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Are you looking for affordable SEO services because:

  • Your business can't be found on Google
  • Don't have the means to hire a big shot SEO company
  • Looking for professional SEO services you can afford

If you answered 'Yes' to any of the above, then your search for the best SEO services money can buy ends at BuzFind.


If your business can't be found on Google, then It doesn't exist!


Simply put, SEO, or search engine optimization (organic SEO) is the process of implementing various on-page and off page white hat SEO techniques to ensure that your website appears higher than your competition in the search engine result pages (SERPs).

Understand that if search engines can't find your business, they will not rank it, which will result in customers not calling you. That is why it is paramount that you do everything you can (using organic and white hat SEO) to make it easier and faster for the search engines to find and index your website.



Did You Know...

  • 94.5% of searches are Organic Searches while 5.05% of searches are Paid Searches
  • About 80% - 90% of the clicks on SERPs (search engine result pages) go to the top listing
  • Position 1 on SERP gets 7.11% of CTR (Click-Through-Rate)
  • Position 2 on SERP gets 3.01% of CTR
  • Position 3 on SERP gets 2.19% of CTR
  • Google holds about 81.64% of the market share
  • And that if your business is on page 2 in SERP, then it might receive less than 1% CTR

So if your site can't be found by your would be prospects and is not above your competition in Google search results, then don't expect to get clicks in SERPs or phone calls from your would be customers.

In order for your business to be found above your competition in search engines and succeed, it is paramount that you:

  • Understand the importance of SEO for your business
  • Think of search engine optimization as a sound venture and NOT as an expense
  • Stop focusing on finding the cheapest SEO packages money can buy if you don't want to see unwanted results or get your site banned

In today's highly competitive world, SEO in 2018 is more important than it ever was and it's a must have investment that requires the expertise of an experienced and professional SEO company that not only knows how to properly implement ethical search engine optimization techniques to get your website above your competition in Google search results, but also know how to attract visitors, we call customers, looking for:

  • A product you sell
  • A service you offer
  • An answer to their question
  • Or a solution to their problem


For starters, SEO, when properly implemented, will help you dominate your competition in Google search results!

I can list 100+ reasons why your business should invest in search engine optimization (SEO).


I am only going to mention the few important ones.

Affordable search engine optimization will get you found, For Less

Without a solid search engine optimization campaign, your business will be buried deep in SERPs & never to be found again.

With BuzFind affordable search engine optimization services, you'll get the same professional search engine marketing services and features conglomerate marketing companies offer to their clients, but at small business prices.

Increase your business visibility through SEO

When someone searches for a service you offer or a product you sell, you not only want your business to be found on page 1 of Google, but also above your competitions.

BuzFind affordable search engine optimization will increase your business visibility on all major search engines, and not just on page one of Google search results.

Search engine marketing will make your business Credible & Trustworthy

Your would be customers will look at your ranking as a vote of confidence, at your web presence as being a professional business, and the reviews as offering exceptional services or products.

Without a professionally designed website and a top placement on SERPs (search engine result pages) through affordable search engine marketing, your business might not be viewed as credible or trustworthy.

For more on the importance and benefits of SEO, click here!


BuzFind is a US based affordable SEO company with a focus of leveling the SEO playing field by making professional search engine optimization affordable to everyone, and not just to big companies with big SEO budget.

If other big shot SEO agencies prefer to target big accounts and not give you the same amount of time to discuss your search engine marketing needs they gave big companies, at BuzFind, we see you as a partner and not as a big $ sign. Why?... because when you succeed, we succeed.

Making professional SEO services affordable to small business is what we are all about, and getting your business found on Google and on other major search engines, while keeping the cost of your SEO campaign low, is what we've been doing for years and do best.

We'll help you trend towards the top of Google search results and above your competition, bring high targeted traffic (prospects) to your site and generate leads for less than what the competition would charge you.


Many search engine optimization firms talk about their SEO marketing using terms or jargon that only they understand, which makes things confusing for small business owner not familiar with search engine marketing to understand.

With BuzFind, you won't need to have a Law degree to understand the features that are included in BuzFind's affordable SEO services such as:

  • SEO Audit
  • Keyword Research (Semantic Keyword)
  • Competitive Analysis
  • SEO Friendly URLs
  • On-Page SEO
  • Properly Implement Optimized Anchor Text
  • Website Speed Optimization

Here's the low down on each SEO elements your dedicated search engine optimization professional will be focusing on:

BuzFind SEO Site Audit

If you already have a website that is performing poorly with search engines, then there is no better way of starting your marketing campaign then with an SEO site audit. BuzFind SEO Audit & site analysis service will allow us to look under the hood of your website for any bottlenecks that could be affecting your SEO marketing campaign and poor ranking.

BuzFind Keyword Research - Semantic Search

Unlike some freelancers with get rich quick scheme, professional SEO companies will not limit the keywords to be researched. Our SEO experts will look at your keyword list (no matter how large it is) and perform a keyword research and analysis to filter out the keywords you should not be targeting and make recommendations as to which one you should be targeting based on the topic of your page, your intent and what you want your readers or customers do when they land on the page.

BuzFind Competitive Analysis

In order to outrank you competitions in search engines, you need to learn about them as much as you know your business, if not more. Our competitive analysis services will allow our search engine optimization experts identify your competitors, analyze their SEO strategies, look at their weaknesses and strengths. Then, your dedicated SEO experts will implement a solid marketing plan by improving what your competition is doing right, and avoid what they are doing wrong.

