Benefits Of SEO

Many small business owners are reaping the rewards of their understanding of SEO, the importance of SEO, the benefits of SEO, and the employment of this incredible marketing tool early in the game.

While those who saw SEO – search engine optimization as an additional cost are still wondering why their business is nowhere to be found online.

How about you?

Do you see optimizing your website for SEO as good for your business or as an additional cost that is not worth your investment or effort?

Before we understand what are the benefits of SEO for your small business, we first need to know what SEO is?

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization.

SEO is the implementation of ethical and white hat techniques to help improve your website’s (hence your business) visibility and ranking online, thereby increasing website traffic, boosting sales, and growing your business.

When properly implemented, a good SEO campaign will ensure your small business will appear higher on search engine results pages (SERPs) above your competition.

Your potential customers are increasingly probing the internet using their preferred search engine (Google/Bing/Yahoo) for a product they want to buy or a service they need.

Your small business MUST invest in SEO to remain open, attract more customers, be competitive and grow.

What Are The Benefits of SEO For Your Small Business?

The benefits of optimizing your website’s small business for SEO and your audience are endless, to mention them all.

However, let’s mention a few advantages of SEO for your business.

1. SEO Improves Ranking

With a robust search engine marketing campaign, your expensive website doesn’t stand a chance of ranking on Google or any other major search engines like Bing and Yahoo.

Why do you need top ranking, preferably on Google?

Simply because being on the first page of Google, which gets about 95% of web traffic, your chances of bringing many visitors to your site will be greater than if you were on page 2.

Again, Why on Google?

Let me mention it again – Google continues to dominate the search market, and I believe it will continue to do so for many years to come?

For now, you won’t need to focus on optimizing your website for Bing or Yahoo because once you have mastered Google SEO and got your site in the top position, getting a high ranking on the other major search engines will come automatically.

2. Good SEO Will Bring You More Traffic

As I mentioned, if your site is at the top of the search engine result pages (SERPs) and has a well-written title and enticing description, your website will receive the majority of clicks and impressions.

Note: It is essential to know that just because your website is in the top position on Google, it doesn’t guarantee that customers will click on your link instead of your competition and come running to your website.

So make sure you write the best title and description to attract them to click on your link.

3. Increase Revenue Through Organic SEO

The primary goal of organic SEO is to improve ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs), bring targeted traffic, not what I call window shoppers, to your business, and increase sales.

By adequately implementing organic SEO with good design and excellent user experience (UX), you’ll increase your chances of getting on top of your competition on Google and increase revenue while keeping your advertising cost very low.

If by now you can’t see the benefits of SEO, I am not sure how else I can convince you of the importance of optimizing your website for search engines.

4. Organic SEO Will Boost Your Return On Investment (ROI)

Organic SEO is low cost compared to Adwords & PPC. Optimizing your website for search engines through free organic search engine optimization is one of the most cost-effective search engine marketing strategies that offer the best ROI.

Recognizing that you will get something back in return for investing in search engine optimization will make your business successful.

5. BuzFind SEO Will Help You Attain Higher Brand Credibility

So what does your brand have to do with SEO? Customers usually trust companies found on the first page of search engine results pages and are perceived to be more trustworthy than the ones on page 2 or down further.

When your content and pages rank higher in search results, your chances of customers associating the product or service with your brand will increase.

Always align your SEO campaign and branding with the people who matter the most – your customers.

Importance Of SEO

Importance of SEO
Importance of SEO for your small business

Why Is SEO Important For Your Business?

Your online business or local store can’t stay open without developing a digital marketing plan in today’s business industry. SEO or Search engine optimization is a vital element of its existence today.

If you look at SEO as an additional cost for your small business and not as an investment, then your chances of succeeding online will not only be slim, they will be non-existent.

More on SEO Benefits

Customers Are Looking For You Online. Can They Find You?

As a potential customer who needs a service or a product you sell, I would use Google.

Would you want me to find your competitor and buy from them? Or would you rather have me find your website in the top 3 positions, click on your website and buy from you?

The obvious answer is that you want me to find your business on the first page, above your competitors, and buy from you.

The question remains; What are you doing to help me find you in the top 3 positions of the SERP and click on your website, not competitors?

If customers are looking for a business that offers something they need and you offer, you can rest assured that they are qualified leads.

Every Business Wants To Rank Higher

Because Google continues to dominate the search market, every business is looking for ways to rank higher in Google search results and attract more customers to their local store or online business.

Your business can only succeed in its search engine marketing campaign if you realize the importance of SEO. You will see SEO as an additional cost instead of a robust investment if you don’t.

Thinking SEO as an additional cost will be your business downfall.

Why Is SEO Important?

I am sure you have heard about SEO and read somewhere that SEO is dead or too expensive for your small business. Are those the reasons why you haven’t started SEO yet?

If you read somewhere that SEO is dead, then know that search engine optimization is still alive and will not die anytime soon.

If you thought and possibly still believe that SEO is too expensive and out of the reach of your small business, then you haven’t started SEO yet.

You probably only reached out to expensive search engine optimization companies that only target big corporations, not small business owners like yourself, looking to promote your business through organic SEO.

Reasons To Invest In SEO Marketing

Let me put it this way.

If you think SEO is not essential to the success of your small business and still see SEO as an additional cost that you can do without in today’s world of high competition.

In that case, your small business will be left behind and nowhere to be found on the search engine results.

Do you want your online business or local store website to be left to disappear into the bottomless pit of the SERPs, or do you want to be found on page one of Google and preferably above your competition?

For the sake of your business, I hope you choose the latter.

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