WordPress SEO Services

WordPress SEO Services


Are you looking for WordPress SEO services that will boost your brand visibility in Google search results, drive more free organic traffic to your WordPress website, and increase sales while staying within your marketing budget?

If the answer is YES, then your search for a WordPress SEO company offering professional search engine optimization for your WordPress website is over.

WordPress SEO Services

Search engines are the primary source of traffic, and optimizing your WordPress site for SEO will help you achieve top ranking in major search engines, drive traffic and generate leads.

Search engine optimization can significantly help you grow your small business if you implement a strong SEO campaign with high quality and relevant content.

BuzFind’s WordPress SEO experts have been optimizing WordPress websites since the conception of the popular CMS (content management system) in 2003.

Because of our SEO professionals’ experience and their understanding of:

  • WordPress CMS
  • How search engines work
  • And Google’s SEO guidelines
  • WordPress SEO techniques (on-page and off-page SEO)

They will put in place proven WordPress SEO strategies that will help your website outrank your competitors in search results and increase and attract real traffic to your online business; we call customers.

Moreover, our SEO providers will optimize your website for lesser SEO pricing than other WordPress SEO companies charge.


When it comes to our WordPress SEO, optimizing your website for higher ranking, and improve your brand visibility on Google and Bing search results, our WordPress search engine optimization begins with:

  • Getting to know your business
  • Learning about your competitors
  • Knowing about your website’s present SEO strengths and weaknesses through a WordPress site audit
  • Understanding your niche and the audience you want to target
  • Learning about your marketing goals and budget

Many fly-by-night WordPress SEO freelancers tout to be the best SEO providers for WordPress and promise to drive thousands of Google Traffic to your business.

One important thing you must understand is that not every traffic is created equal. At BuzFind, we don’t focus on the quantity but the quality.

When we say “we’ll drive traffic” to your WordPress website, we are talking about the type of traffic that will generate sales – Which is what you need and want.

BuzFind SEO professionals’ primary focus is to bring customers to your website, not window shoppers.


Our WordPress SEO experts know the ins-and-outs of WordPress C.M.S. (content management system) and can customize a marketing campaign that will meet your WordPress marketing goals and budget.

If you are a local business with limited marketing resources looking to target customers within your local area and are looking for local SEO for WordPress that won’t break your bank, we can get you top-position for local search.

Because we focus on providing you with the best WordPress SEO services, our SEO optimization services will always be put in place by our in-house SEO professionals living right here in the U.S.A.

We’ve never, nor will we ever, outsource our WordPress SEO to overseas freelancers or digital marketing agencies.

Call BuzFind to speak to a WordPress SEO expert today and start optimizing your WordPress website for SEO and users.

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An experienced professional WordPress optimization services provider is ready to help.


WordPress search engine optimization is essential for enhancing brand visibility and growing organic traffic to your online business.

If you are serious about:

  • Helping potential customers to find your business online
  • Drawing more customers to your website
  • Expand your business’s reach to potential customers outside your local Increase sales and grow your business

Then you need to invest in WordPress SEO services and put in place a robust marketing campaign.

WordPress is SEO friendly and designed to follow SEO best practices. You must explore many more SEO techniques and implement them if you want to maximize your marketing efforts.


We will not profess to be the “Best WordPress SEO company” as many WordPress optimization agencies claim. Instead, we’ll let our clients speak by sharing with you our proven, positive SEO techniques and results we’ve accomplished.

With a plethora of SEO agencies claiming to be the “#1 WordPress SEO company”, finding and selecting the right marketing agency has become very challenging.

Professional SEO companies will never make such a claim because they know they don’t need to profess to be the best.

At BuzFind, we let our existing customers and proven positive results in optimizing WordPress sites speak about their website’s achieving top ranking once we started working on their marketing campaign.

