page layout, Page Title, Page URL and Page Description,
  • URL structure, Headings (H1-H6) and Page Content,
  • Targeted Keywords, Keyword placement, Anchor Text and Images,
  • Page Speed, Page Indexability and Page Crawlability to achieve high Google rankings.

Image SEO

Search engines look at your images and evaluate them as they evaluate your pages.

Image optimization helps offer your audience a better page load time and user experience. Thus optimizing your images for users will improve your page rank in Google and Bing.

The more SEO-friendly your images are, the higher chances that your page will achieve top ranking. Start offering SEO-friendly images to the search engines.

Importance Of SEO

Are potential customers looking for your services or products not finding your business on Google?

Do you know why?

Many studies have shown the following:

  • A business with no solid small business SEO campaign has no chance of competing online,
  • Customers will only see your business if your website appears in one of the top 3 search results positions.

In November 2021, 21 percent (21%) of consumers used the internet to find a local business daily.

The survey respondents said they used the internet to find services and products multiple times weekly.

A well-executed SEO campaign will:

  • Boost your business’s online visibility and help customers find you when they are looking for your services or product,
  • Increase free organic traffic to your online business or local store,
  • Boost sales and grow your company.

The more visible your website is on Google, the higher chances your website will attract organic traffic and opportunities to convert that traffic into potential customers.

Benefits Of SEO

SEO marketing helps you use SEO best practices and white hat SEO techniques to satisfy Google’s 200+ ranking factors.

BuzFind’s affordable SEO services in USA will help search engines better understand your page, maximize page crawl and indexing and increase organic traffic to your website.

The benefits of SEO services are endless, and there are too many to cite here.

Let us share the 8 key benefits of SEO.

1. SEO Increases Organic Visibility

Free organic visibility in the top 3 positions on Google or Bing search result pages means increased website traffic.

2. Search Engine Optimization Reduces the cost of PPC Management (SEO vs. PPC)

SEO focuses more on bringing free organic traffic to a website. In contrast, PPC management focuses on obtaining traffic from paid ads such as Google Ads, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

3. Good SEO Bring Targeted Traffic

Good SEO will help your website generate targeted traffic and bring the right audience we call customers.

4. SEO Means High Return On Investment (ROI)

When an SEO campaign is done right, it will offer the best return on your investment (ROI).

5. BuzFind Affordable SEO Services Will Provide 24/7/365 Free Promotion

While other SEO companies are only open 8hrs a day, 5 days a week, BuzFind is open seven (7) days a week, including on major Holidays.

6. You Can Choose the SEO service you need

Another benefit of SEO is that you can pick the SEO service your business needs and assign a specific budget – Giving you the visibility of knowing where your money is being invested.

7. Take Your Business Online With Affordable SEO Services

Let’s say you are a local business selling cosmetics with no digital presence, paying for ads in the local newspaper, and using word of mouth and referrals.

But now, you want to take your business to the next level and get more exposure, sales, and customers, both local and nationwide.

What does a business owner with limited marketing resources like you do?

BuzFind offers affordable search engine optimization to put your website and business where your customers are during their search and buying phase.

8. Catch More Online Opportunities Through Affordable SEO

You already know how the internet and the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) have changed our day-to-day lives, but let’s get realistic.

What will your online opportunities be like for your business without a powerful SEO campaign?
Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) aside, SEO continues to be a MUST-do marketing strategy and not an option if you still want to have a business.

Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) aside, SEO continues to be a MUST-do marketing strategy and not an option if you still want to have a business.

And speak to a BuzFind affordable SEO expert

Why Choose BuzFind Over other Affordable SEO Companies

Search the internet for “SEO companies near me” or “search engine optimization companies near me.”

The search result will bring up boatloads of affordable SEO companies vying for your business and hard-earned money. Thus hiring an affordable SEO company is highly challenging.

Here is why you should make BuzFind your affordable SEO agency of choice.

Just The Cost Effective SEO You Need

Many SEO freelancers list hundreds of obsolete SEO components to lure you into hiring them. BuzFind gives you just the SEO features you need.

SEO Services USA

Your SEO campaign will be run and implemented by US-based SEO professionals. We will not outsource your SEO campaign overseas.

Managed SEO Services 24/7/365

What good will an SEO firm be for your business if you can’t reach them when you need them the most? We’ll be here for you 24/7/365 days.

No SEO Contract or Setup Fee for SEO

Compared to other affordable SEO companies, we will not require you to enter into a one (1) year contract or charge a setup fee to kick off SEO.

