13-Steps On "How To Do SEO Yourself" for your website and save money?

DIY SEODo you want to learn about DIY SEO but..,

  • You don't have the time to read every DIY SEO guide there is about how to do SEO yourself
  • Or watch hours of search engine optimization tutorials?

Then this 13-steps DIY SEO guide on how to do search engine optimization yourself is for you, and will work whether you want to optimize your WordPress website, or optimize a Joomla! based site.

Google's Advice on Hiring A Good SEO Company (includes annotations and our own Advice)

How To Hire An SEOFinding transparent and unbiased advice on how to hire an SEO company or a search engine optimization (SEO) freelancer can often be very challenging.

You’ve just finished designing the website for your business or blog, and now, you are wondering how to hire an SEO?

Before I go ahead and talk about the advice offered by Google on hiring an SEO, and share our own recommendations about hiring an SEO company, let me be very honest..,

Google’s information on “how to hire an SEO” company or freelancer is the best SEO and unbiased advice I've ever seen (and I've seen a lot of them).

Also, let me add and emphasize one more thing about SEO..,

How to optimize for voice search

Voice Search Optimization

Believe it or not, voice search optimization idea has existed for many years now. But what was missing then were the availability of devices with built-in personal assistant technology we now have needed to tap into the capabilities of voice search SEO.

improve your site's ranking with SEO-Friendly images

Optimize Images for SEONo matter what type of website you run such as a web presence, eCommerce or just a blog, you'll find yourself using images to make your article more pleasing to look at, and enjoyable to read. In this article, I'll be focusing on Image SEO and share with you tips on how to optimize images for SEO.