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SEO Services For Law FirmsMany people use a search engine to find a law firm SEO services, read reviews and vet an attorney before contacting them for legal services and advises.  If you want to improve your website’s visibility and generate organic leads, BuzFind’s SEO services for law firms will help.

Think of what you did the last time you were searching for a service or a product online: Did you use a search engine to find what you were looking for?

Does Your Law Firm Need SEO?

Yes, your law firm needs SEO, especially local SEO.

Whether you are a family lawyer or a criminal attorney, you won’t stand a chance of appearing in Google search result nor compete with other attorneys if you don’t optimize your law firm for SEO.

Why, you asked?

Because your would be clients (70%-86%) are using their mobile device when seeking the help or advice of an attorney.

In addition;

  • More than 91% of people seeking legal advice of an attorney use their favorite search engines and not a phone book or newspaper
  • And 80% of potential clients will look at reviews, local information plus read recommendations before making first contact
  • About 60% of your mobile clients will visit the business’ website right right after performing their search

That is why relying solely on your recent client’s word of mouth or newspaper ads to bring more clients to your law firm, and not investing in search engine optimization (SEO) will not help your law office business get found in Google and make the phone ring non-stop.

Help Clients Find You Online With SEO For Lawyers

Your potential clients will use the same steps as you did but a different search query such as “lawyers near me”, or “Attorneys + city” to find a lawyer or attorney offices online that can help them with their legal services need.

And when they do…

Don’t you want potential clients to find you in search engines and get those free organic leads?

SEO For Lawyers

BuzFind SEO for lawyers will give you that edge back and put your business top position for Google, Bing, and Yahoo’s search results!

Grow Your Law Practice Client Base With Lawyer SEO

Our lawyer SEO will help you overcome the challenge of marketing your law practice with search engines and users, and do it at a very cost-effective way.

Your dedicated lawyer SEO professional will;

  • Give you a solid understanding of how SEO works for your law office
  • Tell you why your existing website is can’t be found in Google results or why it is poorly ranking (through our SEO audit services)
  • Then take the necessary steps to improve your law firm visibility

Not convinced you can grow your office through SEO for attorneys?

Then I highly suggest you read Chris Dreyer’s “SEO For Lawyers: Grow Your Firm With Search Engine Optimization“.

Our Lawyer SEO will not only put your law firm above your local competition, but also increase your client base by attracting more relevant traffic to your online website and local law office.

The Benefits Of SEO For Attorneys

Benefits of SEO for AttorneysThe benefits of SEO for attorneys are too many to mention them all here, however, I will only mention a few.

  • SEO is cost effective
  • Implementing an SEO for attorneys campaign is a sure way of making your business more visibility to potential clients
  • Improve your organic search results
  • Increase website traffic
  • Boost your Brand Awareness

I can go on and on about the benefits of SEO for attorneys especially when done right, but then, I will end up with a 200 pages book.

How Much Law Firm SEO Cost?

Asking how much law firm SEO cost is like asking how much it will cost you to repair your car without first looking at your car and perform diagnostics.

Just like SEO, law firm SEO is not a cookie-cutter strategy that can or should be administered to every law firm. Your law offices might only handle criminal cases, while some of your competitors only deal with family matters such as divorce, custody, and such.

Because your law office is different, your SEO needs and requirements will also be different. Our law firm SEO services are customized based on the type of legal services you offer, the audience you want to target, competitive landscape and the areas you want to cover.

Guaranteed Law Firm Marketing

Guaranteed law firm marketing (just like guaranteed SEO) is often used by unethical SEOs and fly-by-night so called SEO professional to lure potential clients into signing up for their lawyer SEO services.

Someone once said “there is no guarantee in life except taxes and death”.

This still holds true today even for SEO.

Is there such a thing called ‘Guaranteed SEO’

Find out if ligit SEO companies promise guaranteed SEO results for your law firm?

Thinking Of Doing SEO For Your Law Firm… Yourself??

You’ve probably already thought of doing SEO for your law firm yourself, performed keyword research based on law firm SEO. You might even have read books on how to optimize your law firm for search engines.

If you think you’re armed with all the SEO for lawyers knowledge, have the basic law firm SEO concepts and ready to tackle the difficult challenge of optimizing your law firm’s website for SEO yourself, know that you could be ruining your business.

We’ve seen many law firm who administered their law firm SEO campaign themselves or outsourced it to an SEO company overseas fail.

The Results Of SEO For Attorneys Gone Wrong

Doing an SEO for attorneys yourself could lead to unwanted results and will risk of damaging your business visibility in search engines all together.

What results will you see from a poorly done SEO for attorneys campaign?

There are too many to list them all here, however, I’ll only list just a few;

  • SEO Bottomless Pit – Instead of your website end up in the first page of Google search results, your website will end up in the bottomless pit of SEO
  • Banned Site – Getting something wrong when optimizing your website for search engines could get your business banned in search results
  • Wrong Keyword – As an attorney, you might think you know which keyword or keyword phrase to target in order to boost your law firm website’s ranking in search engines, however, our experience tells us that many do-it-yourself SEO ended up bring irrelevant and unwanted traffic
  • Content Strategy – We know you can write a good argument for a case, however, it doesn’t mean you should apply the same strategy to promote your business

When Lawyer SEO Is Done Right

Lawyer SEOWhen a Lawyer SEO campaign is done right, your law firm will attain a long term success by;

  • Getting you top position in search result using ethical white-hat SEO techniques
  • Reach other possible clients outside your area – Clients will drive a certain distance after reading positive reviews about your law-firm
  • Bringing you relevant traffic, and not what we call window shoppers, to your website and local law offices
  • Boost your client base and increase your revenue

When SEO for your law-firm is done right by an experienced and professional SEO company, the end result will be that you’ll be so busy getting phone calls that you might need to hire additional attorneys to keep up with the increased client base.

Why Choose our SEO For Law Firms Over Others?

We understand there are a plethora of SEO companies in USA (and overseas) offering SEO services for law firms you could choose from.

We also know that there are many SEO professional claiming to have years of experience in optimizing law firms websites for SEO under their belt. – This is not nor should be the DE-facto of choosing an SEO company for your law offices.

What sets our SEO for law firms from the rest are;

  • You’ll get professional SEO services at a very competitive price
  • We don’t employ cookie-cutter SEO strategies for any law firm
  • We don’t outsource our SEO services to overseas marketing companies or freelancers
  • We are here to help you with anything related to optimizing your law offices with search engines 24/7/365

If you are looking for an SEO company that can get you positive and long lasting search results for your law office, then BuzFind is it.

What Our SEO Services For Law Firms Include?

Our SEO services for law firms include but are not limited to;

  • Website Audit – Your dedicated SEO professional will audit and review your website for any issues related to your site’s On-Page and Technical SEO and offer recommendations on how to fix and improve your law firm website’s visibility in search engines.
  • Site Design – We strongly believe (for a long time now) offering great user experience to your existing and potential client matters and part of a law firm’s online success. Our law firm SEO expert will review your site design and layout, and offer recommendations (if any)
  • On-Page SEO – We’ll look at the status of your On-page SEO and offer solutions to improve on them
  • Technical SEO – Your site’s technical SEO issues could be affecting your site crawling and indexability, slow site speed, and high bounce rate

And much more.

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