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Our Affordable SEO Services Will Rank Your Website Above Your Competition

Are you here looking for affordable SEO Services to promote your website and business online, attract more traffic and increase sales?

Because of the high SEO prices SEO agencies are charging today for their SEO monthly packages, can’t afford to hire an SEO company?

You no longer need to look for affordable SEO services in the USA because you’ve come to the right place.

You’ve come to BuzFind, and BuzFind is unlike other affordable SEO companies.

As an affordable SEO company, BuzFind will give you professional SEO services at SEO pricing that won’t burn your wallet.

Affordable SEO Services By BuzFind
Can't afford website optimization services that cost $$$$? Then BuzFind Affordable SEO Services are for you.

Affordable SEO That Won’t Burn Your Wallet

In today’s highly competitive world, starting an affordable SEO campaign is essential if you want your business to rank #1 in Google in 2022 and beyond.

Without a solid SEO campaign, customers searching for your products or services will not see your business in search results. What they will find is your competitor’s business.

Is that what you want?

Don’t you want to grab more of the online opportunities through affordable SEO?

BuzFind affordable SEO can get you top ranking for less.

Get Top Rankings On Google With BuzFind Affordable SEO Services

BuzFind‘s affordable SEO services have been helping businesses with limited marketing budgets improve their search engine visibility and ranking and attract free organic website traffic we call customers for decades.

If you need SEO services but believe you can’t afford to hire a professional SEO company because of the high SEO prices you’ve seen advertised, you need to speak to a search engine optimization consultant here at BuzFind.

BuzFind’s SEO experts can get your website top ranking on Google, increase website traffic, and not go broke.

Are you a small business owner? Then check out BuzFind’s affordable small business SEO services

Importance Of SEO

According to a survey conducted in the US in November 2021, 21 percent (21%) of consumers used the internet to find a local business daily.

The survey respondents said they used the internet to find services and products multiple times weekly.

A properly executed SEO campaign will:

  • Boost your business’s online visibility,
  • Increase free organic website traffic,
  • Grow your sales and your business.
Importance of SEO
Importance of SEO for your small business

Potential customers might be looking for your business but can’t find you.

Do you know why?

Many studies have shown the following:

  • A business with no solid SEO campaign has no chance of competing online.
  • Customers won’t see your business if your website doesn’t appear in one of the top 3 search results positions.

However, a well-executed SEO campaign will:

  1. Help customers find you when they are looking for your services or product,
  2. Increase website traffic to your online business or local store,
  3. Boost sales and grow your business.

Benefits Of SEO

The SEO benefits for your business are endless and too many to cite them all here.

Let’s mention just a few of them, shall we?

1. SEO Increases Organic Visibility

Free organic visibility in the top 3 positions on Google or Bing search result page means increased website traffic.

2. Good SEO Bring Targeted Traffic

Good SEO will help your website generate targeted traffic and bring the right audience we call customers.

3. SEO Means High Return On Investment (ROI)

When an SEO campaign is done right, it will offer the best return on your investment (ROI).

4. SEO Provides 24/7/365 Free Promotion

While your small business might be open 8hrs a day, SEO is open seven (7) days a week, including on major Holidays.

5. Choose the SEO service you need

Another benefit of SEO is that you can pick the SEO service your business needs and assign a specific budget – Giving you the visibility of knowing where your money is being invested.

6. Take Your Business Online With Affordable SEO Services

Let’s say you are a local business selling cosmetics with no digital presence, paying for ads in the local newspaper, using word of mouth and referrals.

But now, you want to take your business to the next level and get more exposure, sales, and customers, both local and nationwide.

What does a business owner like you to do?

You’ll need to hire an affordable SEO company like BuzFind to put your website and business where your customers are during their search and buying phase.

7. Catch More Online Opportunities Through Affordable SEO

You already know how the internet and the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID 19) have changed our day-to-day lives, but let’s get realistic.

What will your online opportunities be like for your business without a powerful SEO campaign?

Coronavirus pandemic (COVID 19) aside, SEO continues to be a MUST-do marketing strategy and not an option if you still want to have a business.

One of our SEO experts will discuss the core components of search engines and digital marketing with you.

Your assigned SEO professional will show you how SEO links to the success of your online business and local store, and how our affordable monthly SEO service can take your business to Googledom, and not to the poor house.

Why BuzFind Affordable SEO

With many affordable SEO companies and SEO freelancers vying for your business and hard-earned money, hiring the right SEO company to help you make your business visible online and attract the right audience has become extremely challenging.

