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Small Business SEO ServicesLooking for small business SEO services that will boost your online presence, increase website traffic and do it at a fraction of what other small business SEO companies charge today?

Then BuzFind Affordable SEO Services for Small Business WILL.

With the sheer number of websites competing for the same top position in search engines, you MUST realize that investing in small business SEO services is an important step and powerful vehicle of building a powerful online presence, and is paramount to success and survival of your online and local small business.

We understand that with too many search engine optimization companies offering SEO services and claiming to be the best SEO company for small businesses, deciding which small business SEO company to hire and improve your online presence is very challenging.


Most people (80%) search the internet by using their preferred search engine to search for a product they want to buy or a service they desperately need.

When potential customers can't find your business on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, where do you think they will go?

They will go to your competition.

In order for your business to appear on page 1 of Google and above your competition in other search results page, it is imperative that you invest in SEO.

Remember this...

"If You Are Not First, You Are Last!"

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Ask yourself the following...

Why your competition's website is on page 1 of Google and not yours?

The answer is simple...

They've optimized their small business for SEO

Small business owners who invest in small business SEO have a lot to benefit from search engine optimization than those small companies who don't.

When you invest in an SEO campaign, you'll gain many advantages over your competition.

Just in case you still believe that word of mouth advertising and local newspaper ads are a good way of getting your business' phone to ring and bring customers to your local store...

Think again because more than 80% of people searching for services they need or products they want to buy will use a search engine.

Let me emphasize the following...


it will not get found nor will it exist

In addition, many studies have shown that investing in SEO will lead to a better and higher return on investment (ROI) than PPC (Pay-Per-Click), newspapers, phone books, and TV ads.

Most of the small business owners we've talked to have said that they shunned away from SEO because:

  • Promoting their small business for search engines is too expensive
  • They were promised guaranteed SEO results but only to see small or no improvement
  • They hired a cheap SEO company, with a guaranteed SEO offer, to manage their small business SEO campaign but instead, got their website banned altogether

Important Note - No professional and/or ethical small business SEO company or freelancer will ever make such a guarantee.

So if you ever get a phone call or an email from someone claiming to be from a professional SEO company with such an offer, know it's time to look elsewhere.

10 Benefits of SEO for Small Businesses

Below is a brief summary of the benefits of search engine optimization (not in any special order) and why you MUST invest in hiring an SEO analyst to manage your small business marketing campaign:

  1. SEO will help people searching for your products or services find your small business on search engines
  2. Search engine optimization for small business will boost your website conversion rate
  3. Small business SEO will help you catch your audience during the purchasing phase
  4. Your competitors are doing SEO, getting all the customers and are very happy you are not
  5. Search engine optimization (SEO) will bring relevant website traffic we call 'customers' to your website and local store
  6. Investing in a Small business SEO campaign will boost your return on investment (ROI)
  7. Optimizing your small business for SEO will increase your sales and leads by many folds
  8. SEO marketing is far less expensive than advertising in local ads, local newspapers, and Google Ads
  9. Partnering with a small business SEO company will promote your business 24/7
  10. SEO for small business will build your company's credibility and trust

As you can see, your small business will greatly benefit from small business search engine optimization.

Too Many Small Business SEO Companies To Choose From?

Small Business SEO CompaniesGo ahead and perform a search for "small business SEO companies near me" and you'll find a plethora of SEO providers vying for your business - Making selecting the right small business SEO company to manage your SEO campaign very difficult.

While there are many legit SEO companies in the USA (and overseas) that have SEO skills and years of experience in optimizing websites for search engines, the internet is filled with fly-by-night SEO freelancers and so-called SEO experts with offers such as:

  • Cheap SEO prices for $99/month
  • 'A la carte SEO services'
  • A promise of getting your website #1 position on Google within 24hrs or a month

The above offers might seem true and very enticing, but before you sign up and get scammed, you need to know and understand that;

  • Professional SEO services from experienced and legit small business SEO companies or an SEO analyst will and should cost way more than $99 per month
  • Cookie-cutter SEO and SEO techniques used in the '90s could be hidden within those 'A la carte' small business SEO packages
  • SEO is not magic nor does it work overnight

SEO is a long term process and if any SEO freelancer or a so-called search engine optimization company make that offer and guarantees top ranking in a month or so, it is a big red flag telling you to look elsewhere.

Note - Professional SEO companies will never contact you and offer you their services. Most of the time, it is you who contacts them and not the other way around.

So watch out for SEO scammers

Let's Talk About The "Best Small Business SEO Company" Claim

Best Small Business SEO CompaniesIf you are thinking of doing SEO yourself to save money, you need to know that SEO is an art, a science and a skill that takes time (several years at least) to acquire.

But if you don't have the time nor the skills and experience to optimize your small business for SEO, we recommend that you seek the help of an experienced search engine optimization company that already knows how search engines work and have SEO techniques and years of search engine optimization experience under their belt.

Something to watch for when looking for an SEO company or Agency...

When searching for help online using your preferred search engine, you must watch for SEO consultants or companies claiming to be the "Best small business SEO company" in the USA using some of the following headlines:

  • "Top 20 SEO company Ranking 2019"
  • "Best SEO Companies & Services"
  • "Best SEO Companies For Small Business"
  • and "Best SEO Companies 2019 Checklist"

When it comes to hiring a small business search engine optimization (SEO) company, searching specifically for the "best SEO company" might not be the right approach or the best way to go about.


Because of legit and experienced SEOs, including local SEO companies, will not nor will they ever claim to be the best SEO provider.

So BEWARE of anyone claiming to be the best local SEO company

At BuzFind, we don't make nor will we ever claim to be the best small business SEO company...

We let our existing clients speak for us.

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Our SEO services for small business will put your business website in top position of search engines and in front of customers, bring high relevant traffic to your local store or online business for less than what other small business SEO companies charge these days.

We can't get your small business top position in search results alone...

In order to get your small business found by more customers in all major search engines and catapult it to the top position in search results, you'll need to take the first step towards Googledom.

Want to take your small business website to the next level?

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