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Get WordPress SEO Services From A WordPress SEO Expert

Are you looking for WordPress SEO services that will rank your WordPress website above your competitors in Google search without burning your wallet?

If that is the case, your search for WordPress SEO services stops here at BuzFind.

BuzFind is an affordable SEO company offering WordPress SEO at prices your small business can afford.

Search engines are the primary source of website traffic, and optimizing your WordPress site for SEO will boost your online business visibility.

WordPress SEO Services
WordPress SEO Services You Can Afford

Suppose you want potential customers to find your WordPress site in Google search results when looking for a service you offer or a product you sell.

In that case, you need WordPress SEO services from a trusted WordPress SEO agency with decades of experience optimizing WordPress website like BuzFind.


Search engine optimization can significantly help you grow your small business if you implement a strong SEO campaign with high-quality and relevant content.

WordPress is a powerful SEO-friendly CMS (content management system) you can use to build your website. But WordPress itself, plus WordPress SEO plugins, won’t help your WordPress-based website rank on Google or Bing.

To do that, you’ll need to either:

  • Have WordPress SEO skills and the experience needed to optimize your WordPress for search engines and your targeted audience yourself, or
  • Hire a WordPress SEO agency or a WordPress SEO consultant from BuzFind to do the leg work for you.

BuzFind’s WordPress SEO experts have optimized WordPress websites since the popular CMS (content management system) conception in 2003.

When you hire BuzFind for your WordPress SEO optimization, you’ll be assigned a WordPress SEO Consultant who:

  • Is knowledgeable in WordPress CMS,
  • Has decades of experience in optimizing WordPress for SEO,
  • Is abreast of on-page SEO techniques for WordPress,
  • Has a deep understanding of how search engines work,
  • Will follow SEO best practices of WordPress,
  • Is aware of Google’s SEO guidelines,
  • Knows how to write SEO-friendly URLs for your WordPress site to boost Google ranking.

Your dedicated WordPress SEO expert will put in place proven WordPress SEO strategies that:

  • Will help your website outrank your competitors in search results,
  • Increase and attract real traffic: we call customers to your online business or local store.

Moreover, your WordPress SEO specialist from BuzFind will optimize your WordPress website for lesser SEO pricing than what many other WordPress SEO companies charge.

What Is WordPress SEO

WordPress SEO, also known as WordPress SEO optimization, is the process of optimizing your WordPress-based website for your audience and search engines by employing ethical on page SEO techniques combined with SEO best practices.

When adequately executed, WordPress SEO will:

  • Improve your local ranking on Google,
  • Drive organic traffic to your website,
  • Generate leads,
  • Increase sales and grow your business.
What Is WordPress SEO
What Is WordPress SEO

The reason your competition is outranking you in Google search is because they are doing WordPress SEO.

If you don’t get on the bandwagon with WordPress SEO optimization, your small business will be no where to be seen on Google and Bing.

Not investing in SEO services for WordPress will be like handing over your customers to your competitors and close your business willingly.

Is that what you want?

Get on the WordPress SEO bandwagon and start reaping the rewards of your well optimized WordPress site now!


Your WordPress SEO consultant is waiting for your call.

What Is Included In BuzFind WordPress SEO Services

BuzFind WordPress SEO services have strong marketing capabilities that will attract relevant traffic and increase leads. If you play your cards right, those leads will convert into sales.

Our WordPress optimization includes but is not limited to the following:

WordPress SEO Audit

Competitive Analysis

Without a full WordPress SEO audit, no WordPress search engine optimization can be complete. An SEO audit of your WordPress site is a comprehensive analysis of your website against the 200+ ranking factors.