Don’t fall prey to fly-by-nights SEO providers’ scams and their claim of being the “best SEO Company,” offering “best low-cost SEO services” and promising guaranteed SEO results.

Here is why you should make BuzFind your affordable SEO company of choice.

1. Just the SEO you need

Many SEO freelancers will list hundreds of obsolete SEO features as a ruse to lure you into hiring them.

BuzFind SEO team will only give you exactly what you and your business need to achieve top ranking on Google and other search engines. No fluff, no make-belief.


Your SEO campaign will be run and implemented by SEO professionals living right here in the US. We won’t outsource your SEO optimization service to cheap SEO companies overseas to save a buck or two.

3. 24/7/365 Managed SEO Services

What good will an SEO firm be for your business if you can’t reach them when you need them the most, like on the weekend or after hours?

Aren’t you paying them $ to be there for you anyway, but they are nowhere to be found when you need them the most?

No matter what time it is in your neck of the woods, one of BuzFind’s SEO teams will be available to help you with your SEO needs, questions, and support.

4. No Contract SEO And No Setup Fees

While some SEO companies will require you to enter into a one (1) contract and charge a setup fee to kick off your SEO campaign, we have no contract or set up fees.

If you are not pleased with BuzFind’s SEO services, all you’ll need to do is email us one (1) day before your next billing date, and that is it. No questions asked – Ever.

5. BuzFind SEO Is No Cookie-Cutter

Other SEO companies will provide you with cookie-cutter SEO packages.

Our affordable SEO solutions are custom-built for your business needs, not just a standard formula. That way, you can be assured that what we are offering is what your site needs to rank well on Google.

Our talented SEO team can help you drive more traffic and increase leads and sales with a custom-tailored SEO campaign.

6. SEO Tools

While other SEO companies use affordable SEO tools (and some free SEO tools) to help promote your business online, our SEO professionals only use the best SEO tools, such as SEMRush and Ahrefs.

7. SEO Expertise

Your Business SEO campaign will not be our first SEO strategy for a small business. Our SEO experts will get your business up and running before you can google “affordable SEO company”.

8. Partnering with BuzFind

We see you as a partner, not as a customer, thus we can only be successful if you and your business are. We want to invest in you and your long-term success.

What Is Included In BuzFind’s Affordable Search Engine Optimization

Affordable Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization By BuzFind

No matter what website design platform or CMS you used to build your website, we can get you a top-ranking position on Google.

Our affordable SEO professionals have the expertise in the following web design platform(s);

Again, no matter which platform you use to design your website, your dedicated affordable SEO consultant can help.

Important Note:

Your assigned affordable SEO provider only uses White Hat SEO Techniques in your SEO campaign.

BuzFind’s affordable SEO or full-service SEO is a multi-step process that includes SEO consulting plus the following best SEO practices to improve your rankings.

For a detailed list of what is included in our SEO, check out BuzFind SEO services.

1. Website Hosting Analysis

Were you unaware that your web hosting provider could affect your marketing campaign and ranking? Your BuzFind SEO professional will look at your existing hosting’s hardware and software configuration, speed, support, and security.

2. Website Audit Services

Every SEO campaign has to start with the SEO audit of your existing website. The site audit will help your assigned SEO professional gauge your website’s SEO strengths and weaknesses.

3. Competitive Analysis Services

Here’s what a regular competitor analysis report includes:

  • Competitor research
  • Competitor SEO performance analysis
  • Competitor backlink analysis

4. Keyword Research Services

Before you start writing your article or creating a page, you must perform keyword research or analysis to know what people are searching for, their intent, and so on.

5. On-page SEO Analysis

On-page SEO services typically include the following:

  • Website audit
  • Keyword research
  • Meta tag optimization (HTML)
  • Header tags optimization
  • Internal linking
  • Keyword optimization
  • Content development and optimization (content, images, media)

6. Off-page SEO Analysis

The off-page SEO analysis will examine activities executed outside your website that affect your ranking on Google’s search results.

7. Technical SEO Services

Your assigned affordable SEO professional will look at the following technical SEO issues many websites are still facing today:

  • Site structure
  • Page speed
  • Duplicate content
  • User experience
  • Crawlability
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Security
  • Structured data
  • Interstitials (pop-ups)
  • Core Web Vitals
  • Multilingual designation
  • Google Search Console

8. Website Speed Optimization – Page Load Time

Page load time is one of Google ranking factors. Thus, your page must take three (3) seconds or less to load.