We Won’t Use SEO Templates

BuzFind makes SEO services affordable with a customized SEO strategy, not SEO templates, that fits your business marketing needs and budget.

We Employ The Best Paid SEO Tools

SEO companies with affordable monthly SEO use cheap SEO tools to work on your website marketing campaign. Our experts use the best paid SEO tools.

Hire SEO Experts

When you hire an SEO expert from BuzFind, you’ll get a search engine optimization specialist with years of experience in getting SEO results.

You’ll Not Be Alone In Your Journey

We’ll see you as a partner and not as a client. We want to invest in you and your business. You’ll not be alone in your journey to Google page 1.

Types Of SEO

Depending on your company type and marketing needs, you will need to invest in one or two of the following SEO services to boost your website’s visibility and traffic.

National SEO

National SEO is well suited for companies catering to nationwide customers.

Local SEO

local SEO is for companies looking to attract local customers within a city, county, or state.

On Page SEO

On-page SEO is the process of optimizing on-page SEO elements of a specific page or a product.

Off Page SEO

Off-page SEO focuses more on performing activities beyond your website to boost ranking and increase traffic.

Technical SEO

Website technical SEO ensures your page offers a fast page load time and a great user experience.

You must understand the different types of SEO, which search engine advertising your website will need, and how to execute the SEO strategy that works for you.

SEO Cost Per Month

How much do SEO services cost?

SEO cost will vary depending on the following:

  • The SEO Type You’ll Need – local or nationwide SEO,
  • Your Business Niche,
  • How competitive your niche is,
  • And the type of website.

However, quality SEO will cost between $100-$250 an hour if you hire an SEO consultant. If you hire an SEO agency from the US, expect to pay between $900 and $1,400 per month for SEO services.

The cost for SEO will also depend on how big or small your business is, how complex your website is and how competitive your niche is.

You’ll also find cheap SEO services online for as low as $99 per month.


Hiring an SEO for $100 – $250 an hour will appear very expensive until you hire a cheap SEO company and find out you’ve got a mess in your hand that you must fix. Doing so will be more costly than if you had hired a professional SEO company in the first place.

Choosing an affordable SEO company for your marketing campaign is in and of itself very tricky and quite challenging.

We know you want to save as much money on SEO marketing as possible. Because of your focus on low SEO prices, you might get tempted into hiring a search engine optimization company based on their cheap SEO prices.

But before you do that, we highly recommend that you watch Maile Ohye’s advice on ‘How to hire an SEO’ before you get burned by a cheap SEO company.

Some SEO freelancers will give you a long list of SEO features (most of them are obsolete) they offer to entice you and trick you into signing up with them.

Mobile First Indexing

On March 26, 2018, Google began to roll out Mobile-first Indexing to give website owners time to move their content to a mobile version to cater to their mobile audience.


Google saw that most of the searches performed using Google were from smartphone users. If you want your website to rank on Google, you need to adapt and embrace mobile-first indexing.

Be in the know

  • The number of smartphone users in the United States will reach 364.2 million in 2040 (Statista),
  • Approximately 47% of web traffic in the US originates from mobile devices (Source: Statista)

Hiring an SEO expert to do all the leg work for you and optimize your website for mobile-first indexing makes sense and is a sound business decision.

We will assign you a professional SEO who will:

  • Work hard applying Mobile-First Indexing best practices,
  • Execute post-pandemic SEO know-how and the latest ethical SEO techniques,
  • Help your organization yield long-term gains from SEO and prosper.

Thinking Of “Do It Yourself SEO”

Are you thinking of DIY SEO (do-it-yourself SEO) using a DIY SEO tool to save money on your SEO campaign because of the high cost of SEO?

It is feasible to try DIY SEO and save lots of money on SEO management services. By doing SEO yourself, can you ensure you follow SEO best practices and make your website more visible to Google and potential customers?

DIY SEO cons outweigh the pros of doing SEO yourself.