A WordPress site audit will allow your assigned WordPress SEO consultant to look under the hood of your site for any SEO weaknesses and strengths. Your trusted WordPress SEO expert will look for the following possible optimization issues such as:

  • Broken links (404 error pages),
  • Installed but outdated WordPress SEO plugins and themes that might be slowing down your WordPress site,
  • Whether or not your WordPress site is SEO and user-friendly,
  • How fast or slow it takes for each page to load,
  • Weak points affecting your brand visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs),
  • WordPress tags SEO
    The on-page SEO and off page SEO techniques you’re implementing

Once the SEO audit of your WordPress website is complete, your WordPress optimization expert will share with you the following:

  • A comprehensive site audit report,
  • Offer recommendations and WordPress SEO tips that, once implemented; your WordPress will rank higher on Google and other major search engines.

An SEO-friendly CMS like WordPress and WordPress SEO tools like Rank Math alone is not enough to get a top Google ranking.

For your WordPress site to get on the first page of Google, you’ll need to know your competition better.

The competitive analysis is paramount to the success of your SEO campaign and goes hand in hand with WordPress SEO.

Competitive analysis will give you the means to learn about how your marketing rivals:

  • Have put in place SEO techniques that are helping their WordPress-based website achieve top-ranking,
  • How they are generating traffic,
    What are their top pages,
  • Their SEO strategy,
  • and so on.

Knowing your competition’s WordPress SEO optimization strengths and weaknesses will give you a distinct advantage.

Your BuzFind WordPress SEO agency’s dedicated WordPress search engine optimization expert will:

  • Identify your competitors within your niche,
  • Analyze their SEO strategy,
  • Help you take advantage of their WordPress SEO weaknesses.

Custom WordPress SEO Checklist

WordPress SEOThere’s no such thing as an all-in-one WordPress SEO technique. Once your assigned marketing professional gathers all the information about:

Your business marketing needs
Your available SEO optimization resources
A detailed report about your competitors’ marketing campaign

Our WordPress SEO professional will develop a custom SEO strategy for your WordPress website that will:

  • Boost your brand’s visibility on search engines,
  • Attract more free organic traffic,
  • Increase sales and grow your business.

Keyword Research

Are you targeting the right keyword?

Our experience shows that many WordPress site owners believe they are not using the correct keyphrase to target. We have found that 75 percent are not ranking because they target the wrong word phrase(s).

Keyword research is the process of researching, finding, and implementing keywords relevant to your products and services your potential customers are using for their search queries.

  • Your WordPress SEO expert will ensure that each page targets the keyword(s) that:
    Will improve your page visibility in search results,
  • And attract loads of customers to your website.

Content Optimization

Content optimization for Best SEO WordPress results.

You can have a 20,000-word page, and you will still not rank.

Your assigned SEO provider will look at your content and ensure it is relevant to the keyword and the target audience.

Making your page content more relevant and attractive to your potential customers will result in the following:

  • Strengthening your brand visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs),
  • Attracting real customers looking for your products or services

Again, content optimization for users and search engines will influence how your WordPress website ranks in organic search results.

Your SEO specialist will look at your web copy and offer recommendations to optimize your copy for the search queries performed by your potential customers, achieve top Google pagerank and get a big piece of the traffic from Google..

Title Tag Optimization

Title tag optimization of all your WordPress pages and posts.

Title tags are one of the most critical parts of your SEO marketing strategy. A title tag will let search engines know what audience you’re targeting.

Poorly written title tags make it difficult for search engines to rank your page in the top position. Moreover, keyword-stuffed title tags make it hard for search engines to include your page in their search results.

Search engines are intelligent and can guess, but don’t play the guessing game!

If search engines can’t read and understand your page title, they will have difficulty deciding where to place your page on SERPs.

Our WordPress SEO optimization experts have been optimizing WordPress websites for SEO for over two decades. They know what an optimized title tag should be and which titles to avoid.

Our search engine marketing professional will help you write more enticing and relevant title tags to attract organic traffic and increase your click-through rate (CTR).

WordPress Permalink Optimization

Get the Best WordPress Permalink Structure for SEO.