9. Image SEO

Always make image SEO part of your marketing campaign because an optimized image will offer better page load time and user experience.

Your SEO consultant will improve your website’s ranking with an SEO-friendly image.

10. URL Structure Optimization

URL structure does affect SEO. We’ll examine each page URL and recommend a better-optimized version.

11. Anchor Text Optimization

Anchor text is the clickable text (hyperlink) you see on a page and significantly affects any SEO campaign. We’ll ensure your anchor texts are relevant to the page it links to and optimized.

12. Content Optimization

We’ll ensure your content is optimized for your target audience and the search engines.

And speak to one of our SEO Experts

What Is Not Included In BuzFind SEO Services

Traditional SEO services focus on improving your business’s online visibility nationwide; other search engine optimization services will focus on optimizing local businesses for local search, and eCommerce SEO for companies selling products or offering services online.

Each type of SEO service is a different beast, thus requiring a different marketing strategy.

Local SEO

Are you a local business targeting only local customers? Our affordable local SEO services are for you.

Google My Business SEO

Google My Business SEO is also well-suited for local business owners that want to rank higher than their competitors in Google local searches.

eCommerce SEO

Do you offer services or products online? Do you want your online business or local store to attract more customers, grow and succeed? Then BuzFind eCommerce SEO services are just for you.

YouTube SEO

Got products or services you want to showcase on YouTube? Then YouTube SEO services are just for you.

Beware Of SEO Packages, SEO Services Claims And Promises

We understand you want to juice as much value from your limited marketing budget. But in business, there are things that you shouldn’t and can never go “cheap” on.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of them.

Remember the old saying, “you get what you paid for?

By hiring a low-cost SEO agency, you’ll get what you paid for, ‘cheap SEO services’ at a very high cost.

Once again, beware of the following SEO services, offers, and claims:

  • “SEO Packages” or “Affordable SEO packages” – A reputable SEO company or a professional SEO expert will never offer cookie-cutter packages because they know they’ll need to look at your website and gauge your SEO needs.
  • “cheap SEO packages” or “Cheap SEO services” – You’ll get what you pay for. A whole of nothing.
  • “SEO guarantee” or “Guaranteed SEO results” – Unless they are Google or God, there is no such thing as an SEO guarantee
  • “Best Affordable SEO Services” or “Most affordable SEO” claims – Before you think of hiring an SEO because of their “best SEO company,” “top SEO company,” and “best SEO services” claim, beware of such claims and always remember; Those are just self-claims.

Why Cheap SEO Services Are Bad For Your Business

Let us share BuzFind’s five (5) reasons why hiring an SEO company based on cheap SEO packages is an unwise business decision.

  1. Good SEO is not and should not be cheap.
  2. You can’t do much with a low-SEO budget.
  3. With cheap SEO packages, you won’t get quality content or qualified SEO returns.
  4. If you ever get good ranking results, they will be short term.
  5. Cheap SEO companies (and freelancers) tend to use black hat tactics that will get your website penalized or banned.

So now you know that cheap SEO can harm your search engine optimization campaign more than help your business strive online.

Cheap SEO Packages
Cheap SEO Packages Are Expensive

Some SEO freelancers will give you a long list of SEO features (most of them are obsolete) they offer to entice you and trick you into signing up with them.

Have you received a call or an email from an SEO company (or a freelancer) offering you cheap managed SEO solutions with a promise of guaranteed SEO services? Contact us before you fall prey to SEO scammers.

How Much Does SEO Cost

Quality SEO will cost between $100-$250 an hour (from SEO experts and SEO agencies in the USA) depending on how big or small your business is, how complex your website is and how competitive your niche is.

You’ll also find cheap SEO services as low as $99/month online.


Hiring SEO for $100 – $250 an hour will appear very expensive until you hire a cheap SEO company then try to fix the SEO mess the SEO amateur has created. Doing so will be more costly than if you had hired a good SEO company in the first place.

Before You Hire An SEO Because Of their Cheap SEO

We know you want to save as much money on SEO marketing as possible. We also know there are millions of affordable SEO companies in the USA you could hire. We can recommend some if you choose not to make BuzFind your SEO partner.

Before hiring an SEO company to help you improve your site’s visibility and ranking on Google and other major search engines, we recommend you watch Maile Ohye’s advice on hiring an SEO video below titled “How To Hire An SEO.”


SEO (search engine optimization) is a cost-effective way of marketing your business without going broke.

