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We Make SEO Services For Small Busienss Affordable - Period!

Small business SEO servicesLet's face it - Customers are searching for a product you sale or a services you offer and without small business SEO services, getting your business found on top of Google or other major search engines will be very slim, if not impossible.

Small business SEO is paramount to the success of your business.

When you optimize your small business for search engines through a solid search engine optimizaton campaign with quality and relevant content, your small business will achieve top ranking and become more visible in search results to your customers.

Let me say this...

If you don't invest in small business SEO today, customers won't find your business tomorrow!

But who do you think they will find?

You guest it...

Your competition.

And why do you think customers were able to find your competition and not your online small business?

Let me tell you why?

That's because...

  • Your competition understood the real benefits of small business SEO
  • They've implemented a marketing strategy as soon as they realized how important and cost effective SEO will be

So unless you follow suit and kick-start an SEO for small business campaign, customers will continue to go to your competitor and purchase from them.

Is that what you want?

I don't believe you do because isn't why you are here looking for small business SEO services you can afford?

Get Affordable SEO services for small business

Do You Really Need SEO for Small Business

Just as you would use your preferred search engine to look for a product you want to buy or a service you need, your potential customers are doing the same exact thing to search and find what they want.

So no matter how small your business is, investing in a small business SEO services is a great and affordable way of getting your business in front of potential customers, and take back those customers.


Get More Business For Less Through Small Business SEO Services

BuzFind's small business SEO services are tailored to you because we understand how difficult it is for a business with limited marketing resources to optimize their website for search engines.

Our small business SEO will:

  • Boost your ranking in free organic search results
  • Bring high targeted and relevant traffic to your local store or online business
  • Increase sales and increase your return on investment (ROI)

And do it for less than what other small business SEO companies charge.

Our affordable SEO services for small business will give you the same professional search engine optimization services with the same benefits and features big shot companies with a big wallet get but at a fraction of a price.

Why Get Small Business SEO Services From BuzFind

affordable SEO services for small businessSearch for 'small business SEO services' and you'll get a plethora of small business SEO companies in USA and overseas to choose from.

This makes choosing the right SEO company for small business ever so difficult.

But what sets our small business SEO services apart from other companies are:

  • We do not outsource SEO - Some SEO companies will outsource SEO to overseas companies in order maximize their ROI. Our small business SEO services are 100% Made In America
  • Professional Services - You'll get the same professional small business SEO services and features, for less
  • Open 24/7/365 - We'll be right here and ready to help you with all your small business SEO needs no matter what day or time it is in your neck of the woods
  • and much more

Benefits Of SEO For Small Businesses

I can list tons of ways your small business could benefit from SEO but I am only going to list just a few important ones. If you are not sure whether small business SEO is for you or not, or not aware of the benefits of SEO, here are the reasons why you should invest in small business SEO.

Small Business SEO Will Level The Marketing Playing Field

Small business SEO will level the playing field and allow you to compete against the big boys with a large wallet. The days of not being able to get your business in front of your customers because of limited resources are long gone.

With a solid small business SEO campaign, you'll be above your competition in search results.

Increase Free Organic Traffic To Your Business

Your expensive and professionally designed website will be pointless and will serve you no purpose if...

  • It can't be found by potential customers on Google or on other major search engines
  • Can't bring high and relevant traffic to your local store or online business

Your small business website is open 24/7/365 to serve customers looking for a product they want to buy or a service they need. However...

Small Business SEO

Which will result in customers finding your competitor and buy from them instead.

Is that what you really want?

I don't believe you do.

Our SEO for small business will boost your website's visibility in search engines and... Did I mention it will also bring you more free organic traffic to your site and business.

A Free Way Of Advertising Your Small Business

Advertising your business in newspapers and phone books still work, however, the cost can be very expensive.

Advertising your business doesn't have to be profoundly out of your reach.

Our small business SEO services, you'll be utilizing the most cost effective way of advertising your small business online with a high return on investment.

Build Brand Identity

The more your business is visible to potential customers in search results, the more they will remember you and buy from you.

This is the perks of having a solid small business SEO campaign.

You'll have to invest in small business SEO if you want to get found above your competition in search results and build a solid brand identity.

The more customers see your business, the more they'll remember you, trust your business and buy from you.

