How To Rank Higher On Google?


Every business owner who has a website want to know ‘how to rank higher on Google fast?’. If you are looking for ways to improve your small business google search ranking and do it fast, then I dedicate this post to you.

Getting your website to the top of Google fast is possible but depending on which route you take to improve your Google search ranking, the result of your campaign might be positive but temporary, or a long road but a long lasting one.

Before I continue talking about how you can rank your small business website higher on Google and fast, I want to make one thing very clear: Good SEO takes time and top ranking doesn’t happen over night.


At BuzFind, our SEO experts believed for some time now that ‘all roads lead to page one of Google, however, the position attained by your business and how long it will keep such high position will depend on which road your business took to trend towards the top of Google, and above the competition.

We are often asked ‘How fast can you get my website on Google?’ when approached by a new potential client. Because our site optimization professionals have years of experience in search engine optimization (SEO) and are used to these type of questions, therefore, their answer has always been:

It is not about how fast we can get you on page 1 of Google, but it’s about how fast can you start a search marketing campaign to improve Google search results, make profit and grow your business?

Optimizing your small business website for search engine takes stills, time, and a lot of patience and focusing on the time alone might push you to only focus on implementing techniques that are not well accepted by search engines. In the SEO world, those unethical marketing tactics are called ‘black hat SEO’ which is something we highly do not recomment you even thing about them for a moment.


When it comes to optimizing your website for search engines, you have two options available and depending which one you choose, your top ranking might last for a very long time, or last for a shot moment and then possibly lead to penalties from search engines, or getting your site banned.

In order to get your page top position on Google in the shortest amount of time possible, some search engine marketing consultants, or overseas SEO optimization company, might employ untethical techniques called ‘Black Hat SEO’.


Black hat SEO is the use of what some call unethical search engine optimization techniques and tactics which goes against any search engine guidelines, in order to try to game search engines and achieve top position. These black hat marketing techniques tend to focus more on search engines, than visitors.

Black hat search engine marketing techniques are mostly used by those wanting to attain high return on their investment (ROI) quickly.

Note that choosing this route might get you top ranking within 24hr or so, however, it might get your site banned by Google, Bing or Yahoo.

BuzFind and its search engine marketing experts do not believe in Black Hat SEO nor use unethical marketing techniques, therefore if you are looking to get your website top ranking and do it fast, then we believe that BuzFind is not the right search engine marketing company for you.

REMEMBER – The faster you get to the top, the fast you’ll get back down to the bottom.


To BuzFind’s search engine optimization professionals, white hat SEO means that the search engine marketing company will focus on the audience first, and search engines second. Our search engine optimization services employ ethical website site optimization techniques, strategies and tactics and follow search engines guideline to help get your business top ranking on search engines result pages (SERPs).

Using white hat SEO techniques might seem as a slow process to achieve your goal, however, the results are usually long lasting.


Many businesses believe that if they can get their website listed on position 1, 2 or position 3 on Google search result, customers will be flocking to their local store or online business, but the truth, you can be on position 0 and customers might still end up going to your competitor’s instead.

After entering their search query and hitting that enter key, customers will be presented with a page listing search result search engines believe match users query based on their intent. When choosing which link customer should click on and visit the website in question, your potential customers will look at to important information, the title and the page description.

If your competition is on position 3, and your website is on position 1 of Google search result, you would think that he or she will be clicking on your link because you are on top of your competition

However, this is not always true. If for example your customers website, who happened to be on position 3 on Google, has a well written and enticing page description, while your site’s page description doesn’t provide a clear information on what the page is about, and is not enticing, the customer will in fact click on your competition, and not your link.


Without the use of black-hat strategies, there is no sure fay to get your page ranked higher quickly. I know this is not the answer you wanted to hear but it is the truth. It doesn’t meant you should stop doing SEO though. Just because you can’t rank high today, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible to rank high tomorrow or a month from now.

Sometimes, it is not always about ranking the page you want ranked high on Google, but about starting with the page that is ranking well right now for a long tail key phrase, instead of the one with a two or three keyword phrase.

So why not focus on providing quality copy related to users query first and keep your readers interested and coming for more, and search engines will follow suit.

If for some reason you still want to get your keyword ranked high and fast and decides to implement unethical techniques, know that the penalties of doing so will be severe and long term.


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