Answers to Frenquently asked questions about search engine optimization (SEO)

Got questions about search engine optimization (SEO) such as the ones you see below? We got answers for you!


Throughout the years, I got many questions about SEO and affordable SEO services.

I decided to create this article in order to answers questions related to search engine optimization, and to help increase your SEO knowledge so you can optimize your business for search engines and help it get top position and be listed above your competition in the search engine result pages (SERP).

1. What is SEO?

SEO, or search engine optimization is the process of optimizing your website for search engines to achieve top ranking on search engines result pages (SERPs) and get on top of your competition using what are known as organic SEO techniques.

2. How does SEO work?

'How does SEO work?' is another question we get a lot from prospects. In order for the search engines to list your website in their search result pages, it first needs to understand your website and get a good idea of what your website is about.

Search engine bots will visit your website (you don't realy need to submit a sitemap.xml file for the search engine to find you, but doing might help the process a little faster), craw and index its content and then, depending on how optimize your website is for SEO, search engines will add your website to their database to be retrieved later on by searchers depending on their query.

3. Is SEO dead?

No! SEO is not dead but still living and will continue to live for years and years to come. Optimizing your website, or web page for search engines process changes every year, however, SEO will never die

 4. What SEO stands for?

Simply put, SEO stands for 'search engine optimization. But 'what does SEO mean?'. SEO mostly focused on 'organic SEO' which is the process of getting your website listed (ethically and using 'white-hat SEO) strategies) in top position (preferably above your competition) in search engines result pages.

5. What is black hat SEO?

What is 'Black Hat SEO?'. Black hat SEO is the process of using unethical techniques to achieve top ranking on search engines result pages.

Also, black hat SEO focuses more on search engines than its counter part white hat SEO.

6. What is an SEO tool?

You don't have to use an SEO tool to promote your business for search engines. However, using an SEO tool will make optimizing your business for SEO easier and faster - Provider you choose the right SEO tool.

Remember! Not all SEO tools are created equal and you don't have to use paid marketing tools in order to have a successful search engine marketing campaign. Brian Dean, from Backlinko as a complete list of SEO tools that I highly recommend you check it out.

7. What is 'On-Page SEO'?

BuzFind On-page SEO is the process, or practice of optimizing on-page SEO elements (as opposed to off-page search engine optimization) of each web page of your website such as:

  • Page Title
  • Page Description
  • Headings (H1 - H2)
  • Reduce file size of every image
  • Optimize every image for SEO by properly naming each image to boost search engine optimization campaign
  • Include image dimensions embedded in each page in order to improve page load time

And so on in order to improve your website's ranking, increase traffic and boost your revenue.

8. What is 'White Hat SEO'?

What is 'White Hat SEO' anyway? White hat SEO is the process of optimizing your website for search engines using site optimization techniques, or tactics that fall within a search engine guidelines.

White hat SEO techniques focus more on users than search engines while still following search engines rules and policies.

When you optimize your website for search engines using ethical SEO techniques, good quality and relevant content focuses on users, your site will said to be optimized using white hat practices.

9. What is 'SEO Audit'?

SEO site audit is the process of evaluating a website for any bottlenecks that could be affecting a site's ranking and provide a report listing the SEO issues found, with recommendations on how to fix and improve their website.

BuzFind SEO audit services include the review and analysis of the following areas;

  • Technical SEO audit - This is where one of our SEO experts will look at SEO problems, such as slow page load time, 404 errors, TTFB (time to first byte), and so on
  • On-Page SEO audit - Your dedicated SEO audit professional will look at every on-page SEO elements issues, such as whether the page title is optimized, whether Headings (H1 - H6) were properly implemented, whether images where optimized for speed and SEO, and report back to you with a full SEO audit report
  • Site Review - Your SEO professional will look at the site's layout, choice of color scheme, whether CTAs (call to action) were implemented and properly laid out, whether the site offers good user experience (UX) and is SEO friendly and responsive, and report back to you

10. What is 'Off-Page SEO'?

Off-page SEO is the process of using common promotional techniques (not including on-page SEO) outside the boundaries of your website and this includes:

  • Link Building
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing

for the purpose of promoting your website and show up higher in the search engines, and preferably above your competitions.

