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Looking for affordable local SEO services that will improve your business visibility in local search, bring more local traffic to your online business or local brick and mortar store, plus increase your revenue while keeping your local marketing campaign cost low?

Then partenering with the best local SEO company such as BuzFind will be the right and best decision you could ever make for your local business.

Investing in local SEO services is paramount if you want to improve your local business visibility in local search, bring more local traffic to your local store, and increase your revenue.

If the best and affordable local SEO services that can get you noticed from an experienced local SEO company is what you are looking for, then BuzFind is the best local SEO company to hire.

When it comes to local SEO, your websites needs more than keyword research, performing an SEO audit regularly, implementing a solid on-page SEO campaign and designed with optimal website speed in mind...

You need a solid local SEO campaign with a well optimized Google My Business page.

Over 80% of consumers use their mobile devices to find products they want to buy locally, or services they need, and if your business is not listed in the top position in local search, chances of visiting your local store will be extremely slim, if not impossible.

What do you think they will do if they can't find your company or store in local search?

They will find your competitor in local search, and go to them instead.

Is that what you really want?

We don't believe having your competition take your customers and their hard earned money away from you is something you would want, or see it happen.

What you want is:

  • Improve your business visibility in the local search result, and local pack
  • Bring more local business to your store
  • Increase your conversion rate and your local business' revenue

If the goals mentioned above are what you want...

Then you Must invest in local SEO services!

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Crush competition in local search through local search engine optimization

We Americans love to shop and we prefer doing the shopping part using our desktop, laptop or a mobile device. Once we find what we're looking for, we either visit the local store, or make the purchase online.

Investing in local search engine optimization, you will be helping your business better communicate with local search engines and your local consumers, crush your competitions in local search through improved visibility, and bring more free organic traffic to your business.

Looking for the best local SEO company with professional local search engine optimization with local SEO pricing far less than what other local SEO companies charge these days?

Then choose BuzFind - The top local SEO services provider in USA.

Can't rank for local search?

Local Search Result

If your competitions' businesses are showing up higher in local map, or if no one can find your business when performing a local search for something you actually sell or offer, then something is amiss about your website.

Many problems could be preventing your business from achieving top position in Google local search such as:

  • Poorly optimized website for local SEO
  • Inconsistent business NAP (name, address, and phone number) information
  • Having a virtual office instead of a real location

So on and so forth.

But don't worry...

BuzFind affordable SEO audit and site analysis services can look under the hood of your website and pinpoint any SEO problems that could be hindering your ranking on Google search results, or on Bing and Yahoo.

Local SEO Packages

Some local SEO companies will list their local SEO packages with pricing with features (some you might not even need or are obsolete such as submitting your website to 1000s local directories) to entice you and get you to sign up for their local SEO services.

Many local search engine optimization companies will have different local SEO package pricing depending on how many locations you want your website to be optimized for.

At BuzFind, we don't list our local SEO pricing because we know and understand that your business is unique, thus will require different local SEO strategies than your competitors down the block even if you sell similar products, or offer the same services.

Your local SEO package will be tailored to your business marketing requirement, and customized to meet your local search engine optimization needs.

Plus, unlike many local SEO agencies, our monthly local SEO pricing will be the same no matter how many locations you want your local business to be optimized for.

Why you need local SEO services?

For many years now, more and more of your local customers are using their mobile device to find local businesses offering a product they want to buy, or a service they need within a walking or driving distance, and if your website doesn't invest in local SEO services, those customers won't find your business in the local search, and will go to your competitor's instead.

You don't even have to add 'near me' to your search queries and Google would know your exact location and serve you with a local search result based on your inquiry and your location, starting from the closest place to you.

Here is a scenario;

  • Your business makes the best Pizza in Town
  • I am visiting your town, I am hungry for a good pizza
  • Using my mobile device, I search for 'best pizza place near me'
  • A list comes up with a plethora of Pizza shops near me

Which pizza shop do you think I'll likely visit?...

Most likely, I'll visit the pizza shop that appears on top of others in the local search, and has more positive reviews and comments.

So if your pizza shop is not listed in the local search result page, chance of me getting 2 slices of pizza from you will be zero.

Why is that?

Simple - That's because you haven't optimized your website for local SEO to improve your shop's visibility in local search.

If Consumers Can't Find Your Business Online
It Your Business Does Not Exist - Period!

Grab customers' intention through local search optimization

Local Search OptimizationGoogle is serving search results to its customers (you, me and others) based on their location. With today's increasing mobile searches, you can grab the intention of someone looking for a place to eat or a service they need at the right moment while they are driving or walking through local search optimization.

Your competition wants to get that free traffic from Google's local results and if you don't optimize your website for local search optimization, those searchers will not be coming to your business and buy from you, but to your competition's.

We make your site easily understood by local search engines

Search engines, like Google for example, will not rank you on page 1 of their local search results if they can't understand your website, what product or services you offer and to whom, and the location of your business.

Our Local SEO services will optimize your website for local search to help search engines better understand your business and know of your target area.

Your website will be optimized for local search through schema markup, proper and consistent NAP (Name, Address, Phone of your business), and semantic keywords based on your local customers search intent.  

BUZFIND local search marketing to the rescue

Our local search marketing marketing will help your business gain high exposure in local search engine results and listings, crush your local competition, boost ranking in Google+ local, and do it for less.

It doesn't matter how small or large your business is, whether you offer services or sale products, our affordable local SEO will help you attain a strong online presence using our proven and time trusted techniques.