When deciding to hire a marketing agency for your WordPress SEO optimization campaign, don’t depend on the SEO company’s claim, but at their:

  • Previous and existing SEO clients’ marketing results
  • Online reviews – by unbiased customers
  • Their SEO pricingCheap SEO packages means low-quality marketing services with unethical SEO techniques

Beware of WordPress SEO consultants promising and offering guaranteed SEO results.


With too many web design platforms and CMS (content management system) to choose from, such as:

  • Joomla – Another great content management system. for SEO
  • Wix – Very bad for search engine optimization
  • WeeblyAccording to Weebly, you must upgrade from their free website builder to “get search indexing.”
  • Squarespace – They don’t have a free plan. Has 100s of on-page SEO issues plus a lot of junk that is spewed by this site builder. Check out this “Is Squarespace actually SEO Friendly?” article.
  • Shopify – While Shopify is SEO-Friendly, its use is not free.

Our SEO professionals recommend using WordPress for SEO (or Joomla!).

Why? You ask.

Our search engine optimization experts believe that choosing the best content management system (CMS) for SEO is vital to the success of your marketing campaign.

Here are our 7 reasons why search engine optimization professionals recommend WordPress for SEO:

  1. WordPress is free – Provided you download WordPress from wordpress.org and not wordpress.com.
  2. WordPress is SEO-friendly from the get-go.
  3. WordPress CMS has more SEO-friendly Themes available than Wix, Squarespace, and other site builders.
  4. WordPress content management system allows you to take steps to improve your WordPress technical SEO easily.
  5. The WordPress content management system makes it easier to offer high-quality content and user experience.
  6. WordPress helps you to optimize various on-site SEO elements to tweak your SEO techniques further and boost your visibility in search results.
  7. The WordPress design platform allows you to take full control of on-page SEO elements such as permalinks, page title, page description, anchor text within your content, and image title and alt text.

There are many other reasons why WordPress is Good for SEO. We would need a whole page to mention them all.


WordPress SEO is more than just installing a WordPress SEO plugin, configure the plugin, and call it a day. If it was that easy to optimize your WordPress website for SEO, who needs search engine optimization companies?

To optimize WordPress for SEO, it will take more than:

  • Watching WordPress SEO tutorials
  • Installing WordPress SEO plugins
  • Doing SEO yourself and call it a day.

If it was that easy, then who would need to hire an SEO?

Our SEO consultants have been optimizing WordPress based websites for search engines for over two decades without the need of a WordPress SEO plugin.

An experienced WordPress SEO professional will not need nor depend on the use of WordPress SEO tools, such as:

Do you need to purchase the premium version of any of the above WordPress SEO plugin? No you don’t. The free SEO plugin for WordPress will suffice.

Contact BuzFind and inquire about our search engine optimization services for WordPress today.

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One of our expert WordPress SEOs will get back to you and discuss your WordPress marketing needs.


BuzFind is an affordable SEO company in the USA headquartered in Reading, Berks County, PA, with over two decades of optimizing websites, including but not limited to WordPress based sites, for search engines and users.

Our SEO professionals have been optimizing WordPress websites for SEO since the inception of this popular C.M.S in 2003.

We focus on improving your brand visibility in search results and bringing quantitative organic traffic to websites for less than what other WordPress SEO agencies in the U.S.A. charge these days.


We know that BuzFind is not the only SEO agency. But what sets us apart from other WordPress search engine optimization companies in the U.S. are:

  • BuzFind’s marketing experts have decades of experience in optimizing WordPress websites for SEO
  • We make WordPress marketing affordable to everyone while getting professional marketing techniques and features.
  • We do not outsource your WordPress SEO campaign to overseas marketing companies or freelancers.
  • We offer 24/7/365 days of SEO support. No matter what time it is in your neck of the woods, we’ll be here to answer your search optimization questions and support your marketing needs.
  • You’ll get SEO services with professional marketing techniques and features at a fraction of other search engine optimization companies’ SEO pricing in the U.S.A.
  • Our WordPress SEO consultants understand the ins-and-outs of WordPress, and how to remove all the bloats you get with any WordPress installation.
  • We have the experience of optimizing WordPress based sites without the use of Yoast SEO plugin or other free SEO plugins for WordPress.