11. What is SEO strategy?

SEO strategy is a blue print you lay out for your business SEO campaign tailored to your business' search engine marketing needs. If your SEO strategy is a solid one and is properly implemented, it will improve your business visibility in search engines, boost your website relevant traffic, improve your site's conversion rates and increase sales.

12. What is SEO in marketing?

SEO in marketing is the same as performing search engine optimization and it is integral to drive traffic to your website or business.

13. What is technical SEO?

Technical SEO is any work that is done outside the content and on-page elements optimization.

When properly implementing technical SEO, you will be laying a strong foundation for your organic SEO campaign. Examples of Technical SEO work are as follow;

  • Hosting -Choosing the right web hosting company that offers the best hardware and software setup to help improve your site speed.
  • Website speed optimization - Improve page load time
  • Images - Reduce every image file size and making sure your image dimensions (width & height) are listed within your document HTML
  • Minify CSS - Minifying CSS is the process of removing non-necessary line of codes like comments, and white space to reduce the CSS file size
  • Minify JavaScript - This is the same thing as minifying CSS
  • Combine CSS - There is the process of combining all the files used on your website into one single CSS file
  • Combine JavaScript - This is also the same as combining CSS file, but you'll be combining all your JavaScript files into 1 single file

14. What are local citations?

Local citations is when your business information such as Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP) are mentioned on social media websites, website and directories. Citations found in local searches will help consumers decide whether they want to visit your business or not.

15. What is local SEO marketing?

Local SEO marketing is the process of using search engine optimization technique to market your business for local search.

16. Is SEO free?

If by 'Is SEO Free' you mean you don't have to pay search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo to be listed in top position in organic search results, then the answer is 'YES'. However, if you mean that SEO companies offers totally free SEO, then the answers is 'NO'.

The only way to optimize your website for search engines for free is to do SEO yourself.

17. What is SEM in marketing?

SEM stands for 'search engine marketing' and is the process of helping your website or business be listed in top positions before organic results through ads in major search engines.

18. Who is the best local SEO company?

Ask any local SEO company the above question and they will swear they are the best local SEO company in USA - Heck, in the world. With too many local SEO companies nationwide, finding the best local search engine optimization company is more difficult than finding a needle in a haystack.

One think to remember is the best local SEO marketing agency doesn't have to be in your city. Plus, just because a local SEO agency is listed in your local search, it doesn't mean it is the right marketing company to hire.

19. How much does local seo cost?

SEO service prices varies from one business to another even if they were in the same niche. Some SEO companies will list their SEO pricing packages or offer cookie-cutter SEO, but here at BuzFind, we don't because we need to look at your business, your search engine optimization needs, goals and budget.

Again, at BuzFind, we do not employ cookie cutter SEO.

20. What are search engines and how do they work?

Search engines are programs or tool that enable someone, like yourself, search for a document (any type of document available on the Internet like images, videos, services, products, and so on) and use such document for your research.

See details information about search engines on Wikipedia.

21. What are search engine bots?

Search engine bots, also known as search bots or web crawlers are automated software designed by their respective search engine like Google, Bing, and Yahoo (just to name a few).

These search bots scour the Internet, index all types of content like HTML, PDF, JPG, VIDEOS, and other types of documents.

22. Can I learn SEO?

Of course you can! There are a lot of good SEO resources available online that can help you learn about search engines as long as you remember that some information about SEO are very old and outdated, many might not be true and some might implement some unethical SEO or black hat techniques.

Plus you'll need time, a lot of patience and dedication. If you already have a small business website you need to start optimizing for search engines now, then our recommendation is to actually hire a professional SEO company to start off, watch what they are doing and how, learn from them, and then taste the waters yourself.

23. What is the difference between SEO and SEM?

Again, SEO stands for 'search engine optimization' while SEM stands for 'search engine marketing' and is slightly different than SEO.

  • SEM is the combined use of all marketing techniques or venues to help increase your site's visibility and market your business
  • While SEO focuses on optimizing SEO elements (external and on-page SEO) like page title, headings, anchor text, URL, internal linking, copy, images, minify and combine CSS and JavaScript files, just to name a few

24. Why should I buy SEO services from you and not from your competitors?

Type 'SEO companies near me' and the result will be a plethora of search engines companies near you, surrounding areas and nationwide, to choose from.

