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You can’t optimize your website for search engines without performing website review first (on an existing site of course).

Every site analysis process is different from one SEO company to another. Now that you’ve got the chance to view our website analysis services, let’s share with you our website analysis checklist your website review professional will use to analyze your site for anything that could be hindering your road to a higher ranking, increased traffic and revenue.

Google ranking - Are you on top or on the bottom?

Please note that our website review is performed by real site analysis professionals, and not just one of many site audit tools available online, for free or paid.

Your website review specialist will look at the following areas of your site;

  • First Impression – First impressions matter and your site has seconds to either make your visitors wanna stay, or click that ‘back’ button and go to your competition instead
  • Penalties – Has your site suffered any penalties from Google and of so, which penalty your site got hit with?
  • Mobile Friendly – Is your website Mobile Friendly and will it pass Google’s Mobile Friendliness test?
  • Site Structure – Are your URLs SEO friendly or your site structure making it too hard for search engine bots to crawl and index your pages?
  • 404 Errors – Does your website have any 404 error status code and if so, are you directing and directing them properly?
  • www vs non-www – Which version your website is using www or non-www and are you redirecting them properly
  • HTTPS (SSL) – Is your website using SSL and if so, is it resolving properly to the https version?
  • Language – Are you using language declaration properly? If not, you should!
  • Frames – Is your website using Frames? If so, you should not
  • Robots.txt – Is your Robots.txt file properly written and optimized?
  • Keyword – Are you targeting the right keyword based on users’ query and search intent, or just pulling them out of a hat?
  • CTA – Have you implemented Call To Action (CTAs) and if so, are they well written and will they entice your potential customer to click on it?
  • Hosting – Is your hosting company affecting your ranking and overall SEO? our site analysis will tattletale on them
  • Title Tags – Are your title tags missing, poorly written or duplicated?
  • Heading (H1 – H6) – Are your pages missing Heading tags like H1, H2, H3 and so on? If not, are they properly implemented and optimized for improved SEO?
  • Missing meta description – Are any of your pages missing meta description? If not, are your page meta description written in a way that will entice your potential customers to click on your link, instead of your competition, on the search engine result pages (SERPs), and boost your click through rates (CTRs)?
  • Duplicate Content – Do you have duplicate content in the body, headings, page descriptions, titles?
  • Thin Content – Does your page have low word count, also known as ‘thin content’
  • Page Speed – Does your page load fast or is a snail faster than your site? Your design or hosting could be the culprits?
  • Images – Are you images optimized for search engines and improved site speed?
  • Broken Links – Is your site riddled with broken links (Internal and External)?
  • Inter-Linking – Are you inter-linking your pages and if so, how are you linking them to make one compliment the other?

The above is just a summary of our detailed SEO checklist your website review specialist will be using to find anything hindering your site’s ranking, traffic and conversion.


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