Joomla SEOIs your Joomla website ranking poorly in search engines? Our Joomla SEO services will put your website above your competition on Google search results.

There are several reasons why your Joomla website is ranking poorly on Google search results (or on other major search engines result pages – SERPs), and without a thorough site analysis & SEO Audit, finding the root cause and fix your Joomla website SEO problems could be a lost battle.

Without optimizing your website for SEO, your Joomla site doesn’t stand a chance of outranking your competition in search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

If optimizing your Joomla site for better search results and do it at affordable prices is what you’ve been looking for, then BuzFind is the Best Joomla SEO company in USA to hire!

Since we make Joomla SEO optimization services affordable for your small business, what is holding you back from starting today and getting your site at the top of search engines?

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BuzFind is a search engine optimization company in USA with Joomla SEO experts with years of experience in optimizing Joomla websites for search engines and helped them achieve top ranking on search engines for less than what other Joomla SEO companies would charge for similar services.


Choosing the right Joomla SEO company is not about hiring one that offers a long list of Joomla SEO features, but about finding a company that can implement the right organic SEO techniques and features needed to boost your Joomla speed and SEO.

Note: The more Joomla extensions you install on your site, the slower your page (and website) will become, which will result in mobile users leaving your website as soon as they arrive.


Our search engine optimization experts have the skills and years of Joomla SEO experience in optimizing Joomla websites for search engines at very competitive prices. Our affordable Joomla SEO services can greatly improve your website ranking on all major search engines, and depending on how your Joomla site was originally designed, the use of Joomla SEO extensions might not even be necessary.

We strongly believe in organic SEO and the use of ethical white hat Joomla SEO techniques and follow Joomla SEO best practices to improve your ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs), and bring targeted traffic to your Joomla site, and not what we call ‘window shoppers’.


Joomla SEO optimization by BuzFindOur Joomla! SEO optimization services include the following important search engine optimization features that can greatly improve your Joomla website for search engines and beyond.

Help You Choose The Right Joomla Hosting

Not all web hosting companies are created equal choosing the wrong hosting company for your Joomla website can actually affect your search engine optimization campaign.

Your existing web hosting could be affecting your Joomla website SEO. Our Joomla SEO experts can look into your hosting company and see whether their server setup and configuration is working against your Joomla site SEO campaign, or for it.

We’ll Configure Your Joomla Website for Optimal SEO

Anybody can install Joomla, enable SEO-Friendly URLs and call it a day. There is more to clicking some buttons and make your Joomla website SEO friendly. Knowing how to properly configure your Joomla website, what to install and offering great and relevant content is what will boost your Joomla search engine optimization campaign and make your business successful.

We’ll Improve Your Site Structure for Better Joomla SEO

Properly structuring your Joomla website for SEO is also another important aspect of improving your crawl and page indexability.

Search engine bots have something called ‘time budget’ or ‘time limit’.

What this means is that if your Joomla website is poorly structured, search engines can’t get to the important pages, therefore, will leave, go to another page, or to your competitor who possibly happens to have a better structured Joomla website, and rank him/her higher than you.

Is that what you want?

Our Joomla SEO consultants will structure your website in a way that it will make each page easy to understand by search engine bots, hence increase the amount of indexed page, and improve your site’s search results on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

We’ll Help You Choose the Right Joomla Template

Not all Joomla templates are created equal! Our Joomla SEO experts can help you choose a lean template to use for your Joomla website that is built with speed and SEO in mind, and not bloated with unnecessary bells and whistles that serve no purpose, except making your Joomla website slow.

If you prefer having a template customized specifically for your Joomla website, we can also design for you a Joomla template from scratch.

Your Joomla SEO Starts with BuzFind’s Keyword Research

You can’t just insert content willy nilly without performing keyword research first and expect to have an optimized Joomla SEO website. Keyword research is the cornerstone of the success of your Joomla SEO campaign.

You pick the wrong keyword to target and you’ll have the wrong crowd visiting your site. We call that crowd the ‘Window shoppers’ crowd.

Keyword research will help you choose the right keyword, or keyword phrase (long tail) for your niche to focus on (for each page) which will result in bringing the right traffic to your site and improve sales.

We’ll Optimize Your Joomla Website by Properly Implementing On-page SEO Elements

  • Properly optimizing your Joomla website with on-page SEO will definitely improve it ranking. Our Joomla SEO professionals will:
  • Rewrite your page title to improve ranking on SERPs
  • Add optimized heading (H1 – H6 if missing) or rewrite your existing headings for better ranking
  • Optimize your images for faster page load and SEO (with optimized Alt and title tags, file name optimized for SEO)
  • Write proper Anchor text
  • Optimize internal links to increase page indexed and improve UX (user experience)
  • Rewrite your page description to entice potential customers to click on your link on SERPs, and not your competition

We’ll Improve Joomla Site Performance

Site speed is another important ranking signal that can make your Joomla website SEO campaign even more successful, or break it all together. Optimizing your Joomla website for speed with:

  • Boost your site ranking in search engine result pages of Google, Bing and Yahoo
  • Increase customer retention
  • Improve conversion rate
  • and finaly, increase sales.

We’ll Help You Write Great & Relevant Joomla Content

Offering quality and relevant content is another extremely important key to optimizing your Joomla website for SEO.

You provide us your content and our Joomla SEO experts will turn it into an optimized version that will make search engines and your users happy they stopped by and read what you have to say.

Or, our SEO copywriter experts can craft a content that is tweaked for optimal Joomla SEO (at an additional cost)

We’ll Fix Joomla Technical SEO

To optimize your Joomla website for SEO and speed, we’ll also look at any technical SEO your Joomla website may be affected with, and recommend and fix them for you

Our Joomla SEO experts are standing by and ready to help you with your Joomla SEO campaign needs.

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BuzFind – THE Best Joomla SEO Company in USA

We Make Joomla SEO Services Affordable to Small Business!

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