A lot of search engine optimization can work on your SEO campaign but what sets us apart from other site optimization companies are;

  • Local SEO - We only offer 100% Made In America SEO - We do not outsource our search engine optimization campaign to overseas SEO companies
  • Affordable SEO pricing - We can offer you the same site optimization features big SEO companies offer, but at very competitive prices
  • We are open 24/7/365 to answer your SEO needs and to support you better
  • Website Analysis - When your hire us, BuzFind SEO Audit and site analysis is included with our SEO services (a $250 value). Before we can work on optimizing your website for search engines, we need to review your website for anything that could be hindering your site's SEO optimization campaign, and recommend best steps to take to resolve those problems
  • Speed optimization - We'll not only work on optimizing on-page SEO elements, but also optimize your website for the fastest page load time your hosting and web design platform allows us.
  • And much much more

25. Should I outsource SEO overseas?

When it comes to SEO optimizing your website for search engines, you have 3 options;

  • Learn SEO yourself and then implement what you learned - This will require effort, time, a lot of patience and dedication
  • Outsource your SEO to a search optimization company within the US -
  • Or outsource the site optimization campaign to an SEO company overseas - You might pay less for the service but the result might end up costing you more than what you bargained for. Plus, when you are sleeping, they are awake, and when you are awake, they are sleeping. Some so called search engine optimization companies want to get rich quick, their SEO service cost for the same service you get in the US is the same, if not higher, even though their living cost is way cheaper than here in the US. Last but not least, if there is any problem between you and the overseas SEO company, legally, there is nothing you can do about it because the laws here might not be applied overseas. Plus, if needed, are you going to travel overseas to pursue legal actions

26. Do you outsource SEO?

NEVER! Our SEO services are 100% Made In America. No part, small or large, of our search engine optimization services is outsourced to an SEO company overseas. We want to provide you with quality marketing services.

27. Do you offer free SEO consultation?

Yes we do free initial SEO consultation. If you believe you can optimize your website for search engines but just need some SEO consulting, we can do that too.

28. Do you offer website analysis or review (SEO audit)?

Yes we do! If you have an existing website that you want to optimize for search engines, our SEO campaign starts with a full website review an analysis.

If your website is having problem ranking, the problem could be due to hosting, design, layout, on-page SEO elements or technical SEO problems.

Have one of BuzFind's professional SEO review your website now!

29. Do you guarantee SEO results?

Yes and No! If you are looking for Guaranteed SEO services, or any SEO guarantee to get you on page 1 of Google within 24hrs, then BuzFind is not the search engine optimization company that can help you.


Simply because BuzFind is a small business SEO company, not Google, or God, therefore, we offer no SEO first page guarantee.

However, if you want to get on page 1 of Google, and on top of your competition, Yes we can help you. But this will require hard work and a lot of time.

How long?...

We do not know because we have to implement the required changes, then wait to see the results of the changes made, then further tweak your SEO campaign. Learn more about Guaranteed SEO services.

30. Which SEO company in the USA offers the best price for small business SEO?

If you search for 'SEO services for small business', or something like 'or small business SEO', you'll get a search result list with a plethora of search engine optimization agencies eager and ready to take the project at very cheap SEO prices.

However, before you signup, you need to be aware of the hidden cost of cheap SEO services.

31. Do you offer web design services?

No we don't! Even though our SEO optimization experts have the knowledge and the skills to design and develop websites, we prefer to focus solely on providing affordable search engine optimization and marketing services to small businesses.

However, if you need a website that is SEO friendly and also focuses on your visitors, and not just putting a bunch of unnecessary bells and whistles that will slow down your website, allow us to suggest that you make SimplerWebs your web design company of choice.

32. Can you optimizing any website, including Wix websites?

That will depend on whether you used one of many good open source CMSs (Content Management System) like Joomla, WordPress, Magento, and so on, or one of many site builders available online like WIX, Weebly, Squarespace, and so on.