Thinking of Doing SEO Yourself?

You will need to learn about search engines, how search engines work, how they rank websites, and their algorithm, and then obey their SEO guidelines.

Oh, we forgot. You’ll also need patience – Plenty of it.

But do you have what it takes to do SEO yourself?

Have You Got Time?

If you do, great! You’ll be saving money.

But if you don’t, or want to focus on running your business and hire an SEO instead? We can help.

Frequently Asked Questions About SEO and Our SEO Services

You can pay as high or as low for SEO services you want to pay. But just remember, you’ll get what you paid for.

Look in your area for affordable local SEO services first. Then search the internet. But beware of scammers. Research the SEO company or freelancer first before signing anything.

Affordable SEO is just a way to optimize your website’s ranking on major search engines and implement a good SEO strategy while staying within your marketing budget.

SEO is crucial to the success of your business because most, if not all, website traffic occurs on search engines. If you want your website to be found, it must be on the top 3 positions on page 1 of search results.

SEO has become very lucrative and vital for any small business digital marketing campaign.

Google has 200+ Ranking factors to mention them all here. One of them is high-quality content, relevant backlinks, and optimal page speed.

Got more SEO questions? Check out our ‘SEO Questions and Answers‘ page.

Ready to improve your small business website’s rankings on Google, outrank your competitions and grow your small business through BuzFind’s Affordable SEO?

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Lee R AndersonLee R Anderson
18:48 22 Aug 22
I needed help and called this past Sunday and guess what? When every company was closed, Al at BuzFind answered the phone and started helping me right away. Al was very professional, courteous and friendly. If you need help with anything SEO, I highly recommend you call Al at BuzFind and tell him Leeroy has sent me and he will take good care of you. Promise!
Greg MGreg M
20:28 13 Jun 22
Al at Buzfind has done an awesome job of working with me to create a new website designed to maximize SEO. He continues to do a very thorough, detailed job as we work together to create a new website and make sure it integrates properly with our other company software. He always responds to emails quickly and does his best, day after day. Great guy to work with. I can highly recommend Buzfind!
Tara StokTara Stok
13:31 22 Aug 21
Strongly recommended if looking for a place that does SEO and website. Very affordable and excellent service. Al was very knowledgeable and really knew his stuff. He helped me find out that 411 locals were scammers. I feel very comfortable talking with Al and that I feel as if he is like a business partner.
Jill ElzaJill Elza
15:59 08 Jul 21
I am thrilled with the work Al has done for my e-commerce website. I contacted BuzFind three weeks ago and I am already seeing improvements in my ranking on Google. I highly recommend BuzFind for your SEO work. Al is friendly and easy to work with.
Christie FletcherChristie Fletcher
22:25 16 Nov 20
It is difficult to express in a few words how grateful I was to discover BuzFind. I was publishing my first book, and needed a solid website to back it up. I had NO idea about how to optimize SEO – but Al was very patient with me. He was readily available by phone, every day of the week. Not many, if any, companies can say that! Big projects like this really do take a team effort. I highly recommend Al with BuzFind to become a part of your team. Christie Fletcher/Author – Tampa’s Story
Falieu SaineFalieu Saine
17:45 02 Aug 20
We at Touba Tires were looking for a local web design and search engine optimization in Reading, PA. After many calls with many web designers and marketers in Reading, Berks County, PA, we decided to go with BuzFind. We call BuzFind on a week-end and someone answered the phone in less than a minute. We got the opportunity to speak to Al. After an hour into the conversation, and Al answering all our website design and marketing questions, we made the choice of making BuzFind our web design and marketing company. Al was very friendly, professional, courteous. Al first told me that BuzFind only focuses on SEO but since he saw that I needed a website, he agreed to also design our website for us. Al also emphasized that it is better to focus on offering the website user experience than bells and whistles, which would only make our website slow. We agreed with Al as to having a simple, fast loading and easy to use website. The price for the web design was very competitive than the price offered by other web design companies in Berks County. The website design is still in progress. If you need to have your website optimized for Google, I highly recommend reaching out to BuzFind and I can guarantee you that you will receive the best price and services you can’t get from other search engine optimization companies in Reading, and the US.
Marilyn McAndrewsMarilyn McAndrews
17:01 05 Aug 17
We looked for assistance in doing some work and contact BuzFind. We got a representative come to us in reasonable time. The rep was friendly, professional, very helpful and answered all questions and explained thoroughly any questions. Will I recommend BuzFind? Absolutely…
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