SEO Friendly URL

Having an SEO friendly URL structure is also an important part in optimizing your website for users and search engines. We first use an SEO friendly URL checker then your dedicated search engine optimization expert will make sure that all your URL are friendly and easy to navigate by search engines and your users. If not, he/she will explain the issue at hand and make recommendations on the best URL structure for each page and once you approve the recommendations, he/she will implement the changes.

BuzFind On-Page SEO Elements Optimization

You can't have an optimized website without making sure that your website has properly optimized each of the on-page SEO element such as;

  • Writing a good page title (without spamming your keyword) and make sure it is enticing
  • Making sure that the right headings (H1 - H6) are well placed within your content
  • Properly plug in the right keywords related to the topic
  • Implement CTAs (Call-To-Action) in the right place on the copy while making it enticing
  • Write a good and enticing page description, also know as 'meta description'
  • Properly naming and optimization your images for search engine and speed (see below)
  • Properly using anchor text and its variations

Below is a screenshot showing the result of BuzFind SEO site checkup score (

BuzFind SEO site Checkup score

Note - The 1 failed check shown above (in red) is because of the few Inline CSS styles used within the template. Still, we believe passing all of the high priority checks resulting in a 100/100 score is quite good.

Properly Implement Optimized Anchor Text

Implementing Anchor text into your copy is no longer easy as it was prior to Penguin update implemented in 2012 because if not properly implemented, you can get penalized by Google.

Your BuzFind SEO professional will recommend the best Anchor type (from many) to implement within your copy to link to another topic relevant copy and not risk of having the copy look spammy.

BuzFind Website Speed Optimization

You can have all of your on-page SEO elements properly implemented within each page, good relevant content and expect to outrank your competition in search engines without thinking of optimizing your website for optimal speed because nobody likes a slow loading page, including you.

If your web page takes over 3 seconds to load, your customers will not hesitate to click the 'back' button and go to your competition instead.

Is that what you want?

Below is GTmetrix latest performance report for our 'affordable SEO services' page taken on 01-04-2018. Even though this page contains a total amount of 2483 words and 5 images with a total page size of 345KB and 11 HTTP requests, we still managed to achieve the following score:

  • PageSpeed Score: A (100%)
  • YSlow Score: A (98%)
  • Fully Loaded Time Score: 2.4s

GTmetrix Speed Score for BuzFind 'Affordable SEO Services' page

Can your dedicated BuzFind's professional SEO expert achieve the same result for your website? Yes They CAN!



We understand that there is a plethora of SEO service companies in the US and overseas to choose from, but what sets BuzFind apart from other search engine optimization companies is our belief and what we offer;

SEO Made in USA (100%)

Our affordable search engine optimization services are 100% made in USA. We never did nor will we ever outsource SEO services to companies or freelancers overseas just to save a buck and charge you an arm an a leg.

(Note: We ask that you don't contact us and ask us to outsource our SEO projects to you).

You Get Professional SEO Services, at Affordable Prices

We offer the same professional search engine optimization big companies offer, for less because believe that being a professional search engine marketing company should not give such company a green light to hike prices and make their website optimization out of the reach of small businesses.

We Are Always Open (24/7/365)

Unlike other search engine optimization companies in the US, our SEO professionals are available to help you with your site optimization needs 24/7/365 days a year, even on Holidays.

WARNING - Our support is located right here in the US, and not outsourced overseas

No SEO Contract

Because we don't believe in contracts, you can cancel your website optimization service at anytime, provided you email us at least one day before the start of the next billing cycle

We Follow Google SEO Guidelines

We follow Google SEO Webmaster Guidelines when optimizing your website for search engines, we employ only ethical (White Hat) organic search engine optimization techniques, never Black Hat SEO tactics

We Don't Employ Cookie-Cutter SEO

Our search engine optimization experts won't use cookie-cutter SEO techniques because they understand that your business is different from your competition even if your competitor sales the same exact products or offer the same exact services.

Your affordable web page optimization campaign will be customized and tailor made to match your business SEO needs, marketing requirements while still staying within your budget.


At BuzFind, we make SEO marketing easy, simple and affordable to everyone when other can't!


Because BuzFind believes that everyone should have access to professional SEO services and not just big companies with big wallet.


If you still believe you can't find an affordable SEO agency in USA with professional search engine optimization at prices you can afford without having to outsource your SEO services overseas, then you would be right.


Only if you've looked at those conglomerate SEO companies in USA that charge over $1,500 a month for their optimization services.

At BuzFind, we decided to offer affordable SEO services because we've always believed that every business, no matter how small it is, should be given the same search optimization opportunities to compete with big companies and get a top position in search engine result pages without breaking the bank.

BuzFind will lower your SEO cost while increasing your search ranking and boost traffic, for Less!


Some will recommend that you avoid freelancers offering affordable SEO and they are right! We've seen many so called SEO experts and fly-by-night search engine optimization company popping up all over the world offering affordable or low cost search engine optimization services as a trap to lure you in and depart you from your hard earned money.

However, BuzFind's affordable search engine optimization uses the same SEO techniques used by many other professional search engine optimization companies, but are a lower prices.


Cheap SEO companies or Freelancers with techniques that can get your site banned are popping up daily (and sometimes while you're sleeping) with cheap SEO packages containing a long list of features such as;

  • Submitting your site to 100+ directories like DMOZ (DMOZ closed its doors on March 17, 2017), and link farm
  • Offer you guaranteed SEO services — Only God and Google can offer such guarantee
  • A promise of getting your website ranked on page 1 of Google in 3 weeks or less - The faster you go up, the faster you come back down

If you've been approached by a search engine optimization company or an SEO Freelancer with such offers, then before you get lured in and sign up, I urge you to first take the time to check out;


call BuzFind SEO


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