Let us first share with you the following 9 CONs of do-it-yourself SEO before you kick-start the challenging journey of doing SEO yourself (partial list):

  • SEO is a very challenging task and requires a lot of time,
  • Learning SEO can be frustrating – You can learn SEO. Still, getting search engine optimization under your belt will take several months to a few years,
  • You’ll need some SEO expertise – You can hurt your website and business if you don’t have the SEO expertise to do SEO right,
  • Filter out misleading info about SEO – Sifting through misleading and outdated information about SEO and sorting the wheat from the chaff is a chore,
  • The need for basic SEO knowledge – Have some basic SEO skills, and know how search engines work and how they rank websites,
  • Know the SEO best practices – Be aware of search engine optimization techniques and how to execute SEO best practices
  • Recognize SEO ranking factors – Be aware of Google’s 200+ ranking factors that will influence your page’s position,
  • Be attentive to updates – You’ll need to stay vigilant and on top of Google’s constant algorithm updates and know where and when to make changes accordingly,
  • Learn SEO – Do you have the time to learn how to do SEO yourself and run your business simultaneously?

That is why hiring an SEO expert or an SEO consultant from BuzFind is a good and sound decision you could ever make for your business.

Got time for further good reads about SEO services?

Beware of SEO Promises And Marketing Claims

Beware Of SEO promises and claims from some affordable SEO companies and freelancers.

Post-Corona virus pandemic, search engine optimization has become highly competitive; thus expensive for some business owners looking to forget the pandemic and get back to business.

Even BuzFind has its share of a barrage of emails and calls from the so-called affordable SEO companies with big promises and claims that are too good to be true.

So before you hire an SEO and fall prey to their lies, let us share with you some tactics they will use to entice you into hiring them.

Monthly SEO Packages

When it comes to search engine optimization, there is no set price. But the price you would pay for your marketing endeavor would depend on your marketing goals and budget.

Some companies offer monthly SEO packages, while others charge by the hour.

Don’t want to spend any money on search engine optimization? Then the only viable solution would be DIY SEO.

Have you seen SEO packages similar to the one you see below?

SEO Monthly Packages
Buyer Beware Of “SEO Packages”

Believe it or not, this so-called affordable SEO package does exist.

Can you notice the problems with this search engine optimization package? Here are what we see wrong in the below monthly SEO package:

  1. Keyword Tracked: Why charge different SEO prices for different keywords tracked?
  2. On-page Optimization: Wow! That’s a costly SEO service. You pay a minimum of $2,399 per month plus a $799 setup cost, and you only get 2 on-page SEO optimization services.
  3. Technical SEO Audit: A website audit is not included in monthly search engine optimization packages. What gives?
  4. Directories Submitted: The monthly packages list the number of directories on which your page/site will be listed. Even though the directory listing scheme is still relevant, we have yet to determine which directories they will submit the page for listing.
  5. Ongoing Content Audit: As technical SEO auditing is not included, continuous content auditing is also not included.
  6. Setup Cost: With the expensive SEO cost in this monthly SEO optimization package, you’ll still need to cough up the $799 setup fee to kick-start your SEO campaign.

At BuzFind, we don’t offer monthly SEO packages because we know they don’t work. Plus, why limit you?

Be in the know.

Even if two companies are precisely the same, sell the same products or offer similar services, each company will require a different marketing strategy. Not a one-size-fits-all SEO template.

At BuzFind, we offer a customized SEO strategy to fit your business marketing needs and resources. Your affordable SEO expert will help you achieve your goals without sending you and your business to the poor house.

Let’s Examine Cheap SEO Packages

Would you pay for a car without having seen it first?

Many of our clients shared their bad experiences with their previous search engine optimization companies claiming to offer the “best SEO packages.” Only later they realized that the “most affordable SEO” cost them more than expected.

What’s sad about it is that those clients were offered guaranteed SEO services and a promise of getting their website on page one of Google.

But instead of getting top ranking on Google, they got penalized because of the shady black hat SEO tactics the so-called affordable SEO company has already implemented.

We understand you want to juice as much value from your limited marketing budget.

But in business, there are things that you shouldn’t and can never go “cheap” on; professional SEO is one of them.

SEO scammers use their SEO pricing packages to seduce small business owners with a limited marketing budget into hiring them. Making them believing they are getting the best affordable SEO services for small business money can buy.

Always remember the good old saying, “you get what you paid for,” that still holds. So beware of SEO services for your small business that cost $99/month.

Avoid falling for cheap SEO services offers and scams, or you’ll risk paying too much for search engine marketing and cost you your business.

By hiring a low-cost SEO agency that uses affordable SEO tools, you’ll get what you paid for, cheap SEO services at a very high cost.

Why Cheap SEO Services Are Bad For Business

Let us share BuzFind’s eight (8) reasons why hiring an SEO company based on its cheap SEO services is an unwise business decision.