Our WordPress SEO services have strong marketing capabilities that will attract relevant traffic; we call customers, and not window shoppers.

Our WordPress search engine optimization include but are not limited to,

1. Website Audit

No SEO campaign can be complete without performing a full website audit. An SEO audit of your WordPress website is a full analysis of your website against the 200+ ranking factors.

It will allow us to look under the hood of your site for any SEO weaknesses and strengths. One of our WordPress SEO consultants will look for the following possible optimization issues such as:

  • Broken links (404 error pages)
  • Whether or not your WordPress site is SEO and user-friendly
  • How fast or slow it takes for each page to load
  • Weak points affecting your brand visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs)
  • WordPress tags SEO
  • And so on.

2. Competitive Analysis

Just like WordPress and SEO work well together, performing competitive analysis go hand in hand and will give the means to learn about how your marketing rivals:

  • Have put in place SEO techniques that are helping them achieve top-ranking
  • How they are generating traffic
  • What are their top pages and so on

If you want to outrank your competitors in Google search results, you’ll need to get to know them better.

Knowing your competition’s SEO marketing strengths and weaknesses will provide you with a distinct advantage.

Your dedicated WordPress search engine optimization expert will analyze your competitors and help you exploit their weak marketing campaign.

3. Develop a custom WordPress SEO strategy

WordPress SEOThere’s no such thing as an all-in-one WordPress SEO technique. Once your assigned marketing professional gathers all the information about:

  • Your business marketing needs
  • Your available SEO optimization resources
  • Detail report about your competitors’ marketing campaign

Our WordPress SEO professional will develop a custom SEO strategy for your WordPress website that will:

  • Boost your brand’s visibility on search engines
  • Attract more free organic traffic
  • Increase sales by many folds.

4. Keyword research

Are you targeting the right keyword?

Our experience shows that many of the WordPress website owners believe they are not using the right key phrase to target. In fact, we have found that 75 percent are not ranking because they are targeting the wrong word phrase(s).

Keyword research is the process of researching, finding, and implement word phrases that are relevant to your products and services, and targeted by your potential customers.

Performing keyword research will ensure that you are targeting the right keyword your potential customers are searching for, rather than guessing the keyphrases you believe people are using as a query.

5. Content optimization for best SEO results

You can have a 20,000-word page and you will still not rank.

Your assigned SEO provider will look at your content and make sure that it is relevant to the keyword and the audience you are targeting.

Making your page content more relevant and attractive to your potential customers will result in:

  • Strong brand visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs)
  • Attracting real customers looking for your products or services

Again, content optimization for users and search engines will influence how your WordPress website ranks in organic search results.

6. Title Tags Optimization

Title tags are one of the most critical parts of your SEO marketing strategy. A title tag will let search engines know what audience you’re targeting.

Poorly written or keyword-stuffed title tags will make it very difficult for the search engines to understand which audience you are targeting, thus making it difficult for search engines to show your page.

Search engines are smart, but they won’t guess! If search engines can’t read and understand your page title, they are going to have a hard time deciding where to place your page on SERPs.

Our SEO optimization experts have been optimizing WordPress websites for SEO for over two decades. They know what an optimized title tag should be, and which title to avoid.

Our search engine marketing professional will help you write more enticing and relevant title tags that will attract an increase in click-through rate (CTR).

7. URL Optimization

Creating an SEO friendly and short WordPress URL will help you improve your organic search visibility.

Your BuzFind SEO professional for WordPress will help you:

  • Choose a short SEO-friendly URL structure for every page.
  • Use the proper permalinks within your WordPress backend.
  • If necessary, rewrite your page URL to make it more search engine friendly.
  • Ensure you encrypt your WordPress site with an SSL certificate. If they are not, he or she will implement an SSL certificate on your WordPress site.