Your SEO campaign cannot be successful and complete if your WordPress permalink (also known as a ‘slug‘) is poorly written.

Creating an SEO-friendly and short URL (permalink) will help you improve your WordPress SEO and boost your organic search visibility.

Your BuzFind SEO professional for WordPress will help you:

  • Choose the best permalink structure,
  • Have a short SEO-friendly URL structure for every page,
  • Use the proper permalinks within your WordPress backend,
  • If necessary, rewrite your page URL to make it more search engine friendly,
  • Ensure you encrypt your WordPress site with an SSL certificate. If they are not, a search engine consultant will install and configure an SSL certificate on your WordPress site.

Here is an example of a short and optimized WordPress permalink:


Image Optimization For WordPress

Image optimization for WordPress, also known as image SEO, is the process of optimizing each image for your audience and search engines.

Including images within your content will help you make the page load faster and less tedious. However, inserting images won’t improve your WordPress search engine optimization campaign.

BuzFind affordable WordPress SEO company will partner you with an image SEO expert who will:

  • Resize (image dimensions) your images before adding them to your content. Doing so will improve page speed,
  • Ensure your image is mobile-friendly,
  • Custom image file name – This will improve your WordPress search engine marketing campaign,
  • Help you write an SEO-Friendly Title, Alt text, and image description – Again, this is for SEO,
  • Choose the proper image format (PNG, JPEG) – This will affect your page load time,
  • Compress your images before uploading them – This will also improve your site speed (page speed),
  • Place all the images in a custom folder within your WordPress site for better file structure,
  • And finally, add your images to your WordPress sitemap

On Page SEO For WordPress

Your assigned WordPress SEO will ensure that every page has optimal on page SEO elements before we publish the page.

The on-page factors include but are not limited to:

  • Writing short and descriptive WordPress URLs,
  • Writing keyword-optimized and enticing page title tags,
  • Optimizing your WordPress page description,
  • Optimizing your WordPress page speed,
  • Including compelling Heading (H1-H6),
  • Optimizing page content,
  • Including links to relevant pages within your site using a variety of optimized anchor text,
  • Implementing Image SEO techniques,
  • Including external links to relevant and authoritative websites,
  • Choosing the right hosting provider that offers optimal speed and so on,

WordPress Schema Markup

WordPress Schema Markup Implementation.

What is Schema Markup?

Schema markup is the structured data that help search engines understand what your page is trying to convey to your audience.

What are “Rich Snippets?”

Rich snippets are snippets you see in search results. Rich snippets offer more details about your brand, products, or services.

Your assigned WordPress SEO consultant will implement schema markup and rich snippets to;

  • Make your WordPress site stand out in search engine results pages (SERPs),
  • Outrank your competition in Google search results,
  • Achieve a higher click-through rate (CTR),
  • Drive more organic traffic to your WordPress site.

WordPress Speed Optimization

No one likes a slow website, including you.

There are endless factors that will affect the speed of your WordPress-based website.

Slow site speed factors include but are not limited to:

  • Your hosting company: Your web hosting company and package can negatively affect your WordPress site’s ranking on major search engines,
  • The WordPress Theme: The WordPress theme you’re using (poor design, bloat) could affect your SEO and page speed,
  • The WordPress page builder: The page builder you are using could also impact your page speed,
  • Visitors’ Location: Your visitors’ physical location and Internet connection speed can influence page load time,
  • Image dimensions and type: The image type, image dimensions, and file size of the image(s) you’re using in your article,
  • Plugins: WordPress Plugins you install could influence your SEO and website speed. It is not the number of plugins that affect your page speed but the bad plugins you install. Note; It is still better to only install the plugins you need,
  • WordPress Bloat: The bloats after each WordPress installation plays a role in your SEO campaign and site speed.

A slow WordPress website will:

  • Result in poor ranking (brand visibility),
  • Lower your revenue,
  • Decrease customer retention,
  • Increase bounce rate,
  • Decrease click-through rate (CTR), and so on.