  • Good SEO is not and should not cost $99/month,
  • You can only do a little with a low-cost SEO,
  • A cheap SEO provider will be learning and cutting corners,
  • With cheap SEO services, you won’t get quality content or qualified SEO returns,
  • With cheap SEO, the chances of the freelancer cutting corners will be high,
  • If you ever get good ranking results, they will be short-term,
  • Cheap SEO will give you SEO basics with fundamental SEO techniques. Not the professional SEO services you were expecting,
  • Cheap SEO companies (and freelancers) tend to use black hat tactics that will get your website penalized or banned by Google and other major search engines.

So now you know cheap SEO can harm your search engine optimization campaign more than help your business strive online.

Be in the know

Cheap SEO Services can turn into expensive SEO.

Some affordable SEO services will include a long list of obsolete SEO features to entice you to sign up with them. BuzFind’s search engine optimization is not about the quantity of the services but the quality of SEO.

Have you received a call or an email from an SEO services company (or a freelancer) offering you cheap managed SEO solutions with a promise of guaranteed SEO services?

If you did, contact us first and speak to one of our affordable SEO experts before you fall prey to SEO scammers.

Watch out for the “We are the best SEO company” claim.

Search the internet for “SEO services near me” or “SEO companies near me,” and you’ll be surprised by how many agencies and freelancers claims similar to:

  • We offer the best SEO packages,
  • We have the best SEO experts,
  • We offer the best SEO services,
  • We have the cheapest SEO monthly packages.

And anything with “Best SEO Provider” or “Best low-cost SEO services.”

Remember, anyone can claim to be the best at what they do. The proof is in the pudding.

Beware of “Guaranteed SEO Services” Promises

Don’t hire an SEO agency based on their “guaranteed SEO services.” Legitimate and reputable SEO agencies, like BuzFind, do not guarantee SEO results or make similar promises.

If you are looking for guaranteed SEO services, then BuzFind is not for you.

Why do you ask? Simply because:

  • We are not God,
  • We don’t control how Google ranks websites,

We only extend our guarantee to the quality of our SEO services, understanding Google’s SEO guidelines, algorithms, and the 200+ ranking factors.

Your assigned SEO consultant will employ the latest SEO best practices and ethical SEO techniques to achieve a top position on Google’s organic search results.

Conclusion About Our Affordable SEO

SEO is critical to the success of your company. With search engine optimization, your website will stand a chance of appearing on the first page of Google.

Investing in SEO – search engine optimization services will improve your website visibility on major search engines like Google and Bing.

Optimizing your website for SEO will bring the right targeted traffic to your business and grow your revenue.

You can spend less than thousands of dollars on search engine optimization.

BuzFind affordable SEO services will put your business website above your competitors in the Google search engine results page without burning your wallet.

Are you a small business owner with limited marketing resources? Then our affordable small business SEO services are for you.

What Clients Are Saying About BuzFind Affordable SEO

Google Reviews of BuzFind SEO By Clients
Google Reviews of BuzFind SEO By Clients

Affordable SEO Services: Your Questions Answered

How much do SEO services cost

The cost for SEO services will be between $100-$250 an hour. However, SEO pricing will vary depending on your website size, type, and how competitive your niche is.

What are the advantages of affordable SEO services

The 6 key advantages of affordable SEO are:

1. SEO will improve your position on major search engines like Google and Bing,
2. Search engine optimization will boost relevant organic traffic to your website,
3. SEO marketing cost is cheap than investing in Google Ads,
4. SEO optimization will improve customer experience,
5. Search engine marketing will help you compete against your competitors,
6. Affordable SEO will lead to quantifiable results and a high return on investment (ROI).

Is it worth paying for SEO

Yes, SEO is worth the investment. Doing SEO in the future might be different than today. But SEO will continue to thrive for as long as websites and search engines exist.

How Much Does SEO Cost In 2020

The average monthly retainer for SEO services ranges from $2,500 to $10,000 per month if you hire a US SEO company. SEO companies overseas may charge between $15-$55 an hour.

What Is Affordable SEO

Affordable SEO services are well suited for companies with limited marketing resources (budget). BuzFind’s affordable SEO services are not synonymous with cheap SEO services.

Where Can I Find Affordable SEO Services

First, search the internet for “affordable local SEO services” or “affordable local SEO companies” in your area. If unsatisfied with the search results, widen your search outside your city or state. Nowadays, you can achieve good SEO results without meeting an SEO consultant.

And speak to a BuzFind affordable SEO expert

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