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Page speed (aka: website speed, site speed) will directly affect your bounce, your users and your conversion rate, plus your position in SERPs (search engine result pages).

The faster your website/page is, the higher lead & conversion rates will be!

Website speed optimization should be as important as your design if you don’t want your customers to be frustrated from a slow loading website and go to your competition.

Nobody likes a slow website, including you, so offering a website that takes forever to load is NOT an option, unless:

  • You don’t want your business to position itself above your competition on search engine result pages (SERPs)
  • And you don’t mind if your would be customers click on the back button and go to your competitor instead

If you are complaining about other websites you frequently visit, your visitors could be feeling the same way. So when it comes to running a successful online business or a blog, providing quality and relevant content to your customers is not enough:

You need to provide them with what they came looking for when they need it, AND FAST!

By making your site fast, you are helping Google crawl and index more of your pages, thus help you connect with more customers.

give customers and Google what they want – a fast website

Google wants your site to load in 3 seconds or less but your customers prefer a site that loads even faster than that. If you think that a fast loading website is just a luxury, then expect your customers to go your competitor next door and buy that product or that service from them.

Your slow website can cost you time, have a devastating effect on your business reputation, and cost you money.

The faster your site is, the higher chances of seeing your page index, search ranking, and customer retention improve.

page speed – is it a ranking signal?

Do you believe page speed is a ranking factor, or are you amongst those that don’t believe page load time is a ranking factor?

Some will tell you that speed is not a ranking factor, but here at BuzFind, we say page speed is not only a ranking factor for the desktop version of your website, but it is also a ranking factor for mobile sites. – And we are not going to wait for Google, or for any other major search engines, to tell us or make it so – A ranking factor that is.

I don’t think you should wait for an SEO expert, or for search engines to tell you that web page speed is important. Why? Because it is the logical thing to do – To offer a fast website for your visitors. It is business wise to make your site load as fast as possible, or risk loosing customers

If you agree with us, then you need to take action and start improving your site speed now, or risk loosing potential customers to your competition!

“57% said they will abandon a page if its load time is 3 seconds or more”

Filament Group

offer optimal experience through a fast page load

Every second count and a page that takes 5 seconds to load is not the same as the page that only takes 3s or less to fully load.

A fast page load, with a good design, will provide an optimal user experience (UX), increase visitor retention, convert better, then boost sales and increase profit.

Let me ask you this – When was the last time you waited over 10s or more for the page of the website you were visiting to load? You probably haven’t and for a long time, but just in case you did or still do, then you must be an extremely patient person, which is a good thing right?

However, your customers might not be as patient as you, so don’t take that chance.

your hosting provider could be affecting your website speed

We reviewed many great looking and professionally designed websites where we couldn’t find any design flaws affecting the website’s slow page load, however, when we looked deeper under the hood, we found out that the culprit to the slow website page was a poor hosting server hardware & software setup, or the cheap package.

a slow page will affect your bottom line

Your customers are not only expecting your web page to load faster, but also find what they want and check out within seconds.

If you have an e-Commerce site, then it is important that your customers find what they want, ad it to their shopping cart and complete the transaction in 1 minute, or less.

For your business to be successful, you not only must optimize your site for search engines, but also focus on offering your visitors with the best user experience possible. If you only focus on SEO and not include your users, then chance of keeping your business door open will be very slim.

Make search engines & customers happy with an optimal page load.

Your site design could be the culprit of your slow page and high bounce rate

Many business owners used a content management system (CMS) to design their website (or hired someone), which is a great way to save money, but one problem we often see is that the CMS used was left with its default settings, thus, the techniques to make the CMS fast and SEO optimized were not implemented.

recommended page load time

Sometimes, it is just darn difficult to score a 100% across the board on GTMEtrix Performance Report but it is not impossible. Below is BuzFind’s GTMetrix Latest Performance Report two weeks ago. We could’ve achieved 100% across the board if it wasn’t for Google Analytics JS file

GTmetrix page speed report card for BuzFind affordable SEO services page:

BuzFind GTmetrix performance report


BuzFind gtmetrix performance report 2

Below is Google’s PageSpeed Insight result for BuzFind (Mobile and Desktop version).

As you can see, the culprit for our 98/100 for YSlow Score is the Google Analytics JS file.

Google Mobile Page Speed Insight Result for BuzFind

Google Desktop Page Speed Insight Result for Buzfind

We could’ve improved the above score by hosting Google’s analytics.js file on our server and setup a cron job to automatically update the analytics.js file, but for now, we decided to wait for some other testing. We’ll make the change and report back.

BuzFind test with ‘Test Your Mobile Website Speed and Performance – Think With Google’

'Think With Google

think with Google industry comparison result buzfind

‘Think With Google’ Speed Test Summary For BuzFind SEO Marketing:

think with Google result summary buzfind

want to improve your website speed?

In case I forgot to mention,  Buzfind affordable SEO services include website speed optimization services.

Since Google has made page speed a ranking factor or signal, it is paramount that every page of your website loads at its optimal speed or risk of loosing your top ranking, and customers.

Our website speed optimization expert will analyze your website for anything affecting your page speed load time and offer recommendations on how to make your website fast again.

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