8. Image optimization

Image optimization for SEO and page speed. Including images within your content will help you make the page less boring. However, just inserting images won’t improve your marketing campaign and brand visibility.

Your assigned professional SEO will help you:

  • Resize (image dimensions) your images before adding them to your content. Doing so will improve page speed.
  • Ensure your image is mobile-friendly
  • Custom image file name – This will improve your WordPress search engine marketing campaign
  • Help you write an SEO-Friendly Title, Alt text, and image description – Again, this is for SEO
  • Choose the right image format (PNG, JPEG) – This will affect your page load time
  • Compress your images before uploading them – This will also improve your site speed (page speed)
  • Place all the images in a custom folder within your WordPress site for better file structure
  • And finally, add your images to your WordPress sitemap

9. Optimizing of all on-page-SEO elements

One of BuzFind’s SEO optimization professionals will every on-page SEO elements.

Your assigned WordPress SEO will ensure that every page has optimal on-page SEO elements before we publish the page. The on-page search engine optimization elements include but are not limited to:

  • Page title
  • Page description
  • Rewrite and optimize your URLs
  • Heading (H1-H6)
  • Content optimization
  • Anchor text
  • Images
  • Internal and external links
  • And so on

10. Implement Schema And Rich Snippets

What are “Rich Snippets?”

Rich snippets are snippets you see in search results. Rich snippets offer more detail about your brand, your products or services.

Your assigned WordPress SEO consultant will implement schema markup and rich snippets to;

  • Make your WordPress website stand out in search engine results pages (SERPs)
  • Outrank your competition
  • Achieve a higher click-through rate (CTR)
  • Drive more organic traffic

11. WordPress Speed Optimization

No one likes a slow website, including you. There are endless factors that will affect the speed of your WordPress based website.

Slow site speed factors include but are not limited to:

  • Your hosting company – Your web hosting company and package can negatively affect your WordPress website’s ranking on major search engines.
  • The WordPress Theme you’re using (poor design, bloat)
  • The WordPress page builder you are using, if any
  • The physical location of your visitors and their Internet connection speed
  • The type, dimensions, and file size of the image(s) you’re using in your article
  • WordPress Plugins you install – It is not the number of plugins that affect your page speed, but it’s the bad plugins you install. Note; It is still better to only install the plugins you need.
  • The bloat that comes with each WordPress installation

A slow WordPress website will:

  • Result in the poor ranking (brand visibility)
  • Lower your revenue
  • Decrease customer retention
  • Increase bounce rate
  • Decrease click-through rate (CTR)
  • And so on

Achieving optimal WordPress page load time will improve your marketing campaign, ranking, and offers an exceptional user experience.

12. Remove WordPress Bloat Added During Installation

Speeding up websites is important. Not just for website owners, but to all visitors. Page speed creates happy customers and major search engines.

Our SEO optimization experts took page speed into account in optimizing websites for search engines way before Google made site speed a ranking factor.

Unfortunately, WordPress adds a lot of bloat once installed. Your assigned SEO consultant will look at your WordPress page speed report and remove all the bloatware to further tweak your WordPress speed and make your site fast again.

13. Keep Up With The Latest Updates

Google has over 200+ ranking factors and updates its search engine algorithm sometimes 150 times per month.

If you don’t keep up with the updates and implement the latest changes, your WordPress site will be left behind.

Your WordPress SEO expert will ensure that your website has the latest updates (SEO algorithm updates from Google and Bing).

14. Monthly Review and Recommendations

We’ll email you a monthly SEO report detailing;

  • Your website visibility
  • Keywords your WordPress site is ranking for
  • WordPress SEO tips we recommend to tweak your SEO campaign further
  • And much more

Are you ready to start improving your business visibility in search results, drive more free organic traffic to your WordPress based website, and increase lead generation?


Our WordPress SEO consultants are standing by!

WordPress SEO Services by BuzFind

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