Achieving optimal WordPress page load time should be one of your priority. Optimal page speed will improve your marketing campaign, boost your site’s ranking and offer an exceptional user experience.

Remove WordPress Bloat

Congratulations for using WordPress to power your website.

While WordPress is SEO-friendly, the installation adds a lot of bloats.

Go ahead and install WordPress (from wordpress.org of course). After the installation is complete, log in and look at WordPress admin and you’ll be faced with ‘information overload.’

Still, compared to other web design tools like Squarespace and Shopify (for eCommerce), WordPress (and Joomla!) is the best free and most SEO-friendly platform to use.

How do we know that?

Simply because we have year of expertise in using the above mentioned CMS and more.

WordPress Bloat can kill your site’s performance and works against your WordPress SEO.

As an open source CMS (content management system), WordPress is running a quarter of the websites you see today.

Speeding up websites is important. Not just for website owners but all visitors.

Page speed creates happy customers and major search engines.

Our SEO optimization experts considered page speed in optimizing websites for search engines before Google made site speed a ranking factor.

Your assigned SEO consultant will look at your WordPress page speed report and remove all the bloatware and tweak your WordPress speed further and make your site fast again.

With BuzFind WordPress SEO, you’ll get a fast and SEO optimized website.

Stay On Top Of Google Updates

Your BuzFind search engine specialist will keep up with the latest of Google algorithm updates.

Google has over 200+ ranking factors and sometimes updates its search engine algorithm 150 times per month.

Your WordPress site will be left behind if you don’t keep up with the updates and implement the latest changes.

Keeping up with all of Google updates is in and of itself very challenging.

But fear not!

Your WordPress SEO expert can do the leg work of ensuring that your website employs the latest updates (SEO algorithm updates from Google and Bing).

Monthly WordPress SEO Review

Your assigned search engine expert will perform monthly SEO review.

We’ll email you a quarterly SEO report detailing the following:

  • Your website ranking on Google,
  • The keywords your WordPress site is ranking for,
  • WordPress SEO tips we recommend to tweak your SEO campaign further,
  • And much more.

Then make the necessary changes to keep your WordPress site trending to the top position of Google page 1.

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WordPress SEO Optimization FAQs

Below are questions we frequently get from people that reach out to us about WordPress SEO optimization.

Why SEO is important for WordPress?

WordPress SEO will help boost your Google ranking and increase free organic traffic to your website.

Is WordPress good for SEO?

The answer is yes! WordPress an SEO-friendly content management system (CMS) that provides a strong SEO foundation when used right.

Which SEO plugin is best for WordPress?

From years of experience in optimizing WordPress websites, our opinion is that RankMath is the best SEO plugin for WordPress.

Do you offer a guarantee for your WordPress SEO services?

There is no such thing as SEO guarantee! Legit WordPress SEO companies will never offer a WordPress SEO guarantee. We only extend our guarantee to the quality of our WordPress SEO services.

Why don’t you list your WordPress SEO packages?

Simply because monthly SEO packages don’t work. Plus, how can we set a monthly SEO price for your WordPress website when we don’t have any information about your business, your SEO needs and goals?

Do you offer Free WordPress SEO consultation?

Yes, we do! Our SEO services for WordPress come with a free WordPress SEO consultation. Just call 484-485-7929 to speak to an experienced WordPress SEO consultant.

Do you offer WordPress SEO tips?

Yes, we do! Our WordPress SEO experts can share their WordPress SEO tips that will propel your website to the top position of Google.

Will you use SEO best practices when optimizing my WordPress website?

Yes, we will! When you hire BuzFind WordPress SEO company, you can rest assured your SEO expert will use SEO best practices. We don’t employ black hat SEO tactics or unethical SEO techniques.

Got more SEO questions? Check out our ‘SEO Questions and Answers‘ page.

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