Your local marketing agency with local SEO strategies tailored to your location

Unlike some local marketing agencies offering cookie cutter local SEO services to customers, at BuzFind, we offer local SEO strategies tailored to your local search engine optimization needs, and to the location(s) you are targeting.

Our local search engine optimization strategies will build a solid local customer base and help your small business attract more of the local traffic, increase revenue, and grow.

We get you ranked for 'near me' searches

Are you a local business looking to have your business website ranked high for 'near me' searches for your local area?

Just because your local business is optimized with on-page SEO for local searches, doesn't mean it will be found for 'near me' searches.

BuzFind's local SEO experts have the know how and the expertise needed to get local customers to your local store looking to do business with you.

BuzFind's local search optimization professional will show you ways to get the word out about your services or products to your local customers.

Choose the best local SEO company

Do a search on 'local SEO companies' and you'll be faced with a plethora of local SEO agencies in your area and a difficult decision to make as to which local search engine optimization company to hire.

You can also outsource Local SEO to companies overseas offering cheap local SEO services. However, there are many pitfalls in outsourcing your local search engine optimization campaign to overseas SEO agencies or freelancers (more on outsourcing local SEO further down) such as poor link building, SEO techniques that have been outdated many moons ago, and a promise of getting your site rank in top position instantly, guaranteed.

Best local SEO companies do not offer cheap search engine optimization services, or employ unethical SEO tactics that are sure to fail or get you penalized. They might offer offer affordable local SEO services, but not cheap SEO.

Why choose BuzFind over other local SEO agencies?

To help you make a sound decision and choose the right local SEO company, let us mention what sets BuzFind apart from other local search engine optimization companies in USA.

Local SEO Pricing Made Affordable

Depending on which local search optimization company you talk to, local SEO pricing will be influenced by your local business SEO requirements, amount of locations you want to optimize for, amount of direct competition, and the amount of citations and local links you plan to build.

Our local SEO services are more affordable than of other local search engine optimization agencies near you, and throughout the USA.

Optimize For Multiple Locations

Many local search engine optimization companies charge different price depending on the location(s) you are optimizing for. At BuzFind, our local SEO is not based on the number of locations you want to optimize for.

It doesn't matter whether you are optimizing your local business for 5 or 20 locations, the price you'll be paying for local SEO services will remain the same.

Local SEO Available 24/7/365

Many local SEO and marketing companies close on weekend or on major holidays. At BuzFind, it doesn't matter what day or time it is in your neck of the wood when you need local SEO services. We are available 24/7/365 to help you with your local search engine optimization needs, support, and answer any question you might have about SEO

Cookie Cutter Local SEO packages

Many local SEO services providers offer local SEO packages that contain similar set of services and features. Unfortunately, those local SEO packages will list many SEO features your website doesn't need such as submitting your website to 1000s of directories - But still, you'll end up paying the same high price.

At BuzFind, we do not employ cookie cutter local SEO techniques, nor template because we prefer to custom tailor your campaign for local SEO that focuses on areas your business actually needs in order to help business succeed in local search.

Thinking Of Outsourcing Local SEO Overseas?

Have you received an email, or a call from a so called local search engine optimization expert offering to optimize your business for local SEO for $99 or $200 a month?

If you did, don't worry - You Are Not Alone.

BuzFind received its share of emails and phone calls from fly-by-night SEO professionals guaranteeing to put BuzFind in the top position in local search for about $150/month without realizing that BuzFind offers the same search engine optimization and local SEO services they are trying to offer us.

It's like going to a car mechanic with years of experience offering him to fix his broken down car!

Every call and email we received were based from India by someone introducing himself/herself as John Smith, Sarah Williams.

To save a buck or two, some (not most) local SEO companies will outsource their local SEO marketing to overseas behind the scene for a cheap local SEO price, then turn and charge you over a thousand dollars a month.

Before you sign up for any local SEO company or a so called local SEO expert, you need to know of the risks you may put yourself, and your business when hiring a local SEO company from overseas.

Communication And Time Zone Barriers

Beside the language barrier, communicating with someone from the local SEO company overseas during your business hours will be extremely difficult due to the fact that mostly, the will be sleeping when you are awake, and open when your business is closed.

This will make communication very inefficient and extremely frustrating, especially when you don't speak the SEO language.

Don't Want To Get Your Website Penalized

Most of the features we were offered by the so called local SEO expert company overseas were so 90's and outdated link building scheme and tactics such as:

  • Directory Submission - We were promised to have BuzFind listed in over 1000 local directories
  • Link Building - Building links on websites not related to our niche such as restaurants, dating sites (yes, dating websites - Can you believe it?), and so on. Warning - Beware of link buying and link farming
  • Commenting - Commenting on blog posts whether the post is related to services we offer, or an article we wrote. Warning - Beware of comment and blog spamming

Poor Quality Content

We looked at a website of one of the so called SEO companies that contacted us (they asked us to visit their site and look at their portfolio), and once there, we copied two paragraphs and pasted them in Google search.

Guess what did the search result bring up?...

The paragraphs were scrapped (copied verbatim) from other website.


If you are a small business owner having difficulties optimizing your local business for local search and looking for a local search engine optimization company with local SEO services at affordable prices...

Then choosing the best local SEO company in USA like BuzFind is the best sound decision you could ever make for your small local business.

BuzFind Local SEO

We Make Local SEO Services Affordable To Small Businesses With Limited Budget