We're More Than A Small Business SEO Company

When you hire us for your small business SEO needs, your business will not be considered as a client but as an extension of our business - A partner.

We'll work very hard to take your business to the next level of search engine optimization field and promote it with search engines using ethical SEO techniques that follow Google Webmaster and SEO guidelines.

More About Our Affordable SEO Services For Small Business

Our affordable SEO services for small business will get you top ranking on major search engines by:

Customized SEO Services For Small Business

Again, what good is a professionally designed website if your potential customers, I call important people, can't find it?

Our SEO services for small business will look at the following important factors that can make or break your business such as:

Site Design and Layout

Every business wants to have a good looking website with bells and whistles in the hopes that customers will still say 'WOW' when they land on a specific page.

But looks isn't everything...

Especially when your potential customers are more focused on finding the service or product they came looking for.

Our SEO services for small business experts will look at your site's design and layout and recommend a good balance to make sure your site has a good balance of design and conversion.

Site Speed

Since speed is a ranking factor, using our SEO audit, we'll look at technical issues that are preventing your small business website from being properly indexed. If there are any issues, we'll make proper recommendations to make each page load at its optimal speed again.

Page Content

Does your page offer quality and relevant content matching your users' search query or the keyword you should be targeting?

They say 'Content Is King', however, here at BuzFind, we say...

'Quality Content IS The New KING In The Block'.

The goal of our small business SEO experts is to make sure your site not only can be easily crawled and indexed by search engines, but also offer something your competitors don't offer, which is exceptional user experience with, again, relevant content.


Internal Linking is the process of inter-linking a page with another page that is relevant.

Doing so will help increase the amount of indexed pages, thus further improve your visibility in search results and boost traffic to your small business website.

Provided of course each page offers quality and relevant content to your readers/customers and help them find what the came looking for.

Properly inter-linking your pages will help boost link equity throughout the entire website. In return, increasing the potential of ranking every page you are optimizing for users and search engines.

Learn more about Internal Link.

Optimized Anchor Text

Properly optimizing your anchor text will offer search engines and users contextual information about the page you are linking to.

Our small business SEO services include the re-writing of the anchor text to make it more SEO-friendly and, again, relevant to the page you're linking to.

To further improve your internal-linking campaign, our small business SEO professionals will implement various types of anchor text (when deemed helpful) such as:

  • Generic Anchor Text - i.e.: 'click here' or 'learn more'
  • Branded Anchor Text - i.e.: 'BuzFind'
  • Exact-Match Anchor Text - i.e.: 'small business SEO services'
  • Image Based Anchor Text - i.e.: The use of an image containing a properly optimized 'alt attribute'
  • Naked Link Anchor Text - i.e.:
  • Partial-Match Anchor Text - i.e.: 'SEO services' linking to the 'Affordable SEO Services' page

How Much Does SEO Services For Small Business Cost?

BuzFind offers no cookie-cutter SEO services for small business.

Cost for small business SEO services will vary depending on the size and search engine marketing strategies your small business will need.

At BuzFind, we have no SEO services standard because not all small businesses are created equal.

Even if your small business offers the same services or sales the exact same products your competitor's does, your SEO strategies will be different.

BuzFind is not like most SEO companies in USA even though we are a small business SEO company that understands that every dollar counts and how difficult it is to compete with big shot companies when your marketing resources are limited.

How Our SEO Services For Small Business Work?

In order to put your business on top of search engine results and above your competition, our small business SEO professionals will need to learn more about your business and your competition.

Once your dedicated SEO expert has gathered all the required information, he/she will lay out a marketing strategy that once implemented, and after some time, will put your small business website on the first page of search engines and above your competition.

Then he/she will monitor your small business ranking in search engine result pages (SERPs) and make any necessary SEO tweaks plus other algorithm changes made by the major search engines to make sure your small business website continues to trend towards Googledom and stay above your competitors for a long time to come.

Ready To Discuss SEO Services For Small Business Needs?

Our SEO services for small business will put your business website in top position of search engines and in front of customers, bring high relevant traffic to your local store or online business for less than what other small business SEO companies charge these days.

We can't get your small business top position in search results alone...

In order to get your small business found by more customers in all major search engines and catapult it to the top position in search results, you'll need to take the first step towards Googledom.

SEO Services For Small Business



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