  • CMS - If you used one of the above mentioned CMS, then the answer will be YES! With CMSs, we'll have access not only to the CMS back end to optimize it for search engines, but also access to other important files like .htaccess and robots.txt to take your site optimization even further.
  • Site Builders - However, if you used a site builder to design your website, then the answer is still a 'Yes' but we'll be limited to how much SEO optimization can be done to your site. For example, many of Wix websites need to load several CSS and JavaScript files to make your Wix website function as you intended to, however, those files will slow down your website and there is nothing we can do to minify and combine those files because with site builders, you mostly don't have root access, like a CMS do

So if you are thinking of designing a professional website for your small business and believe that SEO is an important ingredient to your search engine optimization campaign, then we recommend using a CMS, and not a site builder.

33. Do your affordable SEO services come with a contract?

BuzFind doesn't believe in tying you into a contract. Our affordable SEO services come with no contract except:

  • A document listing the services and features you requested
  • The cost of SEO based on your needs and features your requested
  • What is expected from you such as providing us with the content, images to be optimized
  • And our responsibilities

After hiring BuzFind to optimize your website for search engines, or for any other services we offer like BuzFind's social media marketing, website review and analysis, and so on, you can stop the campaign at the end of the month.

Please note that we request that you notify us, via email (and not verbally or via a phone call) 48 hours before the beginning of the next month cycle. If you contact us on the first day, for example, to cancel the service, then the fee will still apply for that month.

So if you want to cancel any of our services, please make sure you inform us via email 48hrs prior to the next billing cycle

34. Why SEO seems so expensive?

Not always! Some search engine optimization agencies might offer you the same SEO features (they offered to a different client) for the same high prices even though you might not need every feature/technique because your site might already be optimized for some elements like page title, anchor text, for example.

Does your small business in Reading need that expensive SEO company in New York? Probably Not!

35. Why some so called SEO experts offer cheap SEO?

Optimizing your site for SEO and getting it ranked on page 1 of Google, plus on top of your competition, takes time and a lot of resources.

If a so called freelancer approaches you with a cheap SEO services offer for, let's say $100 or $200/month, then there is an old saying we hope you remember hearing someone say or read it some places. Don't know what we are talking about yet?.

Remember the old saying that goes 'you get what you pay for!'. What this means is for a cheap SEO price, you will get a cheap SEO service.

36. My website can't be found on Google - Can you help?

YES we can! (I am not running for President - LOL). Many factors could be affecting your website not being found on Google, or on any other search engines.

Some of the reasons why you can't find your website on the search engine result pages (SERPs) are;

  • Your website might have been indexed but buried somewhere in page 50, 500, or on the last page of Google search result page
  • You could've setup a Global 'no index, no follow' - Make sure you didn't
  • Your website is new and Google hasn't indexed your site yet
  • Your site URL structure is to difficult for the search bot to navigate. Note that even though search bots are software, they do have a time budget
  • Your site might not be SEO friendly or properly optimized
  • Is your site using Flash, Ajax
  • Your content is thin - Doesn't have enough text to help search engines index and rank the page
  • You might not be targeting the right keyword - Check out semantic keyword research'

Again, many factors (can't list them all here) could be affecting your site's ranking on Google and BuzFind's website review could pinpoint those problems and recommend solutions for improvement

37. Why my small business needs SEO?

Search engine optimization is not just for big businesses or corporate with a large website. No matter how small your business is, if you want to bring more customers to your local store or online business, grow and increase profit, then SEO is the right and the most affordable venue to achieve your goals.

38. Can I speak to your existing or previous clients?

Of course you can! But before we provide you with their contact information, we'll need to first get their permission. We don't list our portfolio on our website because;

  1. We respect our clients' privacy just like you would like us to respect yours
  2. Many SEO scammers are collecting information about website such as domain, phone number and email address then email them or cold call them. Again, we want to protect businesses from scammers (especially from the so called SEO expert overseas) or anyone promising 'guaranteed SEO services'

We hope we have answered all your SEO question, however, if we missed something (we are only human), please let us know and we'll be more than happy to answer your question.

Please visit this page often for it gets updated on a regular basis.

Thank you for visiting BuzFind and we look forward to helping you optimize your website for search engines, bring relevant traffic to your site and increase your small business revenue